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Bart Says It’s Not Very Christmassy Here at IB December 21, 2007

Posted by Michael in Music.

Here you go, Bart (NSF-Diabetics):


Bart now says: “wtf is that, the Brady Christmas reunion?”

Bart, that was Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant. Here’s another Amy Grant Christmas song that brings back fond memories for me. I recall my little kids dancing on the hearth to this song. This is for you, Bart, my Christmas present because you have shared so many great videos with us:

UPDATE 2 (for Bart):

Bart, you might be inclined to criticize the abrupt cutoff in the last video. The reason for that is because, in concert, Amy segues from Emmanuel to O Little Town of Bethlehem. So here’s the rest of the number:

Is this getting Christmassy enough for you?

UPDATE 3 (for Bart again  and responding to his comment)

UPDATE 4 (fuck Bart who is still bitching, this is my last attempt to make him happy)


1. skinbad - December 21, 2007

I like this one (Mr. Heatmiser):

2. Bart - December 21, 2007

wtf is that, the Brady Christmas reunion?

3. Cathy - December 21, 2007

I’ve been playing this old Amy Grant Christmas CD in my car this past week. Great song. Thanks, Sweetie.

4. Michael - December 21, 2007

Cathy and I saw an Amy Grant concert in St. Louis back before she went mainstream. She was still just a major Christian rock star, and still married to her first husband. It was awesome, and LOUD.

5. Sobek - December 21, 2007

Here’s my Christmas song:

6. Vince Gill - December 21, 2007

and still married to her first husband

ah, no.

7. Michael W. Smith - December 21, 2007

we’re still friends!

8. Bart - December 21, 2007

I went to a Michael W Smith concert, once.

Small venue. Very nice.

Nice picks, btw. Not Boney T, or T Boney, or whatever they’re called, but good.

9. Michael - December 21, 2007

Michael W. Smith performed at the Amy Grant concert we went to. At the time, he was more or less her opening act, but stayed onstage when she came out. He was really good. Both he and Amy were loud stuff, serious rock, not the saccharin stuff you’re seeing in these videos.

10. Michael - December 21, 2007

Nice picks, btw. Not Boney T, or T Boney, or whatever they’re called, but good.

OK, Bart, fuck you. I’m going to update this post again just to satisfy YOU. Give me a minute. Merry Christmas.

11. Pupster - December 21, 2007


Very nice.

12. Bart - December 21, 2007

Wrong one!

Don’t you remember?

This one.

13. Michael - December 21, 2007

Yes, I remember. It’s now posted as Update 4.

14. daveintexas - December 21, 2007

you kinda ignored the whole “married to her first husband” thing.

nice voice. Nashville product. eh.

15. daveintexas - December 21, 2007

I should add, I’m not saying divorce is a crime or anything, shit happens.

Let’s just not praise her for something that ain’t so, k?

16. Michael - December 21, 2007

you kinda ignored the whole “married to her first husband” thing.

You’re right. I just googled an Amy Grant biography. It was Gary Chapman she was married to when we saw her, not Michael W. Smith. It was very early in her career, when she was mostly known in Christian circles for stuff like “My Fathers Eyes” and “El Shaddai.”

17. Michael - December 21, 2007

IB Factoid of the Day:

We’re getting yet another picture-driven traffic boost. IB is now the No. 2 Google Images search result for “shark.” Maybe this will replace the gradual fall-off in “Hello Kitty” traffic.

“Dogs Playing Poker” still gets us some hits every day.

18. Bart - December 21, 2007

El Shaddai — one of my faves.

Gary Chapman isn’t too bad, either.

There’s another Chapman…can’t think of his name…brb…oh yeah, Steven Curtis Chapman. The 90s were great for Christian music.

Hey, remember Rich Mullins? So sad that he died in the car crash. 😦
I can’t believe it’s been so long.

I really like this song.

19. Mr Minority - December 21, 2007

Let’s see, Christian concerts?

Steve Curtis Chapman opened for Petra,

Saw Carman, Ray Boltz, Worked the Newsboys twice,

Still my all time favorite Christian Band is White Heart! Those guys could rock.

In fact Michael, if you want to hear the best rendition of Little Drummer Boy, White Heart does it. In fact I’ll see if I can e-mail it to you.

20. Bart - December 21, 2007

This is Michael W Smith in concert singing Mullins’ classic Awesome God. Nice vid.

21. Mr Minority - December 21, 2007

Michael W. smith – Secret Ambition, great song good guitar.

22. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Modern Christian music is so awful. Too much fluffy pop.

Heres Mahalia Jackson doing Just a Closer Walk With Thee:

If anybody has a time machine Mahalia Jackson used to have some kickass fried chicken joints back in the day. Now theyre as shitty as KFC

23. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Another favorite – Hank Williams doing I Saw the Light:

24. Mr Minority - December 21, 2007

This ain’t fluffy pop:

25. Michael - December 21, 2007
26. dr4 - December 21, 2007

There are three great versions of Amazing Grace. Its a fantastic song, but just like the Star Spangled Banner, people try to show off too much when they perform it these days. I dont care about how talented or pretty someone can sing. they have to sound like they mean what they are saying.

My favorite is by Ted Hawkins. He was ahomeless heroin addict who performed on a sidewalk while sitting on a milk crate. Thats where somebody spotted him and produced a record or two of his stuff. It didnt go anywhere and he eventually ODed. The man sung the song with so much soul it was just incredible. Not on Youtube.Worth hunting down though.

The second best version is by Judy Collins. Its a ‘pretty’ version which i usually dont like in christian music because it sounds so sterile but her version is beautiful.

The third best version is by on old country group called the Blue Sky Boys. Very simple, but heartfelt and with great harmonies. Also not on Youtube.

If anybody is interested ill dig through my cds and see if i can find these songs for you. Or they may be available for download somewhere.

27. Bart - December 21, 2007

Yeah, I linked that a few months ago, Michael.

Hey, isn’t it like an epsiode of Hee Haw when Amish, Mr M, and Dave in TX are around? Cool, huh?

28. Michael - December 21, 2007
29. Bart - December 21, 2007

You’re right, the best versions of Amazing Grace are done when the singer expresses humility and does not try to be bigger than the lyrics, which are epic.

(Is epic the right word?)

30. Michael - December 21, 2007

Jesus Is Just All Right by DC Talk

I think this was originally a Doobie Brothers tune, but DC Talk kind of took it over by adding some rap. I saw them do this live.

31. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Three more songs that i would recommend that i cant find on Youtube:

1) the Stanley Brothers doing “Angel Band” from the O Brother Soundtrack

2) “Family Bible” sung by Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash from a special they did on VH1 a few years ago.

3) And the Byrds doing “Farther Along’

32. Michael - December 21, 2007

Hey, if you’re going to go old school:

Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis

I think I’ve posted another version of this before.

33. dr4 - December 21, 2007

What about “In the Garden” – anybody like that one?

Johnny Cash does the best version. you can find it on one of his posthumously released records.

Dwight Yoakam does a very nice acoustic version of it too:

34. Michael - December 21, 2007
35. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Good Choice Michael.

Elvis does the best version of Peace in the Valley too.

Live on Ed Sullivan:

36. daveintexas - December 21, 2007

El Shaddai is God Almighty, isn’t it?

don’t make me look it up. El is God. Eloah. Elohim. Shaddai is the mighty one

37. Michael - December 21, 2007

Dave — yes.

38. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Not a gospel song but still fantastic – Johnny Cash doing U2s “One”

39. Michael - December 21, 2007

Here’s a Christmas song, that speaks of a brighter future.

Sort of.

40. dr4 - December 21, 2007

If youre gonna make christian pop rock you should do it like this:

Norman Greenbaums Spirit in the Sky:

Or maybe some Rev Al Greenes Jesus is Waiting:

41. Michael - December 21, 2007


Spirit in the Sky: sucks big time.

Al Green: Now you’re in the groove.

42. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Another great song Michael. Heres a good Christian(jewish?) reggae song- Rivers of Babylon by the Melodians:

Sublime does the best version of that song, but i cant find it on Youtube.

43. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Spirit in the Sky: sucks big time.


Ive never met anybody that didnt love that song. Its a classic.

Im sorry i couldnt find any holy-rollin boy bands rapping to 30 year old Doobie Brothers songs for you. Heres some Nirvana doing Jesus Doesnt Want Me for a Sunbeam instead:

Man their Unplugged in NY was one of the best albums of all time.

44. Michael - December 21, 2007

Returning to Christmassy:

What Child Is This? by Vanessa Williams.

45. Michael - December 21, 2007

OK, Amish, you get a couple of points for the Nirvana song.

46. dr4 - December 21, 2007

There are a ton of good Christmas songs. Enya does a really good verion of Silent Night – Except that it isnt in English:

Simon and Garfunkle had a song in the late 60s called ‘7 o’clock news/Silent Night’ that was good. It was them singing Silent Night with a broadcaster reading reports of all the fucked up things going on in the world in the background . There is also a version without the broadcasters voice in it that is better but harder to find.

47. Russ from Winterset - December 21, 2007

Michael, one question: Organic brain damage from birth, or a tragic accident?

Seriously. Even deaf people like Spirit in the Sky. It’s a freakin’ classic. Now if you’re talking about the sound quality on the vid Amish linked, then you might have a point, but a quality sound system crankin’ the studio version of that song is a thing of beauty to behold.

48. dr4 - December 21, 2007

Random Tom Jones Moment:

Sex Bomb:

49. Michael - December 22, 2007

The minimum acceptable Christmas lighting for your home (in some neighborhoods). With Mannheim Steamroller.

To be honest, Casa Michael is not quite this well decorated. The Nazi Neighborhood Association would not tolerate it.

50. dr4 - December 22, 2007

The best song on Nirvanas Unplugged album was their cover of Leadbellys “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”

You Know who else does a good cover of a Leadbelly Song?

Ram Jam

Black Betty:

p.s. I dont think that Leadbelly wrote “Where Did you Sleep Last Night” also known as “Black Girl” and “In the Pines” because his lyrics dont really make sense. If you listen to his version and several of the other versions of In the Pines by white artists it becomes clear that the song isnt about someone in Pine Tress – its about somebody in a Pine Box.

51. Michael - December 22, 2007

Seriously. Even deaf people like Spirit in the Sky.

Thank you, Russ. The cross-examination is over, and I rest my case.

52. Bart - December 22, 2007

Im sorry i couldnt find any holy-rollin boy bands rapping to 30 year old Doobie Brothers songs for you.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



53. Bart - December 22, 2007

That Al Green vid is great.

But why is he doing an impression of Capt Kirk?

54. Michael - December 22, 2007

Also, I feel it is my responsiblity to make the IB Christmas Rules™ clear to all of you.

To wit: Anybody who links Enya is a Dickhead, like Mr. Minority is a Dickhead for the entire Christmas season.

Am I making myself clear?

55. Michael - December 22, 2007

OK, Amish, you get another couple of points for Sex Bomb, so you are now officially only a semi-Dickhead.

56. dr4 - December 22, 2007

The Nazi Neighborhood Association would not tolerate it.

The only time i ever lived in a subdivision i had a neighbor who reported me for building a shed out of brick instead of wood. I didnt even think the guy was serious at first. I wasnt familiar with Homeowners Associations. My property = my business. It escalated. The Law was involved and my shed didnt get built. I ended up moving. Now i live in the country where i can do whatever the hell i want on my property.

Somebody burned his shed down a few months later. Of course i didnt have anything to do with it. It was just some sweet poetic justice.

Back to Christmas music:

ACDCs Mistress for Christmas:

57. Michael - December 22, 2007

Well, Amish, you finished your rehabilitation with Black Betty, and then some. That’s a great song I have never heard before.

So, we’re back to Mr. Minority as the sole Christmas Dickhead.

58. Michael - December 22, 2007

Amish, I can’t warm up to ACDC for some reason I don’t understand, but still a good topical pick.

59. Michael - December 22, 2007

That Al Green vid is great.

Rev. Al Green is frickin’ amazing. About ten years ago, I saw him live. He was doing the VH1 party at the National Cable Television Association convention, and this party was a hard ticket to get. I was there. Rev. Al was amazing.

The year before, during my brief career in the cable TV business, I saw John Mellencamp at the VH1 party at Tipitinos in New Orleans. Lots of people don’t like John Mellancamp, but I am here to tell you that in a small venue he was the best bar band I have ever seen in my life. That guy was just fun.

60. dr4 - December 22, 2007

I dont like John Cougar very much. I do like Rain on the Scarecrow and this song – Human Wheels:

Best Bar Bands:

1)Georgia Satellites
2)George Thorogood and the Destroyers
3)Los Lobos

Best Live band Period:


61. dr4 - December 22, 2007

Sleepy. Going to bed.

Heres ACDCs only slow song – Ride On:

Its a good one

Night folks.

62. Michael - December 22, 2007

The t-shirt I got at Tipitinos says “A Wild Night With John Mellencamp.”

Maybe his best song, after Small Town.

63. Michael - December 22, 2007

The cool thing about Mellencamp is that he was not acting like a star just doing his own songs. He was acting like a bar band, doing Stones songs and such and just generally pleasing the crowd. He was good.

I was dancing that night. Like a white boy, I suppose, but I had a great time.

64. Mr Minority - December 22, 2007

So, we’re back to Mr. Minority as the sole Christmas Dickhead.

Michael I am sorry that you are a closet Batman (which is probably why you are a Lutheran, they don’t discriminate), but don’t take it out on me, I am just trying to spread joy, goodwill and fruitcakes this Christmas Season.

And I love you man, I truly mean it.

In a Viking sort of way of course.

65. lauraw - December 22, 2007

The Nazi Neighborhood Association would not tolerate it.

Oh man. I should take some pictures of my neighbors’ places. You know those giant inflatable lawn abortions decorations they have now?

Seriously, it’s annoying. In this neighborhood they won’t let you install a new screen door without having a town meeting about it so that all your nosy neighbors can put in their two cents on what you should choose.

But go ahead and put a bigger than life dio-fuckin-rama of the Three Wise Men visiting Rudolph and an enormous snowman next to Santa’s sleigh to the left of a giant whirling snowglobe containing a Christmas village beside Santa himself in Army fatigues holding a sign that says ‘God Bless America.’ Just like in the Bible.

Just go the fuck ahead. The more, the better. It’s not confusing or ugly in the slightest. And then after Christmas let it all deflate and sit there flattened on the ground through the month of January.

66. Dave in Texas - December 22, 2007

Anybody who links Enya is a Dickhead, like Mr. Minority is a Dickhead for the entire Christmas season.

Enya sucks canal water. Her crap is a rock solid test for latent homosexuality.

67. BrewFan - December 22, 2007

Oh my.

68. wiserbud - December 22, 2007

Christmas’ not exactly your best time of year, is it lauraw?

69. lauraw - December 22, 2007

Two mornings ago, I was driving to work and suddenly hit me that I couldn’t remember what I had done for Christmas.

Then I realized that I didn’t remember it because it hadn’t actually happened yet.

Monday night going to Dad’s house. The intent is to always remain two glasses of wine ahead of my metabolism for the following 48 hours.

70. Dave in Texas - December 22, 2007

Does your neighbor’s display include a giant Ron Paul poster?

71. PattyAnn - December 22, 2007

This is my favorite. But I like Enya, too.

72. Cathy - December 22, 2007

Bing and Bowie together was much better than I imagined.
Kinda Kool. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas, Honey!

73. Bart - December 22, 2007

I like enya.

74. Patriots! - December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas, to all who hate the Patriots because they are awesome.


75. PattyAnn - December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas, Cathy!
Did you get your sewing projects done? What did you make?

76. sinistar - December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to the Splitters!

77. daveintexas - December 22, 2007

I like enya.

No one saw that coming.

78. Patriots! - December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to the Splitters!

Merry Christmas, the future of the GOP who will run it into the ground.


79. BrewFan - December 22, 2007


Is 789.99 too much for a Kimber (.45 ACP/7 rd mag/two tone aluminum frame/4″ barrel)?

80. Russ from Winterset - December 22, 2007

Amish, how the hell can you do a “Greatest Bar Bands” list and forget to include the Beat Farmers?

Exhibit 1: “Lucille”

Exhibit 2: “Gun Sale at the Church”

Exhibit 3: “Hollywood Hills”

Exhibit 4: “Powderfinger”

Exhibit 5: “Happy Boy”

Honestly, I’ve gotta say that this one’s non-negotiable, mmmmkay?

81. daveintexas - December 22, 2007

Brew, which model?

My gut reac is no, depending on mod and frame. They make match set custom stuff, so gimme some mo dope.

And Merry Christmas doubleplusungoob!

82. cranky - December 22, 2007

Brew, I have a Kimber Custom II, .45 ACP 5 inch barrel. Including the 10% sales tax we have here it ran me $840. I bought extra 8-round mags through Midway USA, Wilson I think Fifty round box of 230 grain FMJ ammo is running about $16 today. I got 500 rounds of Federal .22 LR today for $14. When I get some extra ducats around I’m getting the .22 adapter for the Kimber. It is a really fun weapon to shoot.

The thing I like about Kimber is that it is just a big honking piece of steel and extremely reliable — the magazines you use make a big difference in feed.

83. cranky - December 22, 2007

Shoot, no pun intended, but I forgot to wish all of you wonderful people a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all of God’s blessings be with you and your loved ones.

84. BrewFan - December 22, 2007

Its in a Cabela’s flier that came in the paper and all it says is Kimber Custom Carry .45 ACP/7-rd mag/two tone aluminum frame/4″ barrel. It does say Cabelas Exclusive, whatever that means. I’m thinking of acquiring a hand gun and I know Dave thinks highly of his Kimber. Mrs. BrewFan isn’t crazy about the idea. She said her granddad was killed by a hand gun. I reminded her he was killed by her grandma (allegedly). Guns don’t kill people, grandma’s kill people.

85. daveintexas - December 22, 2007

$789.00 is a good price for that weapon Brew. I’ve seen that one for 999-1199.

And you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

86. Mrs. Brewfan - December 23, 2007

Is 789.99 too much for a Kimber

You go right ahead, Honey. It’s for the Chillldren You.

87. RG - December 23, 2007

*getting a little woody*

88. Retired Geezer - December 23, 2007

OK, I’m fine now.
We actually have some ‘real’ snow on the ground for the first time this year.
I’m going out to scrape the windows before church.

89. Lipstick - December 23, 2007

How is Spudder taking the snow?

90. daveintexas - December 23, 2007

Why do girls care what cats think?

Cats don’t care what girls think.

91. lauraw - December 23, 2007
92. Retired Geezer - December 23, 2007

Spudder hears the bells on the door and makes a beeline for it when we open the screen. Sometimes we let her in. She and the Indoor Cat (who is at least 25 years old by actual count), are sorta getting along.

93. daveintexas - December 23, 2007

Don’t let it suck your breath out while you sleep.

They do that.

94. Retired Geezer - December 23, 2007

Crap. I am just catching up on reading the comments. I missed out on participating, so here’s my thoughts:

SC Chapman – Kicks ass. Best frickin’ Lighting I’ve seen. Great players too.

White Heart – never saw them live but I still listen to their stuff.

Amy Grant’s song “Mary’s Song” makes me weep. That piano and oboe just wrench my soul.

Speaking of soul wrenching, Geoff Moore has a great song about the origins of the Salvation Army. I’d be happy to send it to anyone who asks. Saw him and his band in Barstow California in a little church. Rock on!

We saw Rich Mullins at UNLV, he put on a great concert.

Most surprising concert: Out of the Grey. A husband and wife team. He plays guitar and they both sing. Blew us away.
They had about 4 albums out. The wife’s name is Christine Dente, who you may have heard of.

Three Wooden Crosses is nice too. Thanks for reminding me of it, gotta get it from iTunes.

95. Bart - December 23, 2007

Do you like babies?
Do you like babies who can talk and say stuff?

You might like this.

96. Bart - December 23, 2007

Did I mention that the baby has a brit accent?

It’s true.

97. sandy burger - December 23, 2007

The intent is to always remain two glasses of wine ahead of my metabolism for the following 48 hours.

Me too. Only, instead of “hours”, think “years”.

Here’s a Christmas song for all the happy couples out there: Fairytale of New York by the Pogues.

98. Lipstick - December 23, 2007

Cats don’t care what girls think.

If the girl has the can of food and the can opener in her hand, the cat cares a great deal. Or pretends to, which is good enough.

RG, I’m so happy you let Spudder in the house! It seems obvious that she was once a house cat and the bales of hay can’t hold a candle to the warm couch!

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