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Cranberries Jezebel November 27, 2007

Posted by Retired Geezer in Food, Religion, Science.

Flyin’ Brian and his wife, Stephanie, came up to Camp Geezer for Thanksgiving. Steph is a good cook and brought most of the food for the meal. Brian deep-fried the turkey, out in the front yard, and all we had to do was make the Cranberry Sauce.

I asked Cathy if she had a good recipe. She did. Cranberries Jezebel.

We decided to make regular cranberry sauce also, to give people a choice.

As I was cooking the CJ, various people would say things like “Horseradish! … Mustard! In Cranberry Sauce?”.

I submit for your evaluation, two bowls of cranberry sauce, on my non-Granite countertop, 3 days after Thanksgiving.

Notice the difference between Cathy’s Cranberries Jezebel on the left (which I made) and Mrs. Geezer’s homemade cranberry recipe on the right (which was very good in its own sweet way). Most everybody ate the CJ and left the regular stuff.

It was great. Oh BTW, Mrs. Geezer asked me if I could add the magic ingredients to *her* sauce to fix it up.

If it’s OK with Cathy, I’ll post the recipe here.



A useless bit of trivia that I’ll comment on even though Bart already knows about it November 26, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Personal Experiences.

Lauraw sent a funny email on real Harley sounds vs. outsourced Harley sounds. The outsourced sounds come from a “Crazy Frog” song. Maybe you don’t know about Crazy Frog. Don’t feel bad. Those of you with young children might want to investigate. I decided if Crazy Frog didn’t send my kids into drooling convulsions, I had nothing to fear from Japanese animation.

We bought a CD on a whim for a birthday gift for one of our girls. They haven’t worn it out, but not for lack of trying. We also bought a DVD because we are masochists, but also because we have DVD capability in a basement and we can close the door at the top of the stairs. Wikipedia explains Crazy Frog, if you care. The sound was originally supposed to immitate a two-stroke moped engine. Youtube has some music videos. This one has the “Harley” sounds:

For LauraW November 26, 2007

Posted by Sobek in Ducks.

Howdy y’all, I just woke up from my turkey-induced coma, and realized I have a few hundred comments to wade through.  I’ll get to that in due time.  For now, I know LauraW probably has a bunch of crazy links she’s just dying to post, so here’s her chance to thread-jack.

Second, I wonder if you goofy tards can give me a hand with something.  Go to this South Park character generator, make yourself a character, and e-mail it to me at crocopundit -at-sign- hotmail -dot- com. 

Class Act November 25, 2007

Posted by Michael in Sports.

I refer here to the Hawaii Warriors, the last undefeated college football team after Kansas fell to Missouri yesterday. They are the new Western Athletic Conference champions. They also represent the kind of sportsmanship that makes college football great.


Due to their schedule against mostly second-tier teams, the Warriors are a long-shot for a BCS game, and their quarterback is struggling for credibility as a Heisman winner despite his stellar record. So, Hawaii could be forgiven for running up the score a little in yesterday’s game against the other WAC powerhouse, Boise State.

Coach June Jones decided otherwise.

Facing a first-and-goal at the Boise State 1-yard line, he had his quarterback Colt Brennan kill off the rest of the clock by taking a knee.

Already leading the Broncos 39-27, more points weren’t needed to improve to 11-0 and claim the Western Athletic Conference championship. However, when breaking into the 40s and posting a 19-point victory over a ranked team could possibly translate into some valuable style points, Jones wasn’t interested.

Brennan showed the same dignity after the game.

Brennan, a Heisman Trophy candidate who had already accounted for all of Hawaii’s six touchdowns, suggested that it actually meant more to end the game that way.

“It was better that way,” Brennan said. “Taking a knee at the one showed what kind of character this team has.”

Showing any disrespect to Boise State, which had won the previous five WAC titles, wasn’t worth trading in for something to possibly impress pollsters.

My hat is off to the Warriors.

Opinion: If undefeated, Hawaii deserves BCS berth – College football- msnbc.com


Democrats Urge Police Withdrawal from NYC November 25, 2007

Posted by Michael in News.

If it’s a good for Iraq, it should work domestically as well:

 (2007-11-24) — As the number of murders in New York City reached a 40-year low, Democrats in Congress introduced a measure calling for an immediate and total pull-out of law enforcement personnel citing the high cost of fighting crime, the risk to those in uniform and “lack of political progress” in the city.In a typical Congressional maneuver, Democrats attached the redeployment measure as an amendment to an unrelated bill, sponsored by Republicans, which would provide senior citizens with a taxpayer-funded MediCare prescription golf benefit.

How come Scrappleface is the  only one who finds out about this stuff?

Official statistics show the Big Apple’s murder rate is now less than a quarter of what it was in 1990, but Democrats in Congress say the reduction has nothing to do with the actions of the New York City Police Department or the policies of the last two Republican mayors.

Read the whole story here.

I Deleted a Post November 25, 2007

Posted by Pupster in Personal Experiences, Philosophy, Women Ranting.

Because it sucked. 

Also, because I linked to The Miami Herald, who apparently only awards a certain amount of free page views before they require you to register, which also sucks.

So, as an act of personal penance, I’ll be spending the rest of the morning un-boxing Christmas, then I’ll go outside to decorate the house. 

My exterior lighting plan involves icicle lights, wreaths, garland with red bows, an extension ladder, cigarettes, and a hip flask full of Jim Beam. 

If I time my sips just right, I’ll be able to complete the outdoor decorations right about the time the flask will need refilling, or 0-dark-thirty.  Or I’ll break my ass falling off the roof.  

Either way, I won’t be linking to the Miami Herald again. 

Blog Idaho Swag November 24, 2007

Posted by BrewFan in History, Science, Websites.

The ‘pony’ express arrived today with goodies from Idaho! Thanks, RG. I am going to display them proudly.

Blog Idaho Swag

Best Wedding Dance Evah! November 24, 2007

Posted by Lipstick in AA - Uncategorized.

I give you The Brubakers.

That is all.

Fried Whole Ipswich Clams November 23, 2007

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.

Just now on The Food Network they featured J.T. Farnham’s, the best place for fried whole Ipswich clams on the planet. (On the Food Network link, scroll down to “One of a Kind, Episode DVO203” if you don’t believe me.) They serve very fresh whole-bellied clams, with a simple corn-meal batter and a secret wash with ingredients that they will not disclose.

I mentioned this place here after a trip to Cape Ann while visiting Son Michael in Boston.

If you ever get to Cape Ann (or anywhere near Boston), you must stop here:


The Surge November 23, 2007

Posted by Michael in Commenting Tips, Ducks.

I’m not talking about Iraq — I’m talking about our traffic.

Yesterday evening, I noticed that we had gotten a sudden spike in traffic, about 450 hits, on Topless Swedish Women Fight for Equal Rights, a post that had scrolled off the main page.

I assumed that visitors were showing up to see topless Swedish women, and leaving disappointed. Just for kicks, I scurried over to AOSHQ. Ace had posted on the same story (a couple of days after IB — *snicker*). I recalled that in the comments, Phinn had linked to a pic from some foreign-language newspaper allegedly showing the protesters. So, I grabbed the pic and appended it to my post (below the break, with an NSFW warning), just to see what would happen. This was, I confess, a shameless exercise in traffic pandering.

Holy Moley! Here come the Japanese!!!

Of course, I already knew that hooters sell, having successfully pandered for traffic with Jessica Alba and Nikki Cox and so forth.

But jeez. Today, we’re roughly doubling our single-day traffic records as measured by both WordPress and Sitemeter. We have already closed out our WordPress day (based on Greenwich Mean Time) with 13,405 views.

Apparently, nekkid Swedish hooters are very popular in Japan. Most of our traffic today came from The Land of the Rising Sun. Well, something is rising over there. If you check the most recent comments on the “Topless Swedish Women” post, and the blogs that they link back to, the fonts are not displaying correctly. That’s because the traffic is all coming from Japan.

The intertubes can be a very strange place.

Make a fire, make a big pot of chili November 23, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in AA - Uncategorized.

Make a bowl of ice cream for later.

God bless you all my friends.

“You will find the extent of a man’s determination on the goal line” – Vince Lombardi November 22, 2007

Posted by BrewFan in Heroes, History, Man Laws, Personal Experiences, Religion, Science, Sports.

If you’re a fan of professional football then you’re probably aware that maybe the greatest game in NFL history was played on December 31st, 1967. The combatants were the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. This was not the first time those two teams would meet in a game of great importance. Just the year before, 1966, the same two teams played for the championship with Green Bay winning the game 34-27, culminating with a goal line stand of heroic proportions. But the 1967 game would go down in history not only because of the rivalry that would play itself out again but also because of the weather conditions.