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A Walk in the Park *Updated* December 29, 2007

Posted by Pupster in Crime, Ducks, Law, Man Laws, Sex, Women Ranting.

We got trouble. Right here in Capital City. I’m going to need an obtuse legal opinion on this, councilors.

From ABC News via Drudge:

Topless Women Lured Perverts in Police Sting

Their headline. I’ve already got a problem with it.

Robin Garrison, an off-duty 42-year-old firefighter, was walking in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, in May when he saw a woman sunbathing topless under a tree.

He approached her and they started talking and getting comfortable, the woman smiling and resting her foot on his shoulder at one point.

Watch the video at the link above.  Smiling and getting comfortable does not cover it, she was giving him the full court press. Robin thought he was going to write the cover story for Penthouse Forum; “I know this is going to sound crazy, but this actually happened to me…” This guys not a pervert, he’s just a guy. Now, if they dolled-up the ducks around the pond with fishnet stockings and black-eyeliner, then yeah, that’s a pervert trap.

Eventually, she asked to see Garrison’s penis; he unzipped his pants and complied.

Seconds later, undercover police officers pulled up in a van and arrested Garrison; he was later charged with public indecency, a misdemeanor, based on video footage taken by cops who were targeting men having sex or masturbating in the park. While topless sunbathing is legal in the city’s parks, exposing more than that is against the law.

Emphasis mine.

First of all, I missed the topless sunbathing memo; duly noted. Secondly, I am not surprised the police were running a sting operation at a city park, many of them in Columbus are notorious for ‘don’t take your family there, don’t use the restrooms’ rumors. I had never heard there was a problem at Berliner, which is best known for a lot of softball leagues that play there. There is a fire station right across the street.

I am very surprised by the police’s methods. A half naked woman, smiling at passers-by, initiating and inviting conversation, rolling around in the grass, reaching out and making contact in an intimate manner, and asking for a sausage shot, a misdemeanor offense. How is this not entrapment?

The problem at Berliner Park, according the the article, is ‘men having sex and masturbating‘. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that the cops are using the wrong bait in this fishing expedition.

Update:  Russ from Winterset  points to a commenter at Patterico’s, who states the woman in question was not working for the police.  I did a quick search and came up with two articles, both stating that the woman in question was an exhibitionist sunbather who frequented the park…not a police officer or working for the department. 

The police asked her to move to another area of the park, (she was creating a traffic hazzard) and then apparently set up a video camera in her new location and waited.  I still think this arrest is completely bogus, but does it change the entrapment argument if she initiates this kind of attention, and requests a violation of the law?

It’s got to stink to be a policeman on Penis Patrol.  Seriously…can you image the radio exchanges?

*krrrk* Ok…hold your positions…steady….he’s reaching down….nope, just scratching…stand by…

*krrrk* Get ready  team, stay frosty…c’mon sparky…take it out…almost there….I SEE IT, WE HAVE PENIS!  MOVE IN! GO-GO-GO!


1. Dave in Texas - December 29, 2007

So I’m guessing in 4 weeks there’s probably not a whole lot of topless sunbathing goin on?

Oh well, we really weren’t going to have the time.

2. BrewFan - December 29, 2007

By any reasonable measure that is entrapment. Unfortunately our legal system isn’t always reasonable.

3. George Michael - December 29, 2007

See?! SEE?!!


ps. Choose Life

4. Farmer Joe - December 29, 2007

Has he been convicted yet? That’s gotta be entrapment.

5. Michael - December 29, 2007

You’re spot on, Brew, I also think the cops went too far. Pupster highlighted the salient point — the officer directly and explicitly solicited the conduct for which Garrison was arrested. She did not just encourage it with her behavior and demeanor. There is no indication (and it is not likely) that there were any innocent “victims” in the area who could have been offended. It’s improbable that Garrison would have even contemplated such conduct if it had not been requested. Entrapment occurs when the police induce criminal behavior which the defendant otherwise is not “predisposed” to commit. Unless he has a criminal record for flashing, Garrison has a good defense that he was not predisposed to whip it out in a public park. I think this is very different from the more ordinary situation of cops seductively posing as hookers who troll for guys that are clearly looking for hookers.

6. dr4 - December 29, 2007

The police are out of control and have been for years. It’s just getting worse and worse.

7. Dave in Texas - December 29, 2007

What are they feeding those cops anyway?

8. Pupster - December 29, 2007

Farmer Joe:

“Franklin County Municipal Court jury that found Garrison guilty of public indecency last month. He was ordered to stay away from the park, placed on a year’s probation and fined $250.”

He’s appealing the verdict. In the mean time, he’s under investigation by the fire department for his conduct, and restricted to desk duty. I imagine he gets some grief from the cellar savers, too.

9. Barb the Evil Genius - December 29, 2007

I’m just glad we don’t live in Columbus anymore. Didn’t know when we lived there that there were parks to avoid. Then again, we haven’t always had the best experiences at public parks.

10. Russ from Winterset - December 29, 2007

Michael, I think there’s a fact that wasn’t in the news report: the woman wasn’t a cop. She’s a regular topless sunbather who’s attracted quite an audience lately, and the police asked her to move to a less-traveled portion of the park. Now, I don’t know if the woman was asked to give this guy the full-court press by the cops or if she did it herself, but since she’s not a cop herself, I’m not sure that entrapment is the word we’re looking for here. Of course, if she wasn’t acting under the aegis ($3 word warning) of the police, the obvious question is: Why wasn’t she busted too? Is there such a charge as “Conspiracy to Flash Mr. Winky” or “Enticement to Indecent Exposure”?

11. Russ from Winterset - December 29, 2007

BTW, I read that she’s not a cop from a comment at Patterico’s. Might be true, might not be true, but it does seem to explain some things.

12. Pupster - December 29, 2007

OH. Oh. Well, shit. I ASSUMED she was working for the police. From what I gather, she was just a topless, flirty woman, who the police earlier had asked to move to another area because she was creating a traffic hazard.

The police then proceeded to stake her out with video equipment, and just happened to be watching when she asked to see sammy the wonder snake.

I think it’s even worse.


13. nicedeb - December 29, 2007

When I read that story, even I thought entrapment, and I’m a big prude.

No, really.

And, Pupster’s right, these problems in the parks always seem to *mostly* be about gay guys having anonymous sex.

Wrong bait.

14. cranky - December 29, 2007

PornDeb is a prude?



If the cops asked her to move and then started filming her, I think the police have too much time on their hands that could be put to much better use. How is soliciting an act that can result in a finding of indecent exposure not in and of itself not a crime?

15. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

nice deb figured out this is about catching gay wide_stancers?

Oh how the hell did you know that? No way you knew that. NO WAY!

16. nicedeb - December 29, 2007

Well, why in the hell are they using a topless hottie to lure guys, if it’s about catching wide stancers? Huh????

17. nicedeb - December 29, 2007


18. daveintexas - December 29, 2007


19. Lipstick - December 29, 2007

I dunno. He still shouldn’t have whipped it out.

20. Sobek - December 29, 2007

“I dunno. He still shouldn’t have whipped it out.”

I agree, especially when a simple “let’s go back to my place” would have avoided the whole problem. But Amish is right: these cops were out of control.

21. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

yes, and yes.

22. Memo from Site Administration - December 29, 2007

I dunno. He still shouldn’t have whipped it out.

IBSBP Etiquette Rule No. 1:

At the IBSBP, the following conduct will be deemed inappropriate:

(1) whipping it out, and

(2) asking someone to whip it out whilst half nekkid.

I just thought we should clear this up in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

23. Michael - December 29, 2007


The foregoing rules do not apply to the hot tub room, of course.

24. mesablue - December 29, 2007

*makes mental note to avoid hot tub room.

Seems like these cops just got lucky to catch the horny fireman.

I’m guessing their reason for filming the topless chick had nothing to do with wide stancers.

25. nicedeb - December 29, 2007

Well, no…he shouldn’t have whipped it out. That was pretty crude.

26. Pupster - December 29, 2007
27. mesablue - December 29, 2007

“Sometimes they need air.”

28. cranky - December 29, 2007

“They can’t breathe in there.”

29. BrewFan - December 29, 2007

Breaking News:

Columbus fireman arrested, charged with Possession of a Rape Tool. Film at eleven.

30. dr4 - December 29, 2007

Just finished reading Enders Game. Didnt like it.

Thats the problem with books – they take too long to read. With a crappy movie im out like an hour and a half. With a book im out 7.

Now its time for Football.

Giants are gonna get their asses kicked unfortunately.

31. Bart - December 29, 2007

Yeah, you homos better be watching the game.

It will be historic!

32. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

(2) asking someone to whip it out whilst half nekkid.

I don’t understand this rule. Are you saying if some IB wimmin aks, I should refuse?

Are there cops around?

33. dr4 - December 29, 2007

A few quick notes on tonights game:

1) Brady is going to break Mannings TD record. Of course the only reason he is gonna be able to do that is because they ran up the score on crappy opponents. And FWIW Manning threw 49 TDs in 15 with 497 pass attempts. Without running up the score in blowout games. Brady has scored 48 TDs in 15 games with 536 pass attempts over the Jets and Dolphins.

2) Moss has a chance to break Jerry Rices single season TD record too. Its gonna take him 16 games to do it though. Rice did it in 12 because of the strike.

3) The Patriots are cheaters.

4) I hate Boston sports Teams

5) I hate Bart.

6) A picture of Tom Brady and a Goat in Esquire:

34. mesablue - December 29, 2007

Is the Patriots game on anywhere?

35. dr4 - December 29, 2007

I am about the whitest dude you will ever meet, but even i fhave enough black street cred to call Bryant Gumble an Uncle Tom.

God i hate this guy. Why couldnt they get his brother to do the announcing?

Oh and the main reason i want the Pats to lose is because John Kerry made such a big to do about a fucking football game. Its already on locally in Mass. you dumbass.

36. The Goat - December 29, 2007

Tom’s got firm, but still supple manly hands.

I suspect paraffin.

37. mesablue - December 29, 2007

What’s funny is that NBC is showing the game here at 10:00 because of a Pistons game.

38. dr4 - December 29, 2007

I dont even have the NFL Network and i have it on 3 different channels.

39. Bart - December 29, 2007

This drive will end with maybe 3 points.

40. mesablue - December 29, 2007

TD Giants. Is the midget going to pull one out of his ass?

41. dr4 - December 29, 2007

or maybe 7 points.

Giants are still gonna lose.

42. dr4 - December 29, 2007

Seriously – wtf is up with that goat picture?

43. Bart - December 29, 2007

oh crap, why do I invision a Brady pick on his first drive?

44. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

hell it’s on NBC and CBS.

John Kerry’s magical hat!

45. dr4 - December 29, 2007

relax dude. They’re gonna win.

46. dr4 - December 29, 2007

anybody think that movie Charlie Wilsons War could be any good?

47. mesablue - December 29, 2007

DinT, the Alamo Bowl is on, too. Go Horns!

48. mesablue - December 29, 2007



49. dr4 - December 29, 2007

yeah me neither. Im bored. I was gonna see No Country for Old Men but its not playing around here now.

There isnt shit out right now.

50. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

jarhead say wha?

51. Bart - December 29, 2007

That’ll be the day when I sit and watch anything with Julia Roberts in it.

52. dr4 - December 29, 2007

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is the only movie with Julia Roberts in it that i like.

Which movie is she in – Charlie Wilson or No Country?

53. Bart - December 29, 2007

Well played, Roger Goodell. Well played.

54. Bart - December 29, 2007

she’s in charlie wilson

55. Russ from Winterset - December 29, 2007

Wes Welker doesn’t understand the concept of “Fair Catch”, which is a good thing. I still like Ellis Hobbs III better as a kick returner, but Welker’s definitely “all that and a bag of chips”.

56. dr4 - December 29, 2007


57. mesablue - December 29, 2007

Uh oh.

58. dr4 - December 29, 2007

Am i the only one havving trouble getting the site to load?

The “bullshit” comment was in regards to the Refs call.

59. Bart - December 29, 2007

I missed the play.

No trouble with the site for me.

60. dr4 - December 29, 2007

jezus – how many kickoffs have been returned for TDs this year?

61. cranky - December 29, 2007

The ref busts a move to illustrate the excessive celebration flag. Not a cool penalty.

62. dr4 - December 29, 2007

im actually surprised that they Pats are doing such a good job of shutting down the Giants running game

63. Bart - December 29, 2007

So it will come down to who pulls there starters first after the half.

64. dr4 - December 29, 2007

Much better game than i would have guessed.

65. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

my kid brought me the book No Country for Old Men. decent.

66. dr4 - December 29, 2007

The Coen brothers are sort of hit and miss with theri movies to me. I want to see this one but ive heard the ending isnt very good.

67. mesablue - December 29, 2007

If other people don’t like it — it’s probably good.

Several friends said they hated O’ Brother and didn’t figure out what the story was based on.

I loved it.

68. dr4 - December 29, 2007

I liked O Brother ok. it didnt blow me away or anything.

Favorite Coen Brothers movies:

Raising Arizona
Blood Simple
Millers Crossing
The Big Lebowski

69. Bart - December 29, 2007

I liked Fargo – thought it was believable.

I have a hard time buying the ruthless killers in some of these movies, especially if they’re played a Walberg, etc.

70. Bart - December 29, 2007


71. dr4 - December 29, 2007

the Ladykillers sucked

72. Bart - December 29, 2007


73. Bart - December 29, 2007

It’s his-toe-ree.

What movie is that from???

74. Bart - December 29, 2007


Come on. You know this. Who said it and in what movie?

75. Bart - December 29, 2007

Eli’s back!

76. Don Carne - December 29, 2007

It’s from The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds.
BTW is anybody else having trouble getting to the AoS site. I haven’t been able to load it for two days now.

77. Bart - December 29, 2007

Right, Don. But Eddie Albert said it.

Nope, AoS loads fine for me. I can see all of the anti-Huckabee posts justs fine.

78. Don Carne - December 29, 2007

Eddie Albert didn’t say it. It was said by the nebbish Asst. Warden.

79. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

Yes, 4 out of the last 52 posts mention Huck. Golly.

And they both said it… Eddie early in the movie, the asswipe asst. at the end.

80. Bart - December 29, 2007

Only 4 out 52? Slu’s typing fingers must be tired. You know, after a while, you got to ask yourself, “What’s the point?” Who’s the audience that the blog is trying to reach?

Anyway, thanks for the clarification on the line in the movie. I forgot that the other guy mocked the warden later in the movie.

81. daveintexas - December 29, 2007

It’s a primary fight. Why do we get all verklempt over a primary fight? I’ve been doggin McCain for over a year, is that a problem too?

82. Don Carne - December 30, 2007

I kinda like the anti-Hucksterism, I’m a Romney man myself. I like what Fred! says but I don’t think he can do it. Mitt,on the other hand, can win it all. And, as a Roman Catholic, I trust his Mormonism more than I trust Huckster’s Baptism.

83. Bart - December 30, 2007

I’ve been doggin McCain for over a year, is that a problem too?

It isn’t a problem because you haven’t really been outspoken on the subject. You make a comment here and there, not post after post about it.

Yeah, Huck sucks. We get it. Meanwhile we’re ignoring the dems while they get puff-piece after puff-piece about them in the msm.

84. lauraw - December 30, 2007
85. daveintexas - December 30, 2007

I’m sure you’ve noticed this, but goddang it, that moron Huckabee is actually leading in the first 5 primary states. That’s a big deal if you think Huck is like, a really really incredibly awful bad choice.

I’m not trying to talk you out of being bored with the Huckattacks, if they bore you, so be it. I guess you want more Dem meat grinding there, I’ll be darned if I know why that’s meaningful or persuasive to an audience that already thinks Hillary is a big steaming turd and John Edwards is so… OOoo! ooo!

Isn’t that just a little bit too much preaching to the choir? What’s the point?

86. Bart - December 30, 2007

thanks for the gay prOn, lauraw

a warning next time?

Okay, fine. Then how about we prop up a candidate we like instead of attacking a GOP candidate? Hunter, the best candidate, is going unnoticed because we’re bogged down with Huckabee. That’s a shame.

87. daveintexas - December 30, 2007

That makes no sense to me. Define “we”.

88. mesablue - December 30, 2007

Define “we”.

Gary Hart?

C’mon. We’re the lucky ones.

Our primary process will actually pull us together in the long run.

The dem’s are fighting for the godforsaken soul of their party — who panders the most and finds less to actually commit to.

It’s not going to play out until Super Duper Tuesday. Huck doesn’t figure into that.

It’s a popularity contest until then.

I don’t like it, but I see it coming out between Giuliani and McCain until the mid primaries — the states just line up that way, except for Michigan. McCain, because people have voted for him before in purple/red states and Giuliani because he’s a big name.

Most people don’t care about this until a week or two before they have to vote.

The general is a bit different. But, it’s still waaaaay early folks.

I’m no expert, but I did do logistics and run state level campaigns for a few years — and, I drove by a Holiday Inn Express tonight.

89. daveintexas - December 30, 2007

I think there’s a bit of a fight going on in the conservative movement and the Republican party too, which is fine, now’s the time. This fretting about kicking a Republican around gives some sort of advantage to the Democrats makes no sense. I remember Mr. 11th commandment ripping his primary opponents a new one. At some point you have to establish the case for your leadership.

The reason right wing blogs are ripping Huck is because the guy isn’t a conservative. His nomination will seriously set back conservatism within the Republican party. He’s a charlatan and he deserves to be called on it. I can’t for the life of me imagine the reason Hunter is being ignored is because we’re giving Huck a bunch of shit. If Hunter (and Fred, and anybody else) is being ignored, that’s their problem and they better do something about it or sit down.

90. PattyAnn - December 30, 2007

:: passes along a steaming cup of coffee and honey bun to Dave ::

91. eddiebear - December 30, 2007


The thing about Huck and his followers (my Evangelical boss who won’t let his daughter go to college is a Huckamaniac) is that when criticized for POLICY issues, retreats and wraps himself in the preacher garb and attacks his critics as “un Christian” or whatever. That is just as lame as Hillary! and her retreating to the “You can’t hit the girl” line when legitimately called out.

92. eddiebear - December 30, 2007

And the attitude that many of the Huckamaniacs use towards others who are not Evangelicals is disturbing. My boss won’t vote for Romney simply because he is Mormon, Rudy for his Catholicism and Fred because he’s not “Christian enough”.

Granted, this is pne anecdote, and the plural of anecdotes is not data, but I wonder if that is how many Fundies really feel.

93. Will - December 30, 2007

There’s this friend of mine who’s as red-state as they come. Had her NRA membership since she was born. She was a diehard Fred-head right up until fucking Chuck Norris puts in a Huck endorsement. Now all of a sudden she’s turned to Huck-a-mania (it’s like Hulk-a-mania, but for fare and brimstone Evangelicals) beacuse she sees all this “momentum.”

People really need to stop voting for The Good Book, and start voting for their Pocket Book.

94. Bart - December 30, 2007

start voting for their Pocket Book.

Fuck that, Will. That’s how we ended up with 8 years of Clinton.

95. eddiebear - December 30, 2007

And when Huck gets criticized, he seems to get more and more support from the Fundies.

96. Bart - December 30, 2007

Yeah, the liberal fundies and the msm fundies.

Nobody is contributing to his campaign. His so-called support is a bunch of hype and fudged polling.

97. dr4 - December 30, 2007

fudged polling?

Im pretty sure that sort of thing was going on Edwards would be walking away with the nomination.

Ive come to the conclusion that my political beliefs are on the fringe of the right wing. I used to think that The Republicans were a good party with bad leadership. Ive now decided that its a party of morons with terrible leadership. We get the leadership we deserve.

98. dr4 - December 30, 2007

well I dont deserve it. All those other assholes do though.

99. Bart - December 30, 2007

…its a party of morons with terrible leadership.

Exactly. It’s full of people who continuously get duped by the media. Once again the strings are being pulled so that the so-called Religious Right gets the blame for losing an election.

All they had to do was to ignore Huckabee, like the Dems ignore Gravel and Kucinich, and he would’ve went away.

100. daveintexas - December 30, 2007

Yeah, well, what should we do now?

I’m thinking “ignoring” is off the table.

101. dr4 - December 30, 2007

Once again the strings are being pulled so that the so-called Religious Right gets the blame for losing an election.

Wasnt the religious Right given credit for winning the election for George Bush?

I didnt believe that Huck had real support among religious people either. Nobody thta i know is supporting the guy. SLublog and others have said that they have evangelicals among their family and friends who support the guy.

If his numbers were completely driven by the media the other candidates wouldnt be attacking the guy. Their internal polling must be telling them the same things.

If Huck does well it will be because of the religious Right. Nobody else would vote for him because in every other respect Huck is a liberal except for his Faith.

And blogs did ignore him, until he exploded. And then they turned on him. As did the right wing media. And he is still leading. The info is out there about this guy. His followers dont care.

102. Michael - December 30, 2007

Well then, we’re dealing with an egregious misnomer. We should call Huckabee supporters the Religious Wrong.

103. Bart - December 30, 2007

Wasnt the religious Right given credit for winning the election for George Bush?

Yeah, and who was the source? The msm. That little tidbit was floated for the sole purpose of being a wedge issue among Americans. In other words: you can thank the holy-rollers and moralists for the buffoon we now have in office.

Why am I the only one who recognizes the clever devices used by the propagandists to divide America, divide the GOP, divide the Christians, etc?

104. Pupster - December 30, 2007

I guess depilation heightens the senses.

105. forged rite - December 30, 2007

I think you’re being a little hard on the religious right. Yeah, they drifted towards him, probably because word got around he was the “faith” candidate they’d been waiting for, but Huckabee’s support has fallen. Romney is leading again in Iowa, and Huckabee is nowhere in New Hampshire. And his support has fallen probably because word is getting around the religious right that he’s not very conservative on some main issues, and it will probably fall more as more people get word of his positions. So let’s not throw these pretty reliable Republican voters under the bus for what amounts to just taking a look at the guy.

106. forged rite - December 30, 2007

One more thing –

When in doubt, whip it out.

Words to live by.

107. Sobek - December 31, 2007

Have I told you guys my theory on why it will be either Rudy or Romney? If not, I will now.

For the past five decades or so, Republican presidents have had old-fashioned and anachronistic-sounding first names. Ronald, George, Gerald, Dwight. The only exception in that time period was Richard Nixon. Of the current candidates, Willard and Rudolph fit the pattern the best. John McCain and Mike Huckabee are right out. Fred is a bit of a grey area.

By contrast, the Dem names don’t sound so anachronistic, like William, James, and John. Lyndon is the obvious outlier in this group. That means John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have the best shot, and Barack Obama is screwed.

108. Pupster - December 31, 2007

Willard = Mitt? Huh. Did not know that.

109. Sobek - December 31, 2007

Now you know.

Also, if you don’t vote Romney, he might send his army of trained rats after you.

110. skinbad - December 31, 2007

Names after Willard Marriott of hotel fame, right? A friend of the family I think.

111. Bart - December 31, 2007

is someone busting my balls?

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