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Truffle totals tank–fragrant Frenchies hardest hit February 25, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Economics, Food, Gardening, Travel.

Of course, women and minorities as well–kind of goes without saying. Doesn’t the lack of truffle production in France concern you? Good. Because the lack of truffle production in France should concern us all. I’m late to that joke. Please indulge me. On the positive side, now we may know why Al Gore is taking this global warming thing so personally.

Global Warming’s demonic nephew “Urban Sprawl” also makes an appearance:

Production in France has been in slow decline for 100 years – from 1,000 tons a year to just 50 tons, according to the Agriculture Ministry – under the march of urban sprawl into the fungus’s forest habitat and the migration of farming folk to cities.


Shriveled, black-skinned and egg-shaped, they are hard to distinguish from clods of dirt.

What were we talking about again?

No Country for Old Men February 25, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Commenting Tips, Crime, Movies, Personal Experiences, Sports.

I didn’t watch last night, but it was on.  I guess this one was the one everyone expected.  I haven’t seen it yet but at the recommendation of my kid I read the book (what? I read books.  sometimes.  it was a fast read) and it was pretty good.  The sociopath-character is one of the creepier ones I’ve come across. 

So I’ll check out the flick.

OT: If you have to have an accident in a plane, this is the kind I would pick.

Spiders On Drugs February 25, 2008

Posted by Michael in Humor, Science.

Yeah, I know, it’s old. But it’s funny.

This is just proof that Canadians are not always dull.

Thanks to Muslihoon, who also tells us how to look up a Chinese character.

Musli kinda scares me sometimes. Is there anything he does not know?

As a warehouse of knowledge, he is sort of like Mrs. Peel. On meth.

1,001 Main Page Comments February 24, 2008

Posted by Michael in Commenting Tips.

By me, that is, here at Innocent Bystanders. (The site overall has produced 2,630 posts.)

For my 1,000th post, I was gonna write an inspiring and ennobling essay on matters of public importance. It was going to be the sort of beautifully written, well-researched and thoughtful post that would make us all proud. The kind of post that would be linked by many major blogs. A post that would say to the world, “Hey, Innocent Bystanders is for real!”

But I forgot to do it, and then accidentally put up that “Shark Whisperer” thing below as my 1,000th post. I blew it.

So now the whole idea just seems pretty lame.

Never mind.

Gun Pr0n for Dog Walkers February 24, 2008

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ducks, Gardening, Man Laws.

Sorry I haven’t been holding up my end of the load as far as posting goes.

Hope this fills the need.

The Shark Whisperer February 24, 2008

Posted by Michael in Science.


This image shows why Mike Rutzen has been given the nickname Sharkman.The South African has learned ‘tonic immobility’, a natural state of paralysis, which animals sometimes enter when faced with an imminent threat.

He induces the state in sharks by turning them on their head and massaging their snout, close to their eyes. The paralysis lasts 15 minutes.

Rutzen is an expert on the great white shark and an outspoken champion of shark conservation.

Thanks again to Lauraw.

Daring diver tickles sharks | Metro.co.uk

Scandis Stand Up For Traditional Herald February 24, 2008

Posted by Michael in Man Laws.

They are also rising to the defense of copyright enforcement.

Here’s the bone of contention — note the difference between these two lions:


Sweden’s chief heraldists remain dissatisfied with a decision by the Nordic Battlegroup to remove a lion’s penis depicted on its coat of arms.  But staff at the National Archives are hopeful that the Nordic Battlegroup will reconsider its position and re-erect the lion’s member on its insignia.  “They stepped over the line when they made alterations to the badge without consulting us. It was a clear breach of copyright,” state heraldist Henrik Klackenberg told The Local.

Although the heraldry unit is unlikely to take any legal action, Klackenberg said he would appreciate an apology from the Armed Forces.

Thanks to Lauraw.

The Local – Heraldists want penis reinstated on military badge

Who Is This Little Coquette? February 23, 2008

Posted by Michael in Women Ranting.
The answer is here.

Serbian Chicks Are Hot February 23, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

I guess really tight slacks are the style for young hotties in Belgrade.

Mind you, according to the latest YouTube video sensation, Serbian girlz are also looters inclined to take advantage of the demonstrations against the independence of Kosovo.

But, that’s beside the point.

When they’re not looting, some of the hot Serbian chicks can sing.


Hold On — Don’t Use My Song! February 23, 2008

Posted by Michael in Music.

Apparently Obamessiah’s campaign song has annoyed Sam Moore.

Barack Obama’s campaign has been told nicely, but in no uncertain terms: Sam & Dave’s classic soul hit “Hold On! I’m Coming” is not to be played anymore as a campaign theme song.Sam Moore, one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the 1980s (before it became a warped endeavor), has written to Obama’s managers asking them to stop the music.

Moore is not backing Obama — or any other candidate, for that matter. But he feels that the constant use of his voice and a song as identified with him as, let’s say, “Don’t Stop” was to Fleetwood Mac when Bill Clinton used it in 1992, constitutes an endorsement.

The only difference is that Fleetwood Mac’s permission was asked back then, and they wound up not only endorsing Clinton but reforming and playing for him. No one from Obama’s group asked Moore if it was OK to use his recognizable vocals.

FOXNews.com Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

UPDATE: Nice Deb wasn’t really so nice today when Barack pissed her off. Barry in CO piles on with the opinion the Barack is a gibbering nitwit.

UPDATE 2: Hold on! I’ve found the solution for the Obama campaign. Just use the Eric Burdon version:


57 Young Men Arrested for Flirting February 23, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

I’m sure you recall that most of the conspirators in the 9/11 attack were from Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia have begun investigating 57 young men who were arrested on Thursday for flirting with girls at shopping centres in Mecca. The men are accused of wearing indecent clothes, playing loud music and dancing in order to attract the attention of girls, the Saudi Gazette reported.

They were arrested following a request of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Saudi men arrested for flirting

Heck, at that age, I’d probably have been frustrated enough for a suicide mission myself if I lived in that bizarre and corrupt country.

Meanwhile, wealthy members of the Saudi royal family party on in London (note the $2,500 tab for “Girls Party Night 5”). I remember being in London and listening to a friend talk about the Saudis who showed up for gambling in the private clubs, booze, and blonde hookers.

It’s a damn shame that Saudi Arabia is, supposedly, an ally of the U.S. It would have been a much better country to liberate than Iraq.

Me and Osama bin Laden have this in common — we both think the Saudi regime is an abomination.

UPDATE: Thanks to Cathy for remembering that those Saudi boys could use some tips from Two Wild And Crazy Guys.

Knucklehead February 22, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks.

Pretty cute.

Even if you feel like I do about beagles.