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Clean Driveway March 10, 2008

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.
I did not clean this driveway. Cathy did it.
She only did it because Casey the Three-Legged Crimefighting Dog was on patrol, protecting Cathy from Marauding Yeti. So now, I can go to work on Monday. The street has not yet been plowed, but let’s face it, I can make it with the head start from that driveway in my 4WD Ford Explorer.
Thanks, Cathy and Casey. I sure would have hated another snow day.


1. Bart - March 10, 2008

That’s good cuz Cathy needs some room in the driveway to split logs…

while Michael centers pics on the internet.

2. Lipstick - March 10, 2008

Those are some gorgeous garage doors.

3. Muslihoon - March 10, 2008

I am amazed Cathy did that. It’s a hundred times better than professionals! Way to go Cathy!

And look! It’s Casey Wasey! Such a cutie!

4. skinbad - March 10, 2008

Did Geezer put the snow blower together?

5. kevlarchick - March 10, 2008

Michael did you also stand watch with the Kimber?

Good job Cathy. Shoveling snow is a helluva workout.

6. Dave in Texas - March 10, 2008

So, let me see if I got this right. Snow can actually accumulate to the point where you’d want to move it..and you’d pick up a shovel, and scoop it up and do that (goodness a shovel can’t hold much snow, can it?),

That seems like an awful lot of work. Couldn’t you just, I don’t know, have a martini and wait for it to melt or go away or whatever it is that snow does when it’s tired of fucking with you?

7. lauraw - March 10, 2008

Awwww Michael!

Those last two entries from naked women naked black man naked women were not real spam. Just me, screwing around. I had them on Clean Driveway and on a fat naked lady with greased thighs.

Know what? Conversations get kind of weird on the internet sometimes.

8. The Lovely Janis Mother-to-be - March 10, 2008

Michael– You know that post of Cathy’s regarding a vacation in a sunny, tropical location… She deserves it now!!! Nice job Cathy!!!

Bandit was excited to see the picture of Casey!!! It sucks to pee and poop in belly deep snow.

9. eddiebear - March 10, 2008

You are a lucky man to have a wife do that for you. Last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, I was the one shoveling ice and snow, while my daughter was out there “helping me”, and my wife kept reminding me that the snow won’t shovel itself.

And did I get a “reward” afterwards for my efforts? Hell no! I had to shake my own Martini.

10. Cathy - March 10, 2008

Thanks Janis. We just had a tropical vacation awhile back.

Skinny, no snow blower was used in the making of this clean driveway

Lipstick, I sanded down & refinished those garage doors last summer.

Dave, I like your plan. Move us to Texas and it would work.

Thanks for the kudos, KC and Musli. I had a good time out there.

Bart, you got a laugh out of me. Thanks a bunch.

11. skinbad - March 10, 2008

No snow blower? You’re a whole lot of woman. And I mean that in the least offensive way possible. And Michael probably needs his ears boxed. Although, sometimes I would do things if the Mrs. would just wait long enough for me to get home from work or complete some other manly necessary duty. But she often won’t. It’s almost like she’s looking for an excuse to avoid the dishes, laundry, and vacuum. Go figure. Neighbors probably think I need my ears boxed as well.

12. daveintexas - March 10, 2008

Oh shit lauraW, that was me. I’m sorry.

You’d think by now I would have memorized your IP address.

13. lauraw - March 10, 2008

I got one of them variable ones at work. I think. That’s what Ace’s IP hash thingy tells me.

14. daveintexas - March 10, 2008

Sometimes I think he just edits them himself and spits out naughty hash references.

15. GrumpyUnk - March 10, 2008

She shoveled all that just so you’d be able to get to work? More than just love, Michael. Either 1 snow day is enough or you better check the credit card bill closely.

16. compos mentis - March 14, 2008

That’s a damned fine garage ya got there Michael.

And that driveway is so clean! It looks like a Brazilian.

I’d park my ride in one of yer bays anytime.

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18. daveintexas - January 24, 2011

awww… there’s Casey.


19. Cathy - January 24, 2011

Hi Dave. Fancy meeting you here.

Yea, Casey was sumpin. *snif*

But you got us moved to Texas, huh.

Thanks. Dave.

20. Retired Geezer - January 25, 2011

We parked our rental car right there by the oil spot.

This was after Mrs. Geezer avoided a collision with a clueless driver, by doing some fancy driving shit.

It made Cathy squeal in the backseat.

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