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“See the Weenie” January 29, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Science, Sex.
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That’s what a section heading in this book I’m looking at says. It’s an old book on “skits and stunts.”

Most people are fascinated by this simple little-finger stunt. You can use it anywhere–from a situation in which a group of friends are clustered around after a meal, to one in a large auditorium where hundreds or thousands of people are seated. Each person checks himself.

What you do is simply raise your hands to eye level, put the tips of your forefingers nearly together, and focus on a distant object. An illusion of a frankfurter, floating in space, [between your fingertips] is created. The closer the fingers are to the eyes, the larger the weenie. To see it the eyes have to be focused on a distant object, not on the fingers themselves.

Frankfurter.  That’s a word we’ve given up on too easily. I tried it and it worked. I’m quite relieved to have found this. I’ve been wondering what I could do if I had to entertain a group of strangers in an awkward social setting.


1. Pupster - January 29, 2008

*pulls out IBSBP agenda*

*cuts Skinbad’s presentation time in half*

2. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2008

that ain’t how I do “see the weenie”.

3. Michael - January 29, 2008

Thank God Skinbad is staying at Pupster’s house. He can show the weenie all he wants over there.

4. kevlarchick - January 29, 2008

Eww! I saw it! Little thing.

5. Michael - January 29, 2008

Hey, it works.

The closer the fingers are to the eyes, the larger the weenie.


6. daveintexas - January 29, 2008

I usually hand out 3d glasses. Part of my act.

7. Terry Strickter, Mindhead Institute - January 29, 2008

Don’t show Mr. Weenie to the Laker Girls.

PS Welcome to Mindhead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5t95-oM-F8
(4 min. in)

8. eddiebear - January 29, 2008

Was it good for you?

9. sandy burger - January 30, 2008

Speaking of Frankfurters, here’s some free advice:

Avoid the Frankfurt airport at all cost.

I believe that every single person I’ve ever talked to who’s been through Frankfurt had some problem at the airport (missed connections, hostile service, etc.).

10. zoooool - January 31, 2008

hala bekom

11. zoooool - January 31, 2008

how are you

12. The words we’ve misplaced. « Water Ouzel - January 31, 2008

[…] How I wish they would return to me freely, perhaps unannounced.  Thus far, they have not. I read a post online today as well that mentioned this problem. The lost word? Frankfurter. Wouldn’t we all […]

13. compos mentis - January 31, 2008

Another word you don’t hear anymore – davenport.

14. Pupster - January 31, 2008


My Grandma used to call her china cabinet a “break-front”. I always thought she was just resigned to the inevitable when I came over for a visit.

15. kevlarchick - January 31, 2008

a credenza is a low cabinet with a flat top–you could also use it as a buffet, but a buffet it taller.

A breakfront is usually quite tall.

My grandmother called her china cabinet a “pie safe.” My sister inherited it and we still call it the pie safe. I guess back in the day the doors were actually tin with little holes so the pie could cool safely without bugs getting on it.

16. skinbad - January 31, 2008

Anyone have a “chesterfield” in their past?

17. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

^ The cigarette?

18. BrewFan - January 31, 2008

I smoked a few but I was mostly a Marlboro man

19. Cathy - January 31, 2008

KevLady — you have a wealth of knowledge! I’m glad you explained all that stuff about cabinetry.

Is a breakfront a single unit that functions the same as a china cabinet with a hutch on top?

20. Cathy - January 31, 2008

Hey Brew.

Thanks so much for your contribution to the IBSBP. It arrived yesterday. It’s staying cool, as directed, and we’ll be sure to have it as part of the spread during our party.

You will be missed, but we will all toast you and your lovely as you celebrate your anniversary. …25th is it?

21. Lipstick - January 31, 2008

Instead of “under”, my mom always says “in-under”.

“Check in-under the bed.”

22. Cathy - January 31, 2008

Anyone have a “chesterfield” in their past?

I got the Chesterfield brand of candy cigarettes, ’cause I thought the package was the coolest.

23. Cathy - January 31, 2008

Lipstick — Michael and I were both talking about how we are gonna miss you this weekend. Hope things are going okay.

Dang… too bad. Maybe another time?

24. Lipstick - January 31, 2008

Thanks Cathy, I’ll miss you all too.

Definitely another time! Let me know if you get to Vegas in the meantime.

Have a great time everybody–I’ll be thinking of you.

25. kevlarchick - January 31, 2008

Cathy I think you’re right.

My grandmother also had a breakfront which my sister inherited. It’s two pieces–a credenza like bottom with a very tall hutch on top. Almost 8 feet tall.

Lipstick! We’ll miss you!

26. skinbad - January 31, 2008

chesterfield = couch

I heard it a little bit when I was young.

27. Cathy - January 31, 2008

Sounds like a good location for next party.

28. Dex - January 31, 2008

Vegas does have In N Out Burgers.

29. Lipstick - January 31, 2008

Yes we do. And I hear that we will soon have Chick-Fil-A too!

30. BrewFan - January 31, 2008

Cathy, you’re welcome. I hope everybody enjoys a little taste of Wisconsin! After all the flame wars and insults traded I am looking foward to the day I get to give that big lug of a husband of yours a big hug. Like a Viking hug that is. 🙂

31. skinbad - January 31, 2008

Since Sobek won’t post anything I’ll have to throw it in here. Scandis being clever:

Are the Dutch Scandis? Maybe by association.

32. daveintexas - January 31, 2008

the pie safe

There is a “safe”? Where they keep the pie??

You must give me the combination.

I have needs.

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