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I Don’t Remember Arnold Palmer Doing This April 21, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Crime, Ducks, Gardening, Music, Philosophy, Sports.

It’s a rather unconventional grip, if not practical.

uhm, no comment

Michelle Wie Lining Up a Putt. That’s a Golf Expression. I’ve Heard It Before


hater.   I want to kick his nary short people hatin little ass.


Except I’d get arrested pickin on an elderlt pianist.


1. Rosetta - April 21, 2008

Pooter or putter?

2. BrewFan - April 21, 2008

Her grip looks a little tight.

3. PattyAnn - April 21, 2008

Her grip looks a little thigh.

4. John F Not Kerry - April 21, 2008

Is that the secret to her length?

5. Rosetta - April 21, 2008

Wait. Where’s the ball at?

6. skinbad - April 21, 2008

I really hope it’s not one of these:

7. lauraw - April 21, 2008

She does bachelor parties. Just sayin’

boom chicka chicka bow bow boom chicka chicka….

8. daveintexas - April 21, 2008

I almost got in trouble once for night putting.

9. cranky - April 21, 2008

Gonna have to call a one-stroke penalty on herself for grounding the club in a hazard.

10. Robert - April 21, 2008

wow all this and no Caddyshack jokes!

11. apotheosis - April 21, 2008

cranky, you win the internet.

12. BrewFan - April 21, 2008

lol!, cranky.

13. Lipstick - April 21, 2008

I almost got in trouble once for night putting.

heh heh. Me too. It was in Contadora, Panama with the ship’s captain.


14. Lipstick - April 21, 2008

wow all this and no Caddyshack jokes!

I wonder if the greens keeper has been on the job.

15. Rosetta - April 21, 2008

I really hope it’s not one of these:


1 girl 1 cup

16. Lipstick - April 21, 2008

Manicured or in-the-rough?

17. Retired Geezer - April 21, 2008


IT’S IN THE HOLE !1!!!1!!!1

18. BrewFan - April 21, 2008

Good Bill Murray impersonation Geezer! lol!

19. Retired Geezer - April 21, 2008

Oh well, might as well throw this in:

So I jump ship in Hong Kong and make my way over to Tibet, and I get on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas. A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock.
So, I tell them I’m a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald… striking.
So, I’m on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one – big hitter, the Lama – long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier.
Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-galunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me.
And I say, “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.”
So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

20. Mrs. Peel - April 21, 2008

From the perv department: As I was walking into church the other day, some old dude yelled at me, “Wiggle, girl! Wiggle!” evidently in response to a motion of my lower body that I call walking.

So, if I want to discourage further such unwelcome remarks, do y’all recommend a .45 handgun, a .22 rifle, or a double-barreled shotgun?

21. daveintexas - April 21, 2008

.45 shuts everyone up.

as does a .357

22. Michael - April 21, 2008

“Wiggle, girl! Wiggle!”

OK, I’m gonna stop saying that in church.

23. Retired Geezer - April 21, 2008

OK, I’ll talk softer next time. sheesh.

24. daveintexas - April 21, 2008

OH! also, you should fire a round to the left or right of him, into the dirt,

I swear, he will never ever say that shit again. And you can totally get away with it in Texas.

25. Mrs. Peel - April 21, 2008

I might just take a man with me and let him do the heavy lifting…

I read an interesting study a while back that said that women “walk sexy” more when they are not ovulating. Apparently, it’s a tactic to entice men closer and then, if they are appealing, find some way to keep them around until it’s time to make whoopee.

My hypothesis is that those scientists really need to get a new hobby.

26. Michael - April 21, 2008

Oh bullshit, Mrs. Peel.

Any man can tell you this. We can all spot a chick who is doing “the wiggle walk” for the sole purpose of driving us crazy. The feet actually cross in front to get the proper synchronized rotation of the glutes.

27. Mrs. Peel - April 21, 2008

Nevertheless, I maintain that if you develop a method of quantifying the “sexiness” of a walk, correlating it with the woman’s menstrual cycle, and develop bizarre theories for why that strategy would have evolved, you definitely need a new hobby.

28. Michael - April 21, 2008

you definitely need a new hobby

You’re just sayin’ that men are obsessed with sex.

Um, no, we don’t need a new hobby. Our current hobby works just fine.

29. geoff - April 21, 2008

the proper synchronized rotation of the glutes.

….mmmm. Synchronized rotation.

30. Stevo - April 21, 2008

I’m thinking Wie should be penalized for carrying an extra club in her bag …

The Beefs ….

31. Pirate - April 22, 2008

“DADDY! I need to re-grip my putter, it feels slippery!”

32. kevlarchick - April 22, 2008

Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball. You’re not being the ball Michelle.

33. Dave in Texas - April 22, 2008


34. Russ from Winterset - April 22, 2008

Mrs. Peel, how exactly do you accomplish “the wiggle” with only one leg? Is it more like an enticing hop?

35. compos mentis - April 22, 2008

Wiggle, girl! Wiggle!”

So, I imagine there’s a dirty old man in the gallery yelling “Waggle, girl! Waggle!” at Michelle.

Yeah, waggle it baby.

36. blogitforu - April 22, 2008

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37. Cris - April 22, 2008

One stroke penalty for the casual taco.

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