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Christmas Is All Around You September 30, 2007

Posted by Michael in Music.

It’s only September, but let’s start the Christmas season.

Thanks to Cathy for this video.


1. Retired Geezer - September 30, 2007

Dang, looking at all those babes, I felt like I was back working my old job.

2. Bart - September 30, 2007

Robert Plant comes to mind.

3. Michael - September 30, 2007

The YouTube-fu is strong in Cathy.

Perhaps not as strong as Bart’s YouTube-fu, but still impressive.

Just sayin’.

4. Bart - September 30, 2007

I more impressed with Cathy’s memory and her ability to place a song with a movie that she probably watched a couple of years ago.

5. lauraw - September 30, 2007

let’s start the Christmas season.

Oh yes, LET’S.
Nothing like starting the day with a bout of hysterical blindness, eh?


6. daveintexas - September 30, 2007

Kinda sad about Robert Palmer, wasn’t it?

7. pjmomma - September 30, 2007

That drummer has a very wide stance. Does that count with women?

8. Michael - September 30, 2007

Yeah, PJM, when I saw that drummer I started chanting “I see London, I see France . . .”

9. Cathy - September 30, 2007



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