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Man creates monumental cheese carving June 30, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in News.

Go see.  A ginormous Wisconsin cheddar replica of Mount Rushmore.

At some point you have to ask, is there anything else Wisconsans do besides cheese?


1. eddiebear - June 30, 2007


2. Tommy Thompson - June 30, 2007

Wisconsin: where eagles soar, Harleys roar and Packers score!

3. lauraw - June 30, 2007


When hubby and I went to Indiana to visit a friend, we were chastised for poor manners by the clerk at the hotel check-in.

“I’m accustomed to people saying thank you.”

After 17 hours driving straight through, we were both rather dour and mildly retarded. I just kind of looked at her and said, ‘Oh. Thanks.”

4. daveintexas - June 30, 2007

Uh, ok, a WTF over a 40 year old man punching a woman, what the hell dude?

And a summary WTF over some clerk at a hotel feeling dissed cause you didn’t say “thankies”. Get over yourself pal.

5. Pupster - June 30, 2007

I always say “please” and “thank you”. I reserve clobbering time for when I don’t get a ‘you’re welcome’.

And while we are on the subject, what they heck does ‘De nada’ mean?

6. lauraw - June 30, 2007

I always say please and thank you too. It was just one of those moments when I so bushed I wasn’t sure what my name was.

Dave, after my nap I did get ticked at remembering her correction. That’s just completely inappropriate. Can’t imagine ever talking to a customer like that.

7. Dave in Texas - June 30, 2007

pups, means “it’s nothing”.

lauraw, punk kid. If I had been the manager on duty I’d have given her one warning. Don’t disrespect our customers child. And wake up, people who travel aren’t jerks, sometimes they are just whupped.

8. Pupster - June 30, 2007

‘It’s nothing’? Kind of like ‘you’re welcome’?

Looks like I owe some ‘Lo siento’s.

9. Dave in Texas - June 30, 2007

pretty much, yeah

10. TattooedIntellectual - June 30, 2007

Some latent dyslexia kicked in and I read cheese craving. BTW, has anyone ever wondered why dyslexia is such and awkward word–given what it defines?

I will admit that having people say Cheers in place of Thanks/Seeya/You’re Welcome/Pretty much anything, still throws me off.

11. lauraw - June 30, 2007

My dog is PASTED to my knee. He’s driving me nuts.

Neighbors are doing big fireworks. Neither of the dogs will go outdoors to pip, and they are normally very obedient.

It’s going to be a long night, because from the looks of it, the neighbors have plenty of boomers.

12. Muslihoon - June 30, 2007


The poor babies.

13. Sobek - June 30, 2007

I once carved a giant (approximately double life-size) human skull from a block of shortening when I worked for the Colonel. It was rad. The boss wasn’t impressed.

14. lauraw - June 30, 2007

If I were the boss I would’ve applauded you heartily before I canned you, Sobek.

15. Sobek - June 30, 2007

I didn’t get fired. The boos just chopped off the top of the “skull” and dumped it in a fryer.

16. daveintexas - June 30, 2007


Mothers Against Dyslexia

17. lauraw - June 30, 2007


Illiterate Mothers Against Illiteracy

18. geoff - June 30, 2007

MA ow ow ow ow!!

Mothers Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

19. Wickedpinto - June 30, 2007

I totaly thought this was a sack sweat joke.

20. geoff - June 30, 2007


Mothers Against Vowels

21. daveintexas - June 30, 2007

I know why I’m awake now.

Why are you knuckleheads awake?

22. geoff - June 30, 2007

Isn’t it only 10 pm in TX? Even my kids are up now.

23. Wickedpinto - June 30, 2007

I’m awake cuz I have one of the more unusual sleep schedules on the planet for someone who isn’t a crack fiend.

24. TattooedIntellectual - June 30, 2007

I’m in Aus, it’s only 1330 at the moment. Although it is nap time now that you mention it.

25. Pupster - July 1, 2007

I’m up because…
100% No Shit story,
Pupster boy 2 was playing his Tony Hawk (skateboarding) video game, and was all excited ’cause he learned a new move and wanted to show it to me.

I watched the move and said, “You should learn some new moves on your ‘real’ skateboard if you want to impress me.” And he said “Great idea!”

So I took the top off the Jeep and the whole family drove over to a newly paved parking lot a few blocks away. Mrs. Pupster and Pupster boy 1 went to the playground and I stayed with Pupster boy 2 and put on his helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads and started teaching him how to skateboard (he got one for Christmas and had never tried it).

Well, I got him going OK and he took a few falls but was sticking with it when his brother asked him to teeter-totter with him, so he left his board behind and Mrs. Pupster said,”I want to try it out…” and before I could come up with a diplomatic way of saying “BAD IDEA”, she had stepped on and rolled about 18 inches when she fell HARD with her ankle twisted beneath her.

We got her back to the Jeep and home OK, and she took a bath and I wrapped her foot with an ice pack…but her toes were pointing in weird new directions (never a good sign) so we all bundled into the van for a trip to the emergency room.

Saturday night +full moon = long wait at the hospital.

I left her there waiting for an x-ray (her idea) and brought the boys home. Right now I’m waiting for the phone call to go back and get her, and the Pupster boys are trying to find the right mix of happy about staying up almost all night and being worried about Mom.

26. geoff - July 1, 2007

Sheesh. Better put some champagne on ice for when she gets back.

27. eddiebear - July 1, 2007


Hope everything goes well. At least you were nearby to help her.

28. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

I took my wife and daughter out for a bit tonight, and my wife wanted a slushie from QT. So, I bought her one, and she promptly let the Little One have a sip. Bad idea. The poor child crashed mightily when the sugar wore off. She just now went to sleep.

29. Wickedpinto - July 1, 2007

100% No Shit story,

You’re just saying that so you can brag.

(I’m kidding)

Hope the lady pupster better than it sounds, and hope the pup’s don’t feel guilt (kids are like mom’s, everything is there fault, even though dad’s/husbands know that it’s really theirs)

30. Michael - July 1, 2007

Give our best wishes to Mrs. Pupster.

Speaking of bad ideas, remind me sometime to tell the story of my attempt to teach Mrs. Michael how to drive a motorcycle.

31. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

^or my attempt to teach my wife how to throw a curveball. Or ride an ATV.

32. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2007

Sorry to hear about Mrs. Pupster. Those skateboard thingies are dangerous.
I taught all the kids to ride a Unicycle but the few times I’ve tried skateboarding I fell hard.

Like Clint Eastwood says; “Man’s got to know his limitations”.

33. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

^Clint also had this great line:
“Dying ain’t much of a living”.

34. Pupster - July 1, 2007

Thanks gang.

Mrs. Pupster is resting comfortably, sprained ankle, stretched toe tendons ‘should’ relax and move all the piggies back home again.

The boys made it to 1AM but won’t remember it.

Nightie night.

35. skinbad - July 1, 2007

Shoot. Pupster just got promoted on domestic duties. Hope she heals up fast.

36. daveintexas - July 1, 2007

The poor child crashed mightily when the sugar wore off. She just now went to sleep.

Oh heh heh heh heh/

37. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

^Actually, it reminded me of the Simpsons where Bart got high after drinking the slushie from Apu. She was literally just jumping up and down for a few minutes.

38. doc - July 1, 2007

I thought the ginormous meant the sculpture not the sculptor. Oh wait.

P.S. Hope Mrs. P is OK – ankle sprains can be a buggah.

39. Dave in Texas - July 1, 2007

So the verdict is a sprain? You must pamper her today and keep her off of it.

40. Pupster - July 1, 2007

I’m trying…I put a whistle around her neck for when she needs stuff and I’ve served breakfast in bed with fresh coffee.

Pupster boys are watching Beethoven on DVD (the dog, not the composer) and I’m about to do the dishes.

Every time I turn around she is up doing something. I’m thinking of busting the other ankle ala Misery.

41. harrison - July 1, 2007

Pup- Sorry about Mrs. Pup. Your fetching duties shouldn’t last more than a month or so.

I used to do a little of that skateboard stuff back in the bullet-proof, indestructable days. Wouldn’t get on one now on a dare. No way.

42. cranky - July 1, 2007

Pupster, I hope the missus is feeling better.

It does look like the sculptor may have been sampling the product.

43. Wickedpinto - July 1, 2007

I put a whistle around her neck for when she needs stuff and I’ve served breakfast in bed with fresh coffee.

I was gonna make a joke about that, but then you mentioned how the lady P is stubborn and keeps trying to do shit.

That infuriates the hell out of me, what she think she is? A Marine. Lady P, you don’t have to charge the line, so don’t bother with the “just rub some dirt on it” thing, take advantage of the whistle, start making outrageous requests like . . . a turducken sammich, and a chocolate hat, or 2 stripper’s who are also Fred! impersonators.

44. daveintexas - July 1, 2007

mommies can’t be still.

they feel bad when they do.

45. Wickedpinto - July 1, 2007

Make the kids play in her room then, that will make it easier for her to use the whistle.

46. Wickedpinto - July 1, 2007

Make him ask Michael to send the batman costume, and take pole dancing lessons. Tell him you need an Iphone, okay that might be a deal breaker, which might lose you whistle priveledges, but the basic premise still applies.

If you are unhappy with a situation, make sure that everyone else is unhappy with that situation. Thats my philosophy.

47. Pupster - July 1, 2007

You must be a blast at the dentist’s office WP.


Hell, this mommy stuff isn’t *tweeeeet*
‘scuse me. BRB

48. Wickedpinto - July 2, 2007

I actually like the dentist, I HATE my GP.

49. eddiebear - July 2, 2007

Turducken? HMMMM……..

I once smoked a turkey on my smoker. Damn thing took almost 14 hours to do, but boy, it was worth it.

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