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Egyptian Lawmakers Outraged by Sarkozy Visit December 28, 2007

Posted by Michael in Politics.

Policy differences, you might think. Perhaps they don’t like his pro-American stance.

Nope. They don’t like the fact that he slept with his girlfriend. Here’s Sarkozy with his “official prostitute”:



Fer cryin’ out loud. Why does anybody still pay attention to the staged outrage of backwards Islamic dumbshits? It’s like a bunch of these Muslims have graduated from the Al Sharpton College of Media Relations™.

CAIRO, Egypt — Three Egyptian lawmakers criticized the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy in parliament saying it was improper that his girlfriend shared a room with him, the local press reported Friday.

Independent deputy Gamal Zahran said in parliament Thursday that it was improper for Sarkozy and his new companion, supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni, to stay in the same room during their visit to the southern city of Luxor, reported the independent dailies al-Dustour and al-Badeel.

He criticized the Egyptian government for setting a bad example by welcoming them.

“The regime gave the wrong message from the country of al-Azhar to all other countries that we are ready to accept official prostitution by heads of state,” he said, referring to Egypt’s premier institution of Sunni Islamic learning.

FOXNews.com – Egyptian Lawmakers to Sarkozy: You Shouldn’t Share Room With Girlfriend – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News


1. John - December 28, 2007

Even better is their trying to copyright the Pyramids! 😀

2. Michael - December 28, 2007

John, I saw that story and I can’t even describe how stupid that copyright legislation is. Start with (1) retroactivity, (2) a ridiculous claim to extraterritorial enforceability, (3) first assertion after a few millenia, and (4) assumed title to the copyright even if it existed.

If Egypt is having trouble raising money to maintain their monuments, and wants a foreign contribution, the way to do it is to impose additional taxes on the gazillions of dollars Egypt gets from the tourist trade. A hotel tax, maybe. But, of course, that would mean they might incent a few tourists to go to Machu Picchu instead.

3. sticky b - December 28, 2007

I’d hit it. I’d definitely hit it in a hotel room at the Luxor. Or did I misread the story?

4. Sobek - December 28, 2007

See, Sarkozy’s cultural misstep was that it wasn’t a pre-pubescent boy, or possibly a camel.

5. See-Dubya - December 28, 2007

Sarko brings his girlfriend along on a state visit to Egypt?

That was smart. Real smart. Guy’s a born diplomat.

6. Muslihoon - December 28, 2007

You guys crack me up.

7. eddiebear - December 28, 2007

I’ll give Sarko this:

He doesn’t seem to care what people think.

8. Muslihoon - December 29, 2007

Speaking of the French: If anyone wonders why we think the French are gay (no offense, John), I offer you Two Frenchmen and The Show Must Go On. I can hardly make out what they’re saying. (Of course, I just listened to a few renditions in proper English.) So…fey.

9. Muslihoon - December 29, 2007

Both men are straight, BTW. Or supposed to be.

10. hjstrj - December 29, 2007

What the hell did i just watch? The Show Must Go On is a Queen song right? They had some alright songs but man was Freddy Mercury Gay.

FWIW i still refuse to believe that Raymond Burr was gay. I just dont want to believe it.

11. Muslihoon - December 29, 2007

What you get when you mix opera, Turkish music, and dance: Sertab Erener’s The Queen of the Night Aria. (For something awesomely Turkish, check out her Zor Kadın (I think it means “Cruel Woman”).)

Sertab is Turkish. I think we can see why Turkey must remain free and Western. They must retain their right to bare arms.

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