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Kennedy To Support Obama January 27, 2008

Posted by Michael in Politics.

I truly despise Ted Kennedy. I admit that my attitude is irrational, but I just can’t stand the man. Once, Cathy and I had dinner in the same Boston restaurant as Senator Kennedy, and I was disconcerted by the fact that he appeared to be a normal human being. I prefer thinking of him as a loathsome toad.


If this report is true, Kennedy’s opinion, all by itself, will confirm for me that Obama is unfit for the office.

16 minutes ago

MACON, Ga. – Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts will endorse Senate colleague Barack Obama for president, party officials confirmed Sunday.

The endorsement will be announced Monday in Washington, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak for the record. An official close to the senator said the announcement will be made during an Obama campaign rally at American University, where he will be joined by Sen. Kennedy and his niece, Caroline Kennedy, who also has endorsed Obama.

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Kennedy to endorse Obama, officials say

Maybe an excellent music selection will calm me down.



No [Dave in Texas], that music selection will not work.

This shot will


Centered.  That’s the way the dark side requires.


1. mesablue - January 27, 2008

I got kicked out of Kennedy’s office about twenty five years ago.

2. 2 amish minimum - January 27, 2008

So? Who hasnt been kicked out of a bar at least once?

3. harrison - January 27, 2008

…and I was disconcerted by the fact that he appeared to be a normal human being. I prefer thinking of him as a loathsome toad.

That’s the shape-shifter effect.
He is a loathsome toad.

4. Michael - January 27, 2008

Just chased off three deer browsing through my front yard. They get bolder every year. I hate those frickin’ deer even more than Ted Kennedy.

5. mesablue - January 27, 2008

I’ve never been kicked out of a bar, but there has been the odd country or two.

6. The Deer - January 27, 2008

Get off our meadow!

7. harrison - January 27, 2008

I’ve never been kicked out of a bar, either.
Now, “asked to leave” is different.

8. mesablue - January 27, 2008

Heh, I was going to add that. And, does it count if you are unconcious?

9. mesablue - January 27, 2008

I need to add an “s” to my last comment. Stupid fingers.

10. eddiebear - January 27, 2008

Only time I was tossed from a bar was when one of my friends turned 21. He puked all over everything, and the bouncer “politely” asked us to vacate the premises.

11. Russ from Winterset - January 27, 2008

I got thrown down the stairs of “One Eyed Jack’s” in Iowa City one night back in the early 90’s.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t get thrown out, technically. A guy in line in front of me got thrown out by the bouncers, and I merely succumbed to physics when he hit me on the fly. At least I hadn’t paid my cover charge yet, so I saved $2 on that one.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, except for the fact that One Eyed Jack’s is located on the second floor.

12. Russ from Winterset - January 27, 2008

I’ve got another buddy from college (“Hogfarmer”), who’s infamous for getting thrown out of bars, parties, and even off public transportation. The statement is almost the same every time: They get up from whatever they were doing, walk to our table/seat/general location, scowl, and say “He’s. Got. To. Go.”

Our social group has been drinking our way through the Midwest since ’86, and he’s still getting drunk & thrown out of venues every time we get together.

13. Mrs. Peel - January 27, 2008

I’ve asked to leave bars plenty times.


14. Mrs. Peel - January 27, 2008

Update on the dog
leash couple

The couple said they “loved each other to pieces” and the use of the lead was a “sign of trust”.

Mr Graves said: “She’s very animal like, she’s kind of like a pet, as well as a partner.”

He said he “does everything” for his girlfriend, including laying out clothes for her, feeding her and cleaning their house.

He said: “You wouldn’t expect your cat or dog to do the washing up or cleaning round the house.”

I dunno, if Pepper had opposable thumbs, I’d probably want her to earn her keep.

15. eddiebear - January 27, 2008

I still avoid places that charge a cover. Usually, that means shitty music played way too loud. And $5 to have the privilege to sit at some hole with a bunch of people with fake tans and too much hair gel? Count me out.

16. kevlarchick - January 28, 2008

That picture of Kennedy is horrifying. Looks just like him.

I have never been kicked out of a bar. When I used to wait tables, I had more than one drunk “escorted” out for bothering me when I’m trying to make money.

Nothing gives a bouncer more pleasure than to either “break up” a bar fight, or toss someone into the street.

17. Dave in Texas - January 28, 2008

Well, there might be one thing they like more than tossing out a jerk, but you have to toss the jerk out first to get the appreciative attention of said waitress.

18. nicedeb - January 28, 2008

I’m sure we can find an alcoholic old fart to endorse Dave in Texas, too.

19. Zombie Dean Martin - January 28, 2008

Dave in Texas for President!

20. stew in Alabama - January 30, 2008

Question: Does this mean all murders’ and rapists’ support Obama?

21. stew in oklahoma - February 3, 2008

@stew in Alabama. No, clearly the Clintons don’t. So he’s got that goin’ for him. 🙂

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