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Eskimos have 50 ways to say “this sucks” February 14, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Ducks, Gardening.

We got pounded. Hope the Colorodians and Idahodians are OK.


Back yard


Front yard


While I’m doing pics–a few nights ago. Large rodents coming to nibble the ducks’ grain.


Chance of snow: 80%

Chance of goofy girls smooching snowman: 100% (this was in December)


Youngest–elementary Christmas program


Second to youngest: She asked him if his name is “Retired Geezer”


My wife’s quilt I was groaning about making a frame for. She impressed me with her first effort. It’s called “Card Tricks”


Oh yea. The ducks are still alive. Isn’t that a kick in the balls great!


1. kevlarchick - February 14, 2008

I can’t decide if those little girls look more like their mama or daddy. Darling.

Those rolling hills/mountains (to me) behind your home are breathtaking.

I’m out of the loop on this, but why do you frame quilts? Why not put them on the bed and snuggle under them?

2. Dave in Texas - February 14, 2008

>>on the bed and snuggle under them.


Cute girls skinny. KC, I wasn’t sure if you were pulling our leg on the frame thing or not, for some reason a frame is used in construction of said quilt. I don’t know the technical details, I assume it’s to keep it straight and not lumpy or out of balance or something.

3. kevlarchick - February 14, 2008

Ohhh. Then when it’s done you can take it off the frame?

And knock it off with the “bunk” shit. Who thought of that? Wasn’t it WP?

4. Dave in Texas - February 14, 2008

bunk was me, lifted from Firefly.

I have others if you prefer those.

5. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

Absolutely beautiful, adorable little girls.

6. kevlarchick - February 14, 2008

Sorry Dave. That was kind of bitchy. I don’t want to ruin Skinny’s thread.

And no, thank you, I don’t want to hear the others.

7. daveintexas - February 14, 2008

Ok, but they’re quite witty.

8. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

And no, thank you, I don’t want to hear the others
That’s like asking Rosie the Hutt to stop at just 5 donuts.

9. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

I get the feeling you are not a fan of those ducks.

10. Sobek - February 14, 2008

What’s all that white stuff everywhere?

11. sandy burger - February 14, 2008

Cool pictures, skinbad! Your kids are adorable, and I’m green with envy of your property.

By the way, I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the presence of a trampoline in skinbad’s back yard. You see, I knew he’d have one. I swear, it’s true: Mormons love trampolines like Germans love David Hasselhof.

12. sandy burger - February 14, 2008

By the way, the wikipedia article on eskimo words for snow might be a fun read for language geeks like Muslihoon and Sobek. (It’s basically a myth/exaggeration: eskimos don’t really have all that many words for snow.)

13. daveintexas - February 14, 2008

KC, no problem, I didn’t get my feelings hurt. You were just trying to keep me from being myself naughty on the thread with skinny’s kids.

Besides, when you dump on me it gives Michael false hope, and when he is crushed again I will laugh like a retard.

14. skinbad - February 14, 2008

We resisted the trampoline for many years. My older brother is a litigator and told us how crazy it is to have a lawsuit waiting to happen in your backyard. He also said you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of changing one of your kids diapers for the next 50 years after he or she breaks their neck. When my parents downsized their house and property, our resolve was weakened enough to take the damn thing. Our kids have used it quite a bit. Even in their snow clothes, they’ll go out to jump.

The ducks are just a chore to take care of. Maybe when it warms up the kids will play with them. I get tired of them (the ducks) scolding me when I give them food and water every morning. Ungrateful retches.
“retches” was for Lauraw 🙂

15. geoff - February 14, 2008

Hope the Colorodians and Idahodians are OK.

We didn’t get much on the ground, but it was very, very slick today. My normal 35 minute drive to DU took 2 hours and 15 minutes, making me a tad late for a special help session I’d scheduled – I missed the entire one hour session, and those poor kids sat there waiting the whole time.

Oh well, they’re rocks.

16. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

Mormons love trampolines like Germans love David Hasselhof.

Oh that’s such a kick! Ain’t that the truth though? My hubby was born and raised in Moutain Green, (morgan) Utah and his entire family is LDS. I don’t know one person who doesn’t own one. When we lived there we had one too.

17. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

In fact that photo of the deer looks likes Heber where my father in law lives.

I love Dairy Keen.

18. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

ooops, looks like Heber City…… Sometimes it’s hard to type with kids “helping me”

19. PattyAnn - February 14, 2008

Your daughters are beautiful.
KC, quilts have a backing fabric, the batting in the middle and the pieced-top layer. When you get ready to sew the three layers together, it’s a lot easier with a frame.
And that quilt is awesome!

20. BrewFan - February 14, 2008

I feel your pain re: the snow. We have set a record this year for most snow in a season and we still have about 8 weeks of ‘season’ left. Ick. Have I mentioned lately I’m going on a cruise next week? 🙂

21. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

That quilt is awesome. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier. Never done a quilt.

Sure would like to try.

*prays all the kids will hurry up and be school aged*

22. Mrs. Peel - February 14, 2008

Ooh, have fun on the cruise, Brew.

It was pretty miserable yesterday at about 50º or so. At least the sun was out.

23. Retired Geezer - February 14, 2008

While we were taking it easy in Ohio, there was a big showstorm at Camp Geezer. People couldn’t make it past my house on the corner to get to their houses. When we got back, I had to pull 6 people loose. Warm weather has melted a lot of it but we still have big chunks on the side of my lane where the snowplow pushed it.

Nice Quilt.

When I was a lad, they had a Trampoline place downtown, where you could pay a dollar and jump. These trampolines were buried in the ground so if you fell off, you would be less likely to get hurt. Seems like a good idea to me. So do those mesh cages around the perimeter.

24. Michael - February 14, 2008

Nice Quilt.

Jeez, can we please stop talking about quilting? If Cathy gets started, I’ll have to ban her.

25. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

These trampolines were buried in the ground so if you fell off, you would be less likely to get hurt.

That’s how our trampoline pit was. However, whoever built the pit made it 16 ft and I couldn’t find a trampoline that big to save my life. I could only find a 14 footer, so there was this nice little area that the kids could fall in. I hated that.

26. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

If Cathy gets started, I’ll have to ban her.

Oh Cathy do you quilt too? I used to work at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft to support my habit, but wound up spending waaay more than I made there.

27. Cathy - February 14, 2008

Hey Skinny, The snow is beautiful, and your view is exquisite. Yea those large rodents are annoying. Casey has been chasing a bunch of them out of our yard this past week — mostly does but also a buck. She is one brave stupid crimefighter.

Also, please tell your lovely Mrs. that the quilt is awesome. That means she is going to QUILT THAT THING BY HAND!!! She showed me a small clip of it when she was here. I’m impressed. I have a quilt all ready to go with the front piecework done, the batting and the batting all ready to be quilted together. I hope to get that done while the weather is cold. Mine is all safety-pinned together. Its 60″ x 80″ and will be done ON MY MACHINE with a “walking foot.” Mr. and Mrs. Geezer saw it when I rolled it out for them to look at it.

I’ll get pics to folks when (or if) I finish it.

Your young ladies are also beautiful AND I think they both resemble both of you. You are blessed! Have you started saving the bucks for their weddings?

Say — you do own guns to keep the boys away — rights?

28. Cathy - February 14, 2008

PJM — we must have been posting at the same time.

I love quilting but also love to admire the work of other quilters.

Michael KNOWS about my habit.

He’s just being…. well, you know… MICHAEL.

29. skinbad - February 14, 2008

PJM, The Heber area is beautiful. They probably get longer winters than we do. Kind of a snowmobiling mecca I believe. The Morgan area is very nice too. I used to water ski at Pineview a little bit. Morgan has a Browning outlet store. I’ve never been but would like to visit sometime.

Thanks all for nice words on cute girls (which I had a little bit to do with) and awesome quilt (which I’ve given much moral support to).

Kevlar, I’m pretty sure those things qualify as mountains. We’re at almost 6,000 feet and they’ve got to be 10,000.

30. skinbad - February 14, 2008

Yes Cathy. She’s doing it by hand. She tried to enlist my help thinking we could spend some couple time together making our shoulders, backs, eyes, and fingers ache. So far I’ve resisted. I should probably try to give her a hand, but I’m not sure she really wants my learning curve showing up on her work of art. She’s about half way done now. I bring her some wood so she cranks up the woodburner behind her and listens to a book on tape. I usually do the reading stories and tucking in while she’s busy, so I’m not entirely worthless.

31. Michael - February 14, 2008

Skinny, does she watch quilting shows on TV?

Does any sane person watch quilting shows on TV?

32. Cathy - February 14, 2008

Skinny — You’re a dear and far from worthless, honey.

You should have Mrs. thread a quilting needle for you and show you where she wants you to start. Then do it for a short amount of time just to say that you helped. It would be fun for you to look at your stitches. It’s not difficult — just takes some discipline and time… lots… of… time.

I commend her. She wins Quilt Queen.

33. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

My older brother is a litigator and told us how crazy it is to have a lawsuit waiting to happen in your backyard

ps, if he’s in SLC he might know my hubby’s cousin Colin Winchester I figure all you lawyer people know each other.

34. mesablue - February 14, 2008

Nice truck.

35. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

Nice truck.

Maybe he’d let you live in it if you asked real nice like.

36. Mrs. Peel - February 14, 2008

Whoa. I just took a closer look at that quilt picture and realized how intricate that pattern is. That is pretty awesome.

I have no domestic skills, except for making snickerdoodles. 😦

37. Michael - February 14, 2008

I love snickerdoodles . They are my favorite cookie. My Mom made the best snickerdoodles.

38. mesablue - February 14, 2008

Maybe he’d let you live in it if you asked real nice like.

I have a truck that I can live in, thank you very much.

except for making snickerdoodles

Are those anything like poodle dicks?

39. Mrs. Peel - February 14, 2008

Huh. The recipe linked from that page is a little different from mine. Those might be crunchier – mine are fairly soft.

Anyway, I’ll bring some if we ever have an IB gathering somewhere I can attend.

40. pajama momma - February 14, 2008

I have a truck that I can live in, thank you very much.

Gosh you don’t have to be all sensitive. I just meant if you wind up having to sell your truck, that’s all. sheesh.

41. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

My wife is not a quilter, but she is a needlepoint and crochet freak. She spends so much at JoAnn’s, she gets coupons mailed to her all the time. In fact, I found out the STL Art Museum is having the following display:
My wife Really wants to go. And Friday Nights are free, so that makes it all the better.

42. Sobek - February 14, 2008

Mrs. Peel, is Las Vegas within range? Some people have suggested we meet here next year.

I think that’s a great idea, but I can’t volunteer my house for the party. It’s too small for a gathering of more than, say, six adult guests, and we have a tiny television that doesn’t get broadcast, so we couldn’t watch the game anyway (not that a lot of people were watching at Michael’s, but still).

43. geoff - February 14, 2008

I’m all for Las Vegas. In fact, I’m probably stopping by there sometime around the 4th of July in conjunction with the family trip to the Salt River.

44. Michael - February 14, 2008

How about Denver, in the summer?

We can all go to Geoff’s house, and then go four-wheeling in the Rockies.

45. skinbad - February 14, 2008

Nice truck.

Thanks. It’s a ’97 but is holding up pretty well. Overall it’s been a very handy thing to have. I’ll have to take a pic of the bench I have in the back. I call it my redneck suburban. With the bench, I’ve got 8 seatbelts. If I want it out, I just need to pull two bolts that hold the truck bed on. I did that before the family trip to Mexico a year ago. The two older kids are tall and need some leg room. It worked out pretty well. Not much of a solution during the winter though.

46. geoff - February 14, 2008

We can all go to Geoff’s house, and then go four-wheeling in the Rockies.

Heh. I’ll have to finish renovating that bathroom. You know, the one I started renovating last June? The one that was only supposed to take a couple of months to do?

Yeah, that one.

47. geoff - February 14, 2008
48. daveintexas - February 14, 2008

or a pool. In Texas

just sayin

49. Cathy - February 14, 2008

You got any room in the back yard for a tent, Dave?

50. geoff - February 14, 2008

I should expand on the Salt River trip thing.

Every year (more like every other year for me) my old cronies from my frat house bring their families and friends to Phoenix for ~ 3 days of tubing on the Salt River. We all stay at the Embassy Suites in Tempe, which has the standard free breakfast and manager’s happy hour. Kids play in the pool for many hours a day, and there’s a mall nearby for movies and shopping. It’s a relatively cheap vacation, with an emphasis on drink, fun, and getting reacquainted.

I mention all this in case anybody felt like joining us. The tubing itself is incredibly pleasant, and is something everybody should do at least once.

51. daveintexas - February 14, 2008

We gots room for a tent and a grille. But I’m thinking about tubing in the Salt River now

52. Mrs. Peel - February 14, 2008

Yeah, Vegas works for me – the boy and I have been talking about taking our next trip there (although we need some time to save up money after Rome, heh). (that reminds me, I need to pay my credit card bill) Not sure if I’d be able to talk him into attending a gathering – I think he thinks all this is a little weird.

53. Cathy - February 14, 2008

Yep. The Salt River thing sounds great.

54. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

My wife is the same way.

As for LV, my brother called today. He is scheduled to get a 2week leave back to the US in a few weeks. He has already booked tickets and the rest for his friends and him to go there for a few days.

55. The Lovely Janis Mother-to-be - February 14, 2008

Got to chime in on the quilt thing. . .

Mrs. Skinny it is a beautiful quilt . . . might I suggest that the next IB outing be in Winterset — besides being famous for the birth place of John Wayne. . . we also have Fons and Porters – The Love of Quilting Headquarters. They have a show on PBS, a retail store and their magaizine and mail order business are all located here. The two ladies who created the whole thing are from around here and bring in quite a following. The local 5 and Dime store also has a fine selection of quilting fabric and supplies — Russ practically bands me from either store as you saw his stash of fire arms –my fabric and project stash is pretty substantial too. And like I am going to have time to do any of it when the baby comes!!! (I already bought flannel to make blankets!!!)

Update on Baby and Me. Blood pressure back down as of Monday’s Dr. Appointment– and other symtoms in check. Baby heartbeat hard to monitor because its always moving around. Dr. told me to be a good little mother-to-be and behave!!! I don’t have to go back until next Tuesday. Our goal is to get to 37 weeks (30 wks right now) and go from there. I am definitely not used to staying home and doing nothing! I can only sleep in till noon for so long. . . or at least until Bandit wakes me up to go out.

56. geoff - February 14, 2008

A bit more on tubing: a typical run is 3 or 4 hours. The scenery starts off as classic flat desert with lots of cacti, but transitions to 50-foot high red cliffs near the end. It’s really beautiful. The water normally flows at a pretty languid pace, but has a couple of quicker stretches with some drops to keep you awake.

On weekends and holidays, it’s a zoo, with tens of thousands of people mobbing the river. That can be fun, if you’re up for it. We usually hit a couple of quiet days and the 4th itself, so you get some peaceful runs as well as a day of insanity. Every day of tubing is great, but if you go several days in a row, there’s a mellowness that descends upon you by the 3rd day. You get into the groove of the river and tubing and relaxing, and everything just makes a lot of sense.

You wear shoes (I keep retired running shoes around for this) to avoid injury from rocks and other hazards, and I wear a long sleeve t-shirt and wrap my legs up in my towel. That keeps me from getting too fried out there (that sun is fierce!). Kids 8 and over can go, everybody needs their own tube (you rent them at the bottom, and a bus takes you upriver to the launch point), and you need a tube for each cooler.

The water’s kind of chilly, so you want the air temperature in the 110 F and above range. You don’t want to be out there when the winds pick up and the temperature starts dropping (around 4 pm). We usually try to get on the water by about 11, meaning we leave the hotel before 10. Then we’re done by 3 and on our way to Dairy Queen.

57. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

Good luck. Listen to the Dr.

Geoff: The tubing sounds fun, but do they have anything else for 3 yr olds?

58. The Lovely Janis Mother-to-be - February 14, 2008

Oh and by the way — we have had a total of 12 inches of snow since we got back from Ohio and the wind chill temps are going to be -20 to -25. It might warm up to the 20s by Saturday — but no end in sight!!! Its not supposed to be this cold in February!!!

Bandit likes to play and eat snow — but we had to clear an area for him to poop and pee– doesn’t like dragging his belly or butt in the snow to do his thing — poor doggy.

59. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

^When we had our dog, she hated going outside when it snowed. I can understand why.

The poor thing had hardly any fur as it was, and would freak out when she would go outside to do her business. I would have to go out and clear a path to entice her to go.

60. geoff - February 14, 2008

The tubing sounds fun, but do they have anything else for 3 yr olds?

When ours were that age, one of us stayed at the hotel with the kids (and the other parents with kid duty) and the other tubed. The kids would play in the pool (they never, ever get tired of it), or go to a movie, or go to a waterpark (Phoenix is lousy with them).

61. eddiebear - February 14, 2008

^Thanks. We are starting to plan our vacation this year.

62. Cathy - February 14, 2008

Lovely Janis — It’s good to hear that you and baby are fine.

I’m glad you can blog a bit and stay in touch.

Yea, I know about Fons and Porter. They are cool gals.

63. daveintexas - February 15, 2008

When you tube in San Marcos. it’s lazy and warm.

And you have one tube for the beer cooler.

64. Mrs. Peel - February 15, 2008

yeah, and it’s wall-to-wall (bank-to-bank?) tubes, and there are maybe 5 feet between tents on the campground. That would be the opposite of relaxing.

Janis, glad to hear you and baby are doing well. My nephew is just over 12 weeks old, so we’ve recently been through the mill. It’s stressful, especially when you get closer and closer to delivery, but worth it!

65. daveintexas - February 15, 2008

girl, I am reflecting on 1979.

66. Michael - February 15, 2008

girl, I am reflecting on 1979.

Yeah, I remember tubing there in the 80s. But Mrs. Peel is right — the scene got real bad while we lived in Texas during the 90s. The river became packed on weekends with loud drunk kids.

67. Cathy - February 15, 2008

My family has owned a canoe since I was about 14. I had good memories of fun on canoe floats with family, neighbors and friends, some of them including Michael and our kids.

Tubing is fun too… a lot more lazy, and the beer-cooler thing is neat. This Innocent Bystanders Destination Phoenix & Salt River (a.k.a. IBDPSR as distinguished from the IBSBP) is sounding real good right now.

Maybe Geoff wants to get some info to us all and start seeing who will/might be able to make it. Geoff????

68. geoff - February 15, 2008

I’m under the gun to get a problem set finished, so here’s a couple of links to whet your appetites:

Official tubing site: Salt River Recreation


69. Sobek - February 15, 2008

‘Bout a five hour drive from Vegas. Or in other words, not logistically impossible.

70. Will - February 15, 2008

Ah. I know that hotel. It’s right across the street from a Denny’s and an old bowling alley (but I don’t know if the Garcia’s restaurant on-site is still around). I lived right around the corner from there up until about two years ago.

Caswells is just down the US-60 on the way to the Salt. The Usery Pass Range is just south of the Salt River, but it’s a bit hot in the summer to be out there anytime shy of the crack of dawn.

Depending on how things go, I may have space for some people to crash if they’re on a tight budget. I’m supposed to close on my first house in the next couple weeks.

71. BrewFan - February 15, 2008

As a proud former student of Arizona State University, former Phoenix area resident and the husband of a Arizonian I think this might be doable…just not this year 😦

I kinda shot my wad on the cruise.

72. Mr Minority - February 15, 2008

Tubing, now there is a good recreational sport!!

I tubed the Salt many of times while living in Phoenix in the 70’s, and Dave & Mrs Peel, tubing the Guadalupe is not as bad as it used to be. They have start restricting the number of people on the river and the type of coolers/beverage containers you can bring. It is still a drunken party, but not as crowded as it used to be. (We had our company’s summer party on the Comal last year, great fun!!)

73. Mrs. Peel - February 15, 2008

I don’t like water (except in showers), so I’ll definitely pass on that.

74. Retired Geezer - February 15, 2008

Boise outlawed alcohol on or near the river. *applauds*

Vegas sounds great to Mrs. Geezer and I. We’ll get the Sobeks, the Lipsticks, Enas and his buddy Bmac for sure.

Phoenix is doable also but I prefer Vegas just for cost. Skinny, we bought our ’97 F-250 there.

75. BrewFan - February 15, 2008

You Texasites have reminded me of the one and only time I have ever been tubing; Christoval, TX on the South Concho in the summer of ’74 with the ex Mrs. BrewFan. Good times.

76. Pupster - February 15, 2008

*raises hand for Vegas*

It’s close to Utah, right?

a href=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=P-7xTXKibdk”>Though this looks pretty fun too.

77. Pupster - February 15, 2008

The first link was sposed to be this.

78. Sobek - February 15, 2008

“It’s close to Utah, right?”

To St. George, yes. To Salt Lake City, when you have three grumpy infants and toddlers in a small car with no air conditioning, no.

79. Pupster - February 15, 2008

Yeah, well…with 3 grumpy children in the car, the only place you are close to is a complete mental breakdown.

80. Sobek - February 15, 2008

Or Pahrump. Which, I guess, is pretty much the same thing.

81. Retired Geezer - February 16, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to have the next IB gathering in Vegas:

1. It’s usually easy to get cheap airfare.
2. It’s a fun place to visit.
3. We can go see Cook E. Jarr one night.
4. It won’t cost the Geezers any money to stay with friends.
5. Michael, Lipstick and KC will have plenty of places to smoke.
6. The Sobeks will have babysitters.
7. The Lipsticks will have Ferretsitters.
8. We can go shoot guns at American Shooters or The Gun Store.
9. Food is pretty cheap.
10. Fill in the blank…

82. daveintexas - February 16, 2008

Vegas works for me.

Mrs. Peel, a guy I used to work for 17 years ago, a proud 1977 graduate of Texas A&M University, lost his class ring in the Comal river in 1979. Ten years later somebody found it in the riverbed, and worked with the school to track him down via his initials in the ring and year. And returned it to him.

And I’m in a bragging mood, the school that accepted my youngest this fall has awarded her a 30K academic scholarship, with a shot at another 10.

Forgive me if I already mentioned this, but I’m still proud of her so I’ll probably say it again.

83. eddiebear - February 16, 2008


84. eddiebear - February 16, 2008

I may be able to go to LV on my own. I doubt the wife will want to go. I may be able to see if somebody could watch my daughter for the weekend if we do go.

85. eddiebear - February 16, 2008

I had originally bee planning on moving to LV recently, but the company that had been recruiting me had the contract fall through (that’s what they told me, at least).

But, in a way, it may have been a blessing in disguise. My wife found a better job here. But I still want to at least visit once.

86. Pupster - February 16, 2008
87. geoff - February 16, 2008

11. My kids have been pestering me to take them to the LV Hilton for the Star Trek stuff.

88. Cathy - February 16, 2008

Re #81

11. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

89. Sobek - February 16, 2008

Geezer, did you not hear the news about Vegas’ sweeping smoking bans?

We’re also very close to Red Rock, which is gorgeous. We could go hiking, or rock climbing if you feel really adventurous.

90. Cathy - February 16, 2008

Geezer is making a good argument for Vegas. Sounds good. It would be nice to get in some outdoor stuff like hiking or something adventurous with water.

I liked seeing the cliff diving in Pupster’s river tubing video @ #77, but I’m not as young & strong as I was when I would dive from the cliffs at Johnson’s Shut-Ins in Missouri a few hours south of St. Louis.

91. Cathy - February 16, 2008

Get wet adventure tours near Vegas.

92. daveintexas - February 16, 2008

get wet adventures in Vegas?

Please do go on.

93. Cathy - February 16, 2008

I guess their slogan actually is “Get wet, get dirty, get real in Vegas”

But we like the way you think, Dave. And congrats @#82 — far as I’m concerned you get the bragging rights on that one. Kudos to your daughter.

94. Sobek - February 16, 2008

There’s a place called Turtlehead Peak in Red Rock, about a three hour hike when you aren’t carrying a 4-year-old on your shoulders, that gives a view of the whole Las Vegas valley. It’s a fairly strenuous climb, but nothing too bad, and certainly doesn’t need ropes. The whole area is full of great hikes, and there are some rock climbing routes, too. There’s a horseback riding place right next door.

Of course, if we’re planning on early February again (for Superbowl time) we’ll have to dress warm. It doesn’t get Ohio chilly, but it does get chilly.

95. daveintexas - February 16, 2008

Thanks Cathy. It was all her, just me on the sidelines, cheering her on.

96. prettysleepy - February 16, 2008

The kid’s are so cute! The syrup is SUPER delicious! Thanks!

97. doc - February 16, 2008

way cool on the checkbook DinT. Congrats to your daughter. What school we talkin about?

98. Pupster - February 16, 2008

RE: 96

Prettysleepy = Mrs. Pupster

Syrup = the home-made plum syrup from Mr. and Mrs. Skinbad, which was recovered intact at the Port Columbus Airport (in their long lost luggage) when I dropped them off after the IBSBP.

Now that the secret is out…I guess I’ll have to give Michael and Cathy their bottle of syrup.

99. Michael - February 16, 2008

Now that the secret is out…I guess I’ll have to give Michael and Cathy their bottle of syrup.

Yes, I believe you should. In fact, I’m sure of it.

We’ll give you some leftover waffles from the freezer for your trouble.

100. Pupster - February 16, 2008

Oh…it’s no trouble.

*reseals syrup bottle*

101. BrewFan - February 16, 2008

Some corn syrup and food coloring should do the trick, pups…

102. daveintexas - February 16, 2008

Thanks doc. It’s a smaller school so I probably shouldn’t post the name on the internets.

103. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

Good call, DiT. There are very few people with the last name “in Texas” so she’d be easy to find.

Glad the luggage was found safe and sound.

104. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

Er, guys (and the odd gal): Behold the beauty of South Asia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWbj-pnoKGE (an American singer ripped off this song, which was good as it boosted this song’s popularity among South Asians; this is a remade video, not the original).

105. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

Here’s the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SHz3zG1omU

106. eddiebear - February 16, 2008


Johnson Shut Ins was all but destroyed when the Taum Sauk Reservoir broke in December 2005. I think it finally reopened this year. I haven’t been there in a few years , but it was pretty fun when I did go. It was fun diving off that one rock ledge.

Here are some photos of the damage:

BTW, when would a LV gathering be?

107. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

A classic (which came out in my days): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5LfpWjM1Lo

Now, some background:
Ila Arun asks:
Choli ke pichhe kya hai? Chunri ke niche kya hai?
What is behind the blouse? What is under the skirt?

To which the answer is given:
Choli main dil heh mera. Chunri main dil heh mera
Behind the blouse is my heart. Under my skirt is my heart.

This was hugely popular in Pakistan (and India) in the day despite being so risque. Which was interesting for us young folks because we’d either be embarrassed to play it before the elder people or the elder people would express their disapproval of the song being played. But it had become a staple song for weddings and other associated festivities.

Brings back old memories.

108. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

I’m turning into laura-bek-art: hijacking (lauraw), discussing foreign languages (Sobek), posting links to videos (Bart).

109. Cathy - February 16, 2008

Musli. The music is bewitching.
The dancing in both videos is very sensual.

110. Muslihoon - February 16, 2008

I have links to a few more links to videos on my blog. (Didn’t want to annoy anyone with my links.)

111. skinbad - February 16, 2008

prettysleepy: Glad you like the syrup and thanks for putting us up and putting up with us. Make sure pupster tries some syrup on waffles and not just on his morning donuts.

112. geoff - February 17, 2008

Q. What is behind the blouse? What is under the skirt?

A. What is the sound of one of Michael’s hands clapping?

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