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Julia Says September 30, 2007

Posted by Michael in Music.

OK, I guess tonight is odd video night.

Our latest offering comes from Andy of The World Wide Rant.

He is also a nice guy with some really cute kids. Plus, he had a couple of beers with me in Denver.

Andy’s video suggestion:


1. Wickedpinto - September 30, 2007

Well, Jenny says, turn off the radio, turn off the lights.

2. TattooedIntellectual - September 30, 2007

Interesting song, they’ve got some pretty good ones on youtube. And the singer’s kinda cute, except for that ground squirrel he has hiding on his chin. Bleh.

3. Wickedpinto - September 30, 2007


did you know that a friend of “ours” is the siter of toni fucking basil?

No shit, I got this in exclusive, comment E-mail.

And I trust my source MUCH more than I trust schot beuchamp.

Really, Toni EFFIN BASIL?

thats a cool factor that I cant even thing about, shit mesa, tonight, while I was drinking scotch said “BULLSHIT” and I don’t know, it might be but, my “source” didn’t try to sell the situation, especially since, she would have “sold” it to a blog with 200 readers, wich makes me thinks it’s even more true.

You know them, we know they are a friend of ours.
and Thats fucking COOL.

4. Wickedpinto - September 30, 2007

I screwed up so much, but if she allows me to take clame, I will totaly pimp her sister, toni basil.

really, if my sister sang “mickkey” I would be running down the streat to tell everyone I ever met that I know toni basils silster.

Of course this particular person is a little low key, and by, low key, she’s like the lovely lady cathy, and the good lady geezer.

and like I am when I wonder wether or not my brother and sister would accept a particular story.

5. TattooedIntellectual - September 30, 2007


May I make a suggestion for the next video?

When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton

6. Retired Geezer - September 30, 2007

IIRC, Toni Basil went to high school in Vegas.

TI, That’s a Great video. Mrs. G wants that song played at her funeral.

I’ve resisted converting to a Brad Paisley fan. I mean, come on, his name is enough to kill the deal.

That was until I started hearing his songs and liking them. That guy rocks! He is an Outstanding guitar player and he’s really funny.

Alison Krauss has one of the clearest and pure voices ever. Her video with BP makes me weep.

Bonus question: who plays the soldier? You all know him.

7. TattooedIntellectual - September 30, 2007

The kid from NYPD Blue and Silver Spoons (?)

8. julie - January 2, 2008

was rhis song written about our meet up in bath???

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