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Nickel and Dime Credit Card Fraud February 29, 2008

Posted by Michael in Crime.

Read your credit card bills carefully, folks.   The latest trend in credit card fraud is very small charges that, the bad guys hope, you won’t notice.

A recent victim, Andy at World Wide Rant, emailed me about his experience, and I have read about it elsewhere in the news.  Andy is  crusading to make sure everyone is aware of this threat.  You can get more information here.


1. geoff - February 29, 2008

Yeah – that happened to us 2 weeks ago. Just $1.21, but the bank said that it was just a probe to see if they could get away with it. I’m sure they had much bigger plans.

About 9 months ago some weird World of Warcraft charges appeared on my bank credit card. Apparently the baddies can resell virtual WoW stuff for actual dollars, and they commonly use stolen card numbers to buy the virtual WoW stuff. I called up the WoW people, and they were very unhelpful – not at all interested in doing anything to slow down sales or make themselves vulnerable to legal action.

So if you see 3 charges for approximately $20 apiece, that’s what’s going on.

2. geoff - February 29, 2008

In 2nd paragraph, “bank” should read “business.”

3. andy - February 29, 2008

Thanks, Michael.

This weekend I will be pulling my credit report as I have now seen in a couple of places that someone is using personal info to try to open accounts as well. Yay fun.

4. Cathy - February 29, 2008

I’ve been waiting for this one.

Years ago I had my wallet stolen out of my purse that was in my desk drawer in my office in a secure office space that required a code-key entry. My wallet was found in the trash in a men’s restroom on a different floor of the same building. Only the cash was missing. But one of the IBM representatives that had an office in the same building of our corporation told me she regularly noticed that only some of her money would be missing — maybe one or two twenty dollar bills. She figured that the thief hoped she didn’t notice.

Creepy people.

5. daveintexas - February 29, 2008

It was probably the CE.

They’re scumbags.

6. Cathy - February 29, 2008

I think Kelsey is beautiful.

Does that make me a lesbian?

I’m knitting chemo-caps for charity.
I want to learn how to use circular needles.

7. daveintexas - February 29, 2008

>> Does that make me a lesbian?

Jury’s out. Tell us more about your feelings.

8. Cathy - February 29, 2008

One of my girlfriends is going to lose all her hair in the next few weeks because of chemo treatments.

I love her. She is so cool, smart, and pretty.

I’ve been knitting and sewing for charity for several years — prayer shawls for our sick and elderly, and quilts that are dispatched by an international disaster relief organization.

Now I want to learn how to do a better job at knitting chemo caps using circular needles, and to do this to honor my “sister.” The place where our needlework group sends the chemo caps is in desperate need of more caps.

I feel bad. I have all this hair that I get compliments on all the time. My girlfriend has no hair.

9. Michael - February 29, 2008

Does that make me a lesbian?


10. PattyAnn - February 29, 2008

Cathy, I haven’t said this before, but you are truly a *good* human being. You shame me.

11. PattyAnn - February 29, 2008

And, yes, that makes you a lesbian.

12. Cathy - February 29, 2008

Thanks, PattyAnn. You’re sweet.


13. Julio the Pool Boy - February 29, 2008


14. daveintexas - February 29, 2008

now I feel badly for being an asshole.


What’s your friend’s first name Cathy?

15. Enas Yorl - February 29, 2008

Knitting is cool. I’ve thought about learning how to do it myself. Careful though – knitting can be dangerous.

16. Cathy - February 29, 2008

Dave. No prob, Buddy. I invited this stuff.

You’re no asshole. Unless maybe you like to get stuff in the ‘mail.’

Friend’s name is Tracy. Thanks for asking.

17. daveintexas - February 29, 2008


18. Cathy - February 29, 2008

@#15 Darn cute vid.

19. mesablue - March 1, 2008

Right before the IBSBP I had to cancel my credit and debit cards because some company that seemed suspicious to my bank tried to charge $1.00. I found out when I couldn’t pay for dinner one night because they’d shut down the debit part of the debit card. I could still get cash at an ATM until I completely canceled the card and then had to go down to Columbus with not even an ATM card. It’s a weird feeling when you are so used to being able to get money whenever you want it.

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