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UH-60 Randomness January 30, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Food, Sports.

A flight of eight Blackhawks from Ft. Hood just buzzed by my office window, about 200 feet away. 


Gave me a hard on.

Did I say that out loud?


1. compos mentis - January 30, 2008

Gave me a hard on.

Dude, at your age, anything that helps you get it up has to be a plus. Press it against the window and you might get some affect from the thumping of the blades.

2. kevlarchick - January 30, 2008

Say it LOUD and PROUD.


3. compos mentis - January 30, 2008

I can see a new ad campaign for Viagra, featuring Dave’s nethers.

“Got wood?”

4. Cathy - January 30, 2008

I hear the music…


5. skinbad - January 30, 2008

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Hey! That’s not napalm!

6. steveegg - January 30, 2008

Guess we know the official helicopter of the DaveInTexas Presidency.

7. compos mentis - January 30, 2008

And the secret handshake.

8. skinbad - January 30, 2008

“Pocket veto” joke goes here

9. lauraw - January 30, 2008
10. eddiebear - January 30, 2008

^Sigh. WHere were those teachers when I was in school?

11. Sobek - January 30, 2008

Michael, do you ever take depos?

And if so, have you taken any depos where, for all practical purposes, you could have replaced the deponent with a cardboard cut-out with the words “I don’t recall” taped to the chest?

12. Michael - January 30, 2008

Michael, do you ever take depos?

I have, many years ago.

you could have replaced the deponent with a cardboard cut-out

Try wearing a Batman suit. You won’t be able to shut them up.

13. kevlarchick - January 30, 2008

How the fuck does a teacher from Mississippi drive a Jag?

She is the personification of cougar. Nasty.

14. Lipstick - January 30, 2008

You just deposed Hillary?

15. Michael - January 30, 2008

How the fuck does a teacher from Mississippi drive a Jag?

She probably uses the steering wheel and those pedals on the floor.

16. Sobek - January 30, 2008

“Try wearing a Batman suit.”

Now you tell me.

17. eddiebear - January 30, 2008

I wish the “consultants” brought in were just cardboard cutouts. I wonder if they notice the vultures that always follow them around the office.

18. eddiebear - January 30, 2008

Some of the drivers we use are as smart as a cardboard cutout. I think a broomstick would be a better driver at times.

19. Sobek - January 30, 2008

For the record, this is what I usually wear to depositions:

20. Mrs. Peel - January 30, 2008

I love watching T-38s come in.

Anyway, regarding the Great Burger Debate, I have a new challenger: Steak ‘n’ Shake. Kicks ass all over Whataburger AND In ‘n’ Out Burger.

Alas, the closest Steak ‘n’ Shake is in north Dallas…

21. mesablue - January 30, 2008

Crazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger

22. Anonymous - January 30, 2008

Blackhawks were always a good ride (less dust than the back of a 5-ton!).

As for watching the T-38s, well, they are cute, but for a real plane, you had to hang out at Whidbey and watch the A-6s in the bounce pattern.

23. Anonymous - January 30, 2008

Oh, and Steak and shake rocks!

24. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

White Castle!

25. mesablue - January 31, 2008

White Castle!

Best place for a burger(s) after ten beers.

26. Michael - January 31, 2008

White Castle!

Thanks, Mesa and Eddy, for standing up for the Belly Bombers.

27. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

There is a Whitey’s close to Busch Stadium. Thankfully, the DeWitt Family still allows you to bring in outside food to games.

My dad drinks only White Castle Coffee, and no other.

Some of the best entertainment in the world is to go to a White Castle in Downtown St. Louis or in South ST. Louis on a Friday night around 2AM and watch the drunks, hobos and crackheads all get together in some form of moronic convergence.

28. Michael - January 31, 2008

A friend of ours from our St. Louis days, Glenn Savan (now deceased) wrote a book called “White Palace” while we knew him during our St. Louis days. He had titled the book “White Castle” after the original White Castle burger joint on South Gravois, but the publisher’s lawyers changed the name to “White Palace” due to Glenn’s unflattering description of the smell of that place (the odor of “stale sex,” if memory serves.)

Cathy, me and Son Michael (then a newborn) are characters in the book.

The movie rights got sold, and after several years “White Palace” was finally produced starring Susan Sarandon, James Spader and Jason Alexander. I remember seeing the film crews around St. Louis when they were making the movie. Glenn gave us tickets to a premier showing. He hated the movie.

Compared to the book, Cathy and I are only vaguely present in the movie as yuppie friends of James Spader. Son Michael fell by the wayside entirely.

The same neighborhood in St. Louis that spawned White Castle also produced Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, along the original Route 66. Most St. Louisans consider this delicacy to be the finest achievement of Western Civilization. When you order a shake at this stand, the employee at the counter will serve it by turning it upside down before handing it to you, to demonstrate that it is too thick for anything to fall out.

Ted Jr. (a staunch Lutheran, BTW) has been resolute for decades in his refusal to franchise the product, because he knows that quality would suffer. He is locally famous for having put hundreds of kids through college with his combination of a summer job and an employee scholarship program.

29. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

I love Ted Drewes pistachio custard! But the Steak n’ Shake burger wins for me, no contest. With chili and an orange-cream milkshake. White Castle stanks of BO.

30. Michael - January 31, 2008

Daughter Michael:

It’s past your bedtime. Go to sleep.

And brush your teeth!

31. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

My wife loves the Dipped Cones at Ted Drewes. We live only a few inutes away from the main store on Chippewa. They also sell Christmas trees there.

Ted and DOttie are still fixtures at almost every Cardinals game behind home plate, but he did move away from his St. Louis Hills home to Creve Coeur a few years ago.

My brother asked for a couple of quarts to be sent to him in Iraq. I am working on sending him some. The dry ice needed to ship it might be a problem.

Another new addition to STL that I like is the Schlafly Bottleworks. Tom Schlafly (yes, from THAT Schlafly family) wuit his lawyer job to brew beer about 20 years ago, and now it is a huge success in town. One of my old professors in college is his brother, and at the time (1995), they treated him like it was a disgrace to quit law to brew beer.

Here is a review of a book he wrote:

32. eddiebear - January 31, 2008


I have to go to tend to a sick youngin, but do you want me to send your folks some Ted Drewes? I’ll pay for a quart + shipping.

Hell, anybody want some, you can email me at eddiebear1atgmaildotcom, and I will see what I can do.

33. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

Aw, man! Busted.

It’s several hours earlier here, and I’m mid-chapter of that book. But thank you for the teeth-brushing reminder.

34. Dex - January 31, 2008

“Alas, the closest Steak ‘n’ Shake is in north Dallas…”

Actually we have one in Arlington, which would be a whole 30-45 minutes closer to you. I used to drive Little Man by there to get him to sleep.

At Thanksgiving they had Caramel Apple shakes that were da bomb.

35. Michael - January 31, 2008

I’ll pay for a quart + shipping.

Dang, Eddy, I’m not going to turn that down. If you can get a quart here in the next few days, that would be great. Even if it doesn’t make it for the IBSBP, the Geezers are here until next Tuesday, so we can share it with them.

36. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

go for pistachio.

37. Michael - January 31, 2008

I’m mid-chapter of that book

FYI for the rest of you — Daughter Michael is reading a book about blogs. So now she has taken an interest in reading this site even though I tried to explain to her that IB is not a blog but is rather the preeminent Commenters Site on the intertubes.

38. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

The book is specific to businesses. It’s called “Naked Conversations.” Pretty good; similar read to “The Tipping Point,” etc.

39. Michael - January 31, 2008

Majored in marketing. I have no idea what the heck she is talking about.

40. compos mentis - January 31, 2008

Peel, Steak n Shake burgers are awesome. My personal choice is the patty melt. Only problem is it takes a long time, usually around ten minutes in the drive-thru because they do make them fresh. Which is an obvious reason for their being so good.

Beer and frozen custard also made it into this thread. Did you all have the late night munchies?

41. Mrs. Peel - January 31, 2008

Oh BOY, there’s one in Arlington!!!

btw Dex, if I remember, I will post a couple of links you had tonight. The baby thing was HILARIOUS. I especially liked the one on “how to play with baby.” Peek-a-boo good, chess bad!

well, off to work…

42. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

I talked to somebody I know who works at Ted Drewes. The only hard packs they sell are chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

And I stopped by Fedex Kinko’s next to my office. In order to ship it Next Day Air, I have to take it down to the main terminal, which with a major snowstorm looming is not possible.

I’ll call FEDEX and see if they’ll pick up at my office.

43. TXMarko - January 31, 2008

I grew up in East Nashville, and our favorite there was Krystal burgers, which, I am told, are nearly identical to White Castles.

Ordered and consumed by the half-dozen, especially late at night.

44. Cathy - January 31, 2008

Vanilla is my VOTE!


I’m not lurking or commenting much, ’cause I got a house full of folks expected soon — very soon — some arriving today — and I still have a ton of stuff to get done.

Dang. I’m Cinderella! I need a Fairy God-mother and a pumpkin Coach.

45. Cuffy Meigs - January 31, 2008

Krystal’s are White Castles without perforation. They, too, were our last call at 2AM before heading back to campus. To this day, I get a terrible craving for ’em at the end of my now infrequent pubcrawls.

46. daveintexas - January 31, 2008

>>I have no idea what the heck she is talking about

Being somewhat familiar with that particular instution of higher learning, take it from me they prefer you not get it.

Anybody doing anything this weekend?

I’m beat.

47. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

Sorry, Dad. Have you not heard of “the Tipping Point?” Malcolm Gladwell? It’s about the moment an idea catches fire and becomes a social epidemic. That, and his other book “Blink,” about first impressions and snap judgements, are both #1 bestsellers, I think.

48. sandy burger - January 31, 2008

FYI for the rest of you — Daughter Michael is reading a book about blogs. So now she has taken an interest in reading this site

Translation: Please don’t humiliate me in front of my family. Act mature or something (for once).

even though I tried to explain to her that IB is not a blog but is rather the preeminent Commenters Site on the intertubes.

Translation: I warned her about you all.

49. Michael - January 31, 2008

I’ve heard of “Blink.”

For your information, Miss Smarty Pants, so far as I’m concerned the “tipping point” was a legal issue in the school desegregation cases of yesteryear (yes, I worked on some in St. Louis) where the court needs to consider whether a desegregation plan triggers white flight and is counterproductive to the end goal of integrated schools.

Hah! I’ll bet you did not know that.

50. Daughter Michael - January 31, 2008

Haha, wow. No, I did not know that. I was just talking about a popular book. I know your pants are way smarter than mine.

51. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

White flight is real in STL. Look at St. Charles

52. Michael - January 31, 2008

Yeah. The federal courts totally screwed the City of St. Louis, and it has never recovered. Suburban areas are doing fine.

53. Michael - January 31, 2008

The sad thing is, there was never any proof that the school system was intentionally segregated. The plaintiffs prevailed based on the legally nebulous theory that racial housing patterns sponsored by government action (mostly the placement of hideous high-rise housing projects for blacks in black neighborhoods rather than nice white areas) had created a segregated school system that had to be rectified. It was all pretty much just a farce to put liberal federal judges in charge of the St. Louis schools.

Eventually lacking sufficient whites in St. Louis, the courts then started reaching out to totally innocent suburban school districts for a remedy. I remember driving to work and seeing little black kids in taxis heading out to the suburbs for school, at taxpayer expense. The whole thing was insane.

54. daveintexas - January 31, 2008

I recall Thurgood Marshall writing later it was about money and funding, not integrating.

55. geoff - January 31, 2008

Have you not heard of “the Tipping Point?”

Of course. It’s critical when confronting a sleeping cow.

56. daveintexas - January 31, 2008

I thought it had something to do with pouring beer from a pitcher.

57. geoff - January 31, 2008

I thought it had something to do with pouring beer from a pitcher.

Which brings you to that next critical juncture: The Tippling Point

58. geoff - January 31, 2008

Of course, if you can keep your head when all about you
are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then you’ve reached The Kipling Point

59. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

Judge Hungate, I think, was one of the big advocates of desegregation/forced busing.

On the other hand, the Hazelwood District is indeed facing white flight now, especially as some of the car plants face an uncertain future. They seem to be the next local district to crumble, ala City of STL, McCluer, Normandy and Riverview.

60. eddiebear - January 31, 2008

Zillions of dollars have been thrown at the City Schools here. But as it has happened, standards, scores and accreditation have all gone downhill.

61. geoff - January 31, 2008

I thought it had something to do with pouring beer from a pitcher.

Which, if you’re an effete liberal candidate for President, brings you to The Sipping Point.

62. geoff - January 31, 2008

I thought it had something to do with pouring beer from a pitcher.

If you’re not very competent at this, you’ll need to worry about The Dripping Point.

This problem can be avoided by paying special attention to The Gripping Point.

63. sandy burger - January 31, 2008

And if you’re drinking some of Sandy’s special tea, in about an hour or so you’ll reach The Tripping Point.

64. geoff - January 31, 2008

lauraw. They call her The Shipping Point.

65. daveintexas - January 31, 2008

The tip of my middle finger is the flipping point.

Ok. I got nuthin.

66. Michael - January 31, 2008

Judge Hungate, I think, was one of the big advocates of desegregation/forced busing.

Yes, Judge Hungate was the major villain in the shockingly rapid depopulation of St. Louis.

His son, BTW, was one of the founders of Toto, a band that was briefly a Grammy-winning sensation.

67. The Son of a St. Louis Federal Judge (The Honorable William Hungate) Plays the Bass « Innocent Bystanders - January 31, 2008

[…] the Bass January 31, 2008 Posted by Michael in Music. trackback I’m referring to a comment I made in a thread […]

68. Dex - February 1, 2008

Malcolm Gladwell has a blog: http://gladwell.typepad.com/gladwellcom/

69. skinbad - February 1, 2008

I screamed once when I got caught in The Zipping Point.

70. compos mentis - February 1, 2008

GLAR. You guys never fail to entertain.

When Dave turns down the thermostat in order to affect his female co-workers, it’s known as The Nipping Point.

71. Pupster - February 1, 2008

I was about 13 when I reached The Pimpling Point.

72. compos mentis - February 1, 2008

Dammit Pups. You just have to be different, don’t you, what with adding and removing consonants like that. From here on, this process shall be known as The Pupping Point.

73. geoff - February 1, 2008

…and when it’s business, it’s business time, it’s The Schtupping Point.

74. compos mentis - February 1, 2008

How’d you get so funny geoff?

A certain plastic surgery procedure is The Double-D Cupping Point.

75. daveintexas - February 1, 2008

I got a 15 yarder for The Clippng Point

76. Sobek - February 1, 2008

That little flap of skin at the end of a Jewish baby’s weenie? That’s right: the Snipping Point.

77. Michael - February 1, 2008

Brewfan’s favorite pastime starts when he reaches for the Gripping Point.

78. skinbad - February 1, 2008

Because the ladies in the video he’s watching have reached The Stripping Point.

79. compos mentis - February 1, 2008

^At his age, he should use caution or he might reach The Throwing Out a Hipping Point.

80. Sobek - February 1, 2008

Good one, Compos.

81. Balance Sheet - February 2, 2008

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