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Christmas Gift Idea November 29, 2007

Posted by Michael in Humor.

You can count on me to make your holiday shopping easy. Who would not want one of these?


You can get your Hillary Nutcracker at Stupid.com


1. Michael - November 29, 2007

I know, Geezer posted a picture of this last summer, but I liked the animated .gif.

2. Retired Geezer - November 29, 2007

It’s all in the thighs.

3. BrewFan - November 29, 2007

So is your new nic going to be Seventh Son II?

4. skinbad - November 29, 2007

Adducter dentata.

5. Dave in Texas - November 29, 2007

black is quite slimming

6. composmentis - November 29, 2007

They should make a cigar cutter like that.

7. dr4 - November 29, 2007

Thats actually (at least) one nut less than i thought she had hanging between her legs.

8. kevlarchick - November 29, 2007

She’s a ballbuster all right.

9. Mr Minority - November 29, 2007

Her cankles are out of proportion, they should be much, much thicker. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to put a nut up there.

What does Huma have to say about her favorite butch being used as a nutcracker?

10. Rocky and Amishwinkle - November 29, 2007

Clearly she’s wrapped up the lesbian squirrel vote.

11. Sir Nuts-a-lot - November 29, 2007

Cover me boys – im goin in!

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