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Books and Comics and Movies and Expectations October 28, 2007

Posted by Mrs. Peel in Crime, Heroes, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Women Ranting.

Ok, this post is mostly to push that awful picture down so I won’t have to look at it anymore.

Recently, I posted in some detail on a recent plot twist in Order of the Stick, one of my favorite webcomics. Long story short, the comic has always been light-hearted and unserious; but now it is taking a very serious turn (which I personally suspect is prompted by the artist facing his own mortality). And I’m not sure I’m going to keep reading.

It’s not that I object to comic strips killing off characters (look at the body counts in Sluggy and Schlock Mercenary), nor do I think that every comic must be ha-ha funny and never, ever serious.  My objection is that this comic has never been serious from the beginning, and now I am having to read about the death of my favorite character.  It’s like if you sat down and watched the first two seasons of Arrested Development, and then popped in a DVD of the third season to find that Michael had died.  It’s a jarring change, and it’s just not what you signed up for when you started watching the show.  If my favorite character doesn’t return, I’m going to feel betrayed, and probably won’t keep reading, even though the strip is still excellent.

I can imagine reacting the same way to similar sea changes in other media.  So, my question is:  How justified are those feelings?


1. daveintexas - October 28, 2007

hey, don’t be dissin my mom’s pic!

2. harrison - October 28, 2007


3. Cathy - October 28, 2007

How justified are those feelings?

Sensing betrayal is legitimate. But not much you can do about it except stop reading em.

Changing the subject ever-so-gently…Mrs. Peel — Have you Geoff and WP come up with a November book selection yet?

4. Mrs. Peel - October 28, 2007

Were we supposed to do that? I’ll email geoff (don’t have WP’s address). Science fiction, right?

5. Lipstick - October 28, 2007

Mr. LS and I just stopped watching Meerkat Manor for the same reason.

The cute critters kept dying and we couldn’t take it anymore.

6. kevlarchick - October 28, 2007

Where in the hell is Wicked Pinto?

7. Cathy - October 28, 2007

Mrs.Peel — I don’t know the guidelines, I’m sorry …kinda new at this.
I just saw the chart of assigned IB-folks in a different thread and you were on it.

8. Lipstick - October 28, 2007

Where in the hell is Wicked Pinto?

Out breaking a bitch?

9. Retired Geezer - October 28, 2007

Mr. LS and I just stopped watching Meerkat Manor for the same reason.

Mrs. Geezer is still hooked on it. I hear it in the other room while I’m on the computer.
Sean Astin is perfect for the narrator.

I thought he was really good in “50 First Dates”. Talk about breaking out of the Sam/Frodo mold.

10. daveintexas - October 28, 2007

pick a book Mrs. P

11. mesablue - October 28, 2007

WP got a new job and is taking a break from the Internet.

Too many late nights.

12. Mr Minority - October 28, 2007

How justified are those feelings?

You can’t justify feelings, they just are, especially for a woman.
Being married for over 26 years, I KNOW that a lot of times there is no justification or rationalization for a woman’s feelings, thus I go with the flow and try not to understand them.

But as far as the comix you are talking about, quit reading them, you were betrayed, thus they don’t deserve your loyalty.

13. daveintexas - October 28, 2007

Incidentally, knowing all some of the things that are pulling on Mrs. Peely, I just wanted to say it’s awesome ya put up a post kid.

Also I got back from the field a little while back and bagged a few dove.

That felt good.

14. Amish Theismann - October 28, 2007

What a bunch of pricks the Pats are.

I hope Bob Sanders breaks Tom Bradys legs next week.

15. Bart - October 28, 2007

The Patriots are nobdy’s bitch.

They gotta keep their Pimp Hand strong so when they face the Colts, they can crush them. And they will.

16. Mrs. Peel - October 28, 2007

I emailed geoff, so we’ll come up with something soon. I’m leaning toward Ender’s Game myself, but we might go with a classic of science fiction like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (interesting parallels to the American Revolution).

Thanks for the info, mesa. I’d been wondering about WP.

thanks DiT.

17. Mrs. Peel - October 28, 2007

ok, we picked something. I’ll put up a post later tonight. It was geoff’s suggestion and looks really cool.

18. Retired Geezer - October 28, 2007

I hope we can find it in the Libary.

/redneck mode

19. Michael - October 28, 2007

How justified are those feelings?

Not justified at all. You’re just dealing with repressed guilt and anger.

The real problem is that you feel guilty, and rightfully so, because you have failed to sell the Jeep Cherokee, which is sitting out there on the pavement leaking oil, polluting the earth, and contributing to global warming.

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