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Cell Phone Karma February 28, 2008

Posted by Lipstick in Heroes, Humor, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

This just cracked me up.

(Sorry I can’t embed the video.  Click on the photo at the link)


1. Bart - February 28, 2008

geoff, are you aware of veoh?

It’s an alternative to Stage6 and I noticed a few kung fu (or gung fu) movies there.

2. Bart - February 28, 2008

Fist of the White Lotus? Is this your thing?

Different strokes…

3. kevlarchick - February 28, 2008

I now have the earplugs I usually reserve for shooting guns at my desk. People are incredibly loud.

4. Sobek - February 28, 2008

So I bought a new car yesterday. I took my old car in for a check-up, and they said I needed about $1600 for repairs (replace hoses, belts, stuff like that — nothing major, but it all added up). Plus I need three new tires, plus my A/C has been broken for the past two summers (about $1600 more). I figured I was better off just getting a new car. I’m very happy with it. 0% financing for the life of the loan (60 months). Not too shabby.

5. Lipstick - February 28, 2008

What’d you get?

6. Mrs. Peel - February 28, 2008

Yay for new cars. Mine is almost 3/4 paid off.

There is a baby in the living room. Pooping.

I’m staying in here for the rest of the night.

Also, Tales of MU updated early today, with a huge cliffhanger. I’m just glad it’s Thursday and not Friday, so there will be another update tomorrow. That story is literary crack.

7. daveintexas - February 28, 2008


8. Bart - February 28, 2008

I like receiving packages in the mail. It makes me happy.

And I’m not ashamed of it.

9. Bart - February 28, 2008

I bought another used DVD Recorder/HDD from amazon.com and I bought a part for my laptop from ebay. So I’ll be receiving two packages soon. Which is noice.

The dvd recorder is a nice one, it has tivo.

10. Sobek - February 28, 2008

Corolla. Brand spanking new. Perfect for my ten minute drive every morning, since I don’t plan on doing anything else with it.

I like getting packages, too. Makes Amazon.com that much sweeter.

I was once in a university bookstore that offered free gift wrapping (I don’t know if that was all the time, or just right then), and I decided it would be fun to gift wrap all text books I bought for the semester and then open them.

11. Sobek - February 28, 2008

I’m looking on Amazon for a good Farsi-English/English-Farsi dictionary. The dictionary in the back of my grammar (Teach Yourself Modern Persian) was just about completely useless. I got a small one from the library, but “small” also necessarily means “incomplete.” The hits I’m getting at Amazon have bad reviews.

12. Bart - February 28, 2008

I decided it would be fun to gift wrap all text books I bought for the semester and then open them.

okay, that’s just weird.

But I won’t judge you because I don’t want to be scolded six months from now from some random Michael Jackson fan.

13. Sobek - February 28, 2008

Good thing.

Man, those reviews of the Farsi dictionaries are getting me depressed. How is it that no one can produce a decent dictionary for a major language? Don’t those people know the Iranians freakin invented ice cream? Ice cream!!! DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE THEM!

Sorry. On a related note, I just found a cool-looking book called “The History of the Seljuq Turks: From the Jami al-Tawarikh.” It’s not quite 200 pages. It’s a hundred sixty feakin dollars. DOESN’T THE PUBLISHER REALIZE THE IRANIANS INVENTED ICE CREAM?

14. geoff - February 28, 2008

Yeah – the guy who ran the Wuxia channel at Stage 6 said that he was going to move there, but I haven’t found him at Veoh yet. I’m just now downloading the last 3 episodes of the 42-episode Legend of Condor Hero, and I finished downloading all 40 episodes of Laughing in the Wind a few days ago.

But they must be getting hammered tonight, because my download speeds are cr*p.

15. eddiebear - February 28, 2008

Mrs. P:

You haven’t lived until you are bathing a toddler who decides to go “code brown” without telling anybody. Cleaning the tub is always a joy.

16. Mrs. Peel - February 28, 2008


I think I’ll stick with my plan of being a dink…

17. skinbad - February 28, 2008

Just turn the handheld shower unit up to surface of the sun temperature and blast everything (make sure you take the kid out of the tub first).

18. geoff - February 28, 2008

Just turn the handheld shower unit up to surface of the sun temperature and blast everything…

…it’s the only way to be sure.

19. eddiebear - February 28, 2008

And bleach. Lots of bleach.

But rinse it out before using the tub again.

20. eddiebear - February 28, 2008

And all the bathtoys go into the dishwasher.

21. Lipstick - February 29, 2008

The new ferrets are pooping up a storm.

22. Muslihoon - February 29, 2008

Sobek: One of the best is the comprehensive dictionary by Steingass. You may want to search eBay and other online venues for it. It’s pretty expensive, so maybe a cheaper used edition might be advisable. Dad uses it all the time. (And I know because he’s always badgering me, “Where’s the Steingass? Bring me the Steingass.”)

You may want to check out Persian Vocabulary by Anne K.S. Lambton. While you’re there, I’d highly recommend her Persian Grammar. My understanding is that they’re sort of old but still very good. I have two copies of Persian Grammar (one for me and one for Dad). I don’t use the Steingass that much; I tend to use Lambton’s books. Persian Grammar has a vocab list at the end: the book is a much, much expanded version of it. Very good. Lists the Farsi word and a transliteration.

23. Muslihoon - February 29, 2008

And a good translation, of course. There are some entries of common combinations.

24. Sobek - February 29, 2008

I read the Amazon reviews for Steingass, and they make it sound more useful for literary translations than for modern stuff like newspapers, and that’s primarily what I’m looking for (since my only source for practicing is with BBC Persian — at least until I meet some Iranians).

The most promising-looking dictionary for my purposes is Dariush Gilani, but the review says it doesn’t list associated prepositions (probably not too big a deal) or present tense stems (again probably not too big, since you can usually tell the root from the irregular present stem).

There’s a guy in my church who is half-Iranian. His father was born in Iran and emmigrated here before my friend was born. My friend knows very, very little Farsi, which is a bit of a disappointment because I can’t practice with him.

Eddie, “code brown” is a fantastic euphemism. Here’s an oldie but a goodie: http://sobekpundit.blogspot.com/2005/02/being-dad-makes-you-do-crazy-things.html

One night my oldest woke up and came into my room crying. He was sick, so I hugged him close to try to comfort him. Then he threw up, and I felt his hot vomit oozing down my back. Not good.

25. Muslihoon - February 29, 2008

Sobek: Just be aware that marg bar amreeka is not a compliment. (But I bet you knew that.)

We use the Farsi dictionaries to translate poetry. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

26. eddiebear - February 29, 2008

Wow. Isn’t parenting fun?

Just tonight, she asked me to bake cookies. At 830PM.

She happened to see the dough The Missus had made earlier and thought I could bake cookies.

Well, I did make a few for her. They actually came out pretty good. I credit The Missus for the dough.

And an even better postscript, while I was cleaning up, she took her marker and decided to draw on the table. Thankfully, we have washable markers.

27. eddiebear - February 29, 2008

As an aside, I thought Ace left MASS.

28. Tushar D - February 29, 2008

good choice. I have my Corolla for 8 years now. I figure it will run for another 8. After that, a Camry, and after that, an Avalon. Nothing but Toyota for me. If I outlive the Avalon, I might consider the cheapest Lexus.

29. lauraw - February 29, 2008

Lipstick, that video is great.

30. Mrs. Peel - February 29, 2008

Everyone hold on. lauraw just commented ON TOPIC.

*checks for locusts*

31. Dave in Texas - February 29, 2008

Sobek, bout 14 years ago some friends came over with their kids to visit, we did this a bunch, they lived across the street.

Time to go home, the dad hoists his 8 year old daughter over his shoulder and I grab the sleeping 4 year old boy to carry him home. I’m waiting on the porch while dad fumbles for keys, and the little boy starts shuddering and shaking, and empties his dinner onto my back. Not much I could do, I did hold him over the bushes for rounds two.

My wife was confused when I came home without a shirt on.

32. eddiebear - February 29, 2008

I have already lost 2 shirts due to instant baby/toddler vomit. Oh well.

33. Sobek - February 29, 2008

“lauraw just commented ON TOPIC.”

That explains the four skeletons on horseback who just rode down my street, reaping the souls of the lost. I was wondering what that was all about.

34. Pupster - February 29, 2008

Did you see this from The Strategy Page Sobek? The Phraselator.

A handheld PDA translator our troops are using. Pretty cool.

35. Sobek - February 29, 2008

Pretty cool stuff, Pupster. Maybe I’m a bit of a Luddite, but I skipped right past all the electronic translators on Amazon.

Muslihoon, why does your dad need a translating dictionary for poetry?

36. Mrs. Skinny - February 29, 2008

I like havin’ Skinbad around, he’s a great poop and vomit eliminator!

37. lauraw - February 29, 2008

**Thumbs through the Union handbook**

Hmmm. Doesn’t say anything about poop and vomit in here. Lots on Opening Jars and Killing Spiders, but nothing about bodily flu- wait.


Nope, that’s not quite it. We’re going to have to take this Upstairs and get an opinion.

38. skinbad - February 29, 2008

I’m glad you think that. I was always fine with the diapers UNLESS they did not provide full containment. Then I got the heebies. Not to mention the jeebies.

39. geoff - February 29, 2008

Then I got the heebies. Not to mention the jeebies.

…and the gaggies and the horkies.

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