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Suavecito -lauraw July 25, 2007

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Here’s another one for Bart and the ladies.

It’s gonna make you salsa. Slowly, with rolling hips.


1. max - July 25, 2007

Ot – Is anyone else having trouble accessing ace’s site and other Pajamas Media sites? I can’t get the page to load.

I sent ace an e-mail yesterday, but haven’t heard from him.


2. Lipstick - July 25, 2007

I was just at Ace’s, no problem.

Now I can’t stop swaying from this song. Muy suave.

3. kevlarchick - July 25, 2007

ahh. My back feels better too.

4. Bart - July 25, 2007


The guy in the yellow shirt looks like Epstein from Welcom Back Kotter.

5. daveintexas - July 25, 2007

OT, splosions near downtown Dallas. Welding supply company fire, tanks of oxygen and acetylene cooking off. Bad stuff.


6. eddiebear - July 25, 2007

Dave, we had a Praxair yard go up about this time 2 years ago. It was a place 100 years old in the middle of the Lafayette Square Residential Area. Miraculously, nobody was hurt and there was only minimal damage to the houses

7. mesablue - July 25, 2007

eddie, I remember the coverage from that, it was amazing.

8. eddiebear - July 25, 2007


And here is the link.

And wonder of wonders, the neighbors didn’t want Praxair around after that.

9. Sobek - July 25, 2007

Do we know what caused the explosions?

10. PattyAnn - July 25, 2007

I’ve been listening all morning about the explosions. No story about the *how* yet. Husband drives through the mixmaster twice a day, fortunately it started 30 minutes before he normally gets there. Now they’re saying the ramps, etc. may be damaged on both 30 and 35 so that will be a hell of a mess (as if it normally isn’t every day). No deaths, 2 severe burn victims and one thrown-out back from a guy jumping from his truck at the explosion site. Sad situation.

11. compos mentis - July 25, 2007

Do we know what caused the explosions?

Probably some kid playing with gun powder in his old man’s garage.

12. kevlarchick - July 25, 2007

The Mixmaster. heh. I always loved the name of that thing, but hated driving thru it the few times I did.

13. daveintexas - July 25, 2007

I doubt we’ll get a cause until the thing dies down enough for them to get close and put it out, then a fire investigation (unless a witness offers something up).

I doubt it’s terror related though, not punchy enough.

14. daveintexas - July 25, 2007

KC, the new one at 75 and 635 is pretty freaky – dang thing looks like a launching ramp for the moon. Very high up.

15. PattyAnn - July 25, 2007

“launching ramp for the moon”
I thought it was a free roller coaster ride.

16. sandy burger - July 25, 2007

Yikes. Burn injuries are just awful.

17. daveintexas - July 25, 2007


18. Bart - July 25, 2007

Since you insist on talking about explosions and fire…

19. Mr Minority - July 25, 2007

I saw a live stream of that fire in Big D. Amazing that no one was killed. It was wild watching the Oxy and Acetalyne bottle cook off and shoot out like missiles. That is one fire that the Fire Dept. is just going to stand back and wait until it burns itself out, no way will they try and put it out.

20. mesablue - July 25, 2007

Bart, that would be a great video if it wasn’t all gheyed up by Ricky. But then, you wouldn’t have posted it if Ricky wasn’t in it.

21. daveintexas - July 25, 2007

Latin Percussion sales dude got a woodrow over this vid.

22. forged rite - July 26, 2007

I got into a drunken argument with a friend of mine one time over whether this song was disco or not. I think it is, or at least pretty damn close to it, especially the last few minutes. It’s still a good song,but my friend never forgave me for blaspheming the mighty Zep –

23. forged rite - July 26, 2007

I meant to put that in the KC and the Sunshine band thread.

24. lauraw - January 31, 2011

Musical plagiarism?

I heard this song once again on my way home today but for the first time noticed this part.
at 1:25, listen to the backup singers.

It’s the same as in Suavecito, isn’t it?
Is it not identical?
Wonder if they got permission to use that.

25. daveintexas - January 31, 2011

Hmmm.. pretty much the same thing.

Normally when you use “sampling”, as all the cool kids call it, taking a familiar riff or part of an older tune for your new one, it’s usually more up front. The song is basically built around the riff (think the bass line in Ice Ice Baby).

This seems more, subtle, except it’s exactly the vocal part.

That’s politely done with permission, and legal documents describing residuals. Otherwise lawyers get all uppity and shit.

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