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Clothes Make the Cheap Bastard of a Man December 31, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Economics, Personal Experiences.

I know I haven’t been pulling my weight around here lately and I don’t want Michael to reduce my production bonus any further. Performance evaluations are coming soon and I’m a little concerned.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given an Innocent Bystander Endorsement, but I’m ready to bestow the honor once again.

A little background first. My wife visited two of her sisters in Indianapolis a couple of years ago. While there, they took her to a Steve & Barry’s store. She knew I was in need of some jeans and knew my size, as dutiful wives are wont to do. The jeans at the store looked OK and were seven bucks and change, so she bought a few pairs for me. The “relaxed fit” ones worked out great. The “boot cut” ones she grabbed by mistake made me look like a gay sailor (NTTAWWT) and I gave those away. Anyway, she was quite impressed with the store and when I needed some more clothes I looked for them online and  found that they don’t do online sales and the closest store to Utah was in Phoenix.

In the meantime, I was in need of some basketball shoes for the occasional hardwood blood-letting known to Mormon men as “ward ball.” I read somewhere about “Starbury” athletic shoes and how NBA “star” Stephon Marbury (million dollar talent/two dollar head) had a line of shoes that were decent and inexpensive. I thought I’d try a pair and did a little checking and found that they were only sold at (drum roll) Steve & Barry’s. When I went to CA last spring for a work trip, I checked to see if any of their stores would be in the vicinity. Nope.

Fast-forward to this Christmas holiday. We loaded up the kin and went to SLC to visit my parents for a couple of days. My dad asked Evil CC if he wanted some shoes (they wear the same size). He gave my son some Starbury shoes that he had bought for walking but decided he didn’t like. It turns out they opened a store in November about five minutes from my folks’ place. I headed over and got three pairs of jeans, shoes for me and one of my daughters for $50. Total. I’m sure it’s all Chinese sweat-shop labor, but what isn’t these days? Back-to-school shopping is about as big a bite as Christmas shopping for the family. Next fall, you’ll find us at Steve & Barry’s.


1. kevlarchick - December 31, 2007

I like that place. Dirt cheap, which means a skimp on quality, but when you’re buying t shirts and jeans for growing kids, it’s a good idea.

Their t shirt selection is INCREDIBLE, like the flippin Library of Congress. Filed by color, holiday, team, theme, etc. Cheesy and fun!

2. daveintexas - December 31, 2007

you can’t wear boot cut?

dude, give up on the 30s, go 32

3. Michael - December 31, 2007

The “relaxed fit” ones worked out great.

Aside from making your ass look fat. 🙂

4. The Comish (sic) - December 31, 2007

Starbury shoes: “You can wear them in the truck.”


5. skinbad - December 31, 2007

Ahh, 32s. I remember the 80s.

Comish, Marbury also had a great quote about Michael Vick and dog fighting. Something about “We don’t come down on guys who shoot deer. What’s the difference?”

6. geoff - December 31, 2007

The only thing worse than buying clothes made by a sweatshop laborer is not buying clothes made by a sweatshop laborer.

7. Sobek - December 31, 2007

But what’s the real cost? Cause the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper.

8. Muslihoon - January 1, 2008

I’m going to have to see if there’s one nearby.

I was in need of some basketball shoes for the occasional hardwood blood-letting known to Mormon men as “ward ball.”

I count myself lucky that I have never had any luck or skill with sports, so I avoid playing them. Excellent reason to avoid ward ball.

9. geoff - January 1, 2008

Wow. I just checked out the Steve & Barry’s by me – their winter clearance sale was going on and everything in the store was $8.98 or less. I grabbed four shirts and headed for the door.

Thanks for the recommendation.

10. Michael - January 1, 2008

I grabbed four shirts and headed for the door.

You were supposed to stop at the cash register.

11. daveintexas - January 1, 2008

I thought they were ice cream dudes?

12. geoff - January 2, 2008

You were supposed to stop at the cash register.

That explains all the excitement.

That, and those ladies who seemed reluctant to part with their shirts. Can’t they read? “Everything in the store is $8.98 or less. No exceptions.”

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