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George Habbas, Dead at 80 January 26, 2008

Posted by Michael in Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

Rest in peace, George.

No, actually, I meant to say — rot in hell, George.


The founder of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), George Habash, has died in Jordan, associates say.  Habash died of a heart attack, one of his former colleagues said. He was around 80 years old.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called three days of national mourning. Under Habash’s leadership the PFLP became known as one of the most radical Palestinian militant groups, notorious for plane hijackings.

At least George is proof that not all terrorist assholes are Islamic.

George Habash was born in Lydda, in British-ruled Palestine – which is now Lod in Israel – and was forced to flee when war broke out in 1948.

He was a Christian, and became a medical student, who espoused the cause of secular Arab nationalism.


They call him a Christian, but somehow, I doubt that he ever embraced the principles of pure Lutheran doctrine. That’s just my guess.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Palestinian radical founder dies


1. Peoples Front for Palestinian Liberation - January 26, 2008


2. Lipstick - January 26, 2008

So he was living in Jordan.

Why not with his “Palestinian” brethren?

3. Robert - January 26, 2008

Is there a difference, Lipstick?

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