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Frequent Flyer Fanatics December 30, 2007

Posted by Michael in Economics, Heroes.

Can you imagine taking a flight just to get frequent flyer miles?!?

(CBS) Some people get status from fancy cars or glamorous country clubs, some get status from dining in hot restaurants, but thousands of Americans get their status like Jenny Zelle does…by sitting on an airplane.

Their status is measured in precious metal…silver, gold, platinum…executive platinum or…United 1K?

“With heavy business travel I decided to concentrate all of my miles on one airline…and get the premier status and the perks that go with it,” Zelle told CBS News correspondent Seth Doane.

. . .

This fall though…her nightmare came true! Zelle, a Chicago lawyer, hadn’t flown enough to renew her elite status on United…and that called for drastic measures.

“Today,” Zelle announced, “we’ll be going O’Hare to Des Moines, Des Moines to Denver, Denver to Des Moines to O’Hare.”

Yup, a whole day of traveling… just to earn miles. It’s called a “mileage run”.

Sheesh, that’s just insane to attach so much importance to your frequent flyer status, like that makes you somebody.

And by the way, Zelle, you’re a nobody!   I’m PLATINUM FOR LIFE!!! Haaaaaahaaaahaaaa!!!!! Now make me a sammich, you peon.

The Frequent Flier Fanatics, The End Of The Year Means A Last Minute Travel Binge For Some – CBS News


1. BrewFan - December 30, 2007

The highest I ever made was Delta Gold Medallion. Then came the Sky Miles program and FF travel on Delta was ruined forever.

2. daveintexas - December 31, 2007

I made Exec Plat once, and I don’t ever want to go through what I had to to get it back. Eff that.

3. harrison - December 31, 2007

Y’all get to travel on airplanes?
Must be nice.

4. eddiebear - December 31, 2007

The Misus and I did get to fly 1st class on a vacation we took to Denmark/Sweden due to a “misunderstanding” between her bags and the airline on our trip the Amsterdam the year prior. I have to admit, that was nice. Especially when one of the toilets in coach seemed to have a malfunction.

5. BrewFan - December 31, 2007

I made Exec Plat once, and I don’t ever want to go through what I had to to get it back. Eff that.

Amen to that, brother. I haven’t been on an aeroplane since 1999 and I could care less.

6. lauraw - December 31, 2007

1998, here.

7. daveintexas - December 31, 2007

two weeks ago here.

8. eddiebear - December 31, 2007

My parents are going to LV on 1-2-08 for a week. This should end well.

9. eddiebear - December 31, 2007

I’m gonna have to go offline for some time.

10. kevlarchick - December 31, 2007

I don’t like flying. Since moving back to Ohio, I’ve only flown 3 times in the last 3 years.

Frequent flyer?? No way in hell.

11. wiserbud - December 31, 2007

One year I was ~4k miles from platinum status. I was thiiiiiis close to just grabbing a $150 flight to LA and back, just to grab some lunch.

Then I sobered up. The extra perks just weren’t worth the trouble.

12. wiserbud - December 31, 2007

hope all is well, eddie.

13. Mr Minority - December 31, 2007

Because of work, I have been maintaining Silver status for years on Continental. which includes free upgrades to First Class, and I do enjoy that!

14. eddiebear - December 31, 2007

Check your email.

15. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

Everything okay Eddie?

16. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

Mr. LS and I splurged on first class for our honeymoon. On a three hour morning flight from Atlanta to Puerto Rico guess what Delta offered us for breakfast?

A freaking bag of Sun Chips.

17. wiserbud - December 31, 2007

It’s funny how people get all excited about “First Class!” then they actually sit in first class. International FC is not bad, but domestic first class is nothing but a bigger seat and free drinks (but not too many.) The airlines have really taken the First Class out of first class.

18. Mr Minority - December 31, 2007

Just having a bigger seat is worth it to me.

19. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

Not even a freaking roll, let alone a meal!

It was expensive and disappointing.

20. Michael - December 31, 2007

My cumulative lifetime miles on AA is now at 2,960,455. This includes my former TWA miles and all the purchases on my AA credit card. Last I heard, you get Executive Platinum For Life at 3M. I guess I’ll find out in a few months.

21. Michael - December 31, 2007

Not even a freaking roll, let alone a meal!

I always get a fine breakfast in First Class. You just need to say the secret code words — “Bloody Mary, please.”

22. wiserbud - December 31, 2007

I didn’t say I didn’t like it, Mr. M, but people who haven’t flown FC seem to think it’s like some exclusive party going on up there while the rabble are fighting over peanuts in the back.

I mean, it’s almost like that, but not quite as much as it used to be.

23. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

Michael, I tried to get a mimosa, but they didn’t have sparkling wine.

Delta first class: “You can have two bags of Sun Chips if you want.”

24. wiserbud - December 31, 2007

Delta first class: “You can have two bags of Sun Chips if you want.”

You told them you were on your honeymoon, didn’t you?

25. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

No. Would they have offered us some pretzels too?

26. daveintexas - December 31, 2007

pretzels and a Fresca

27. Lipstick - December 31, 2007

Woo-hoo! Dang, we missed out.

28. Retired Geezer - January 3, 2008

Mrs. Geezer and I will be getting on a plane around the end of the month for a Dream Vacation to… wait for it… Ohio.

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