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25 Years Ago Today… April 29, 2008

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A baseball classic, dedicated to mesablue.

(NSFW in a Paul Anka kinda way (no sex, just vulgarity))


1. daveintexas - April 29, 2008

Hee hee hee heeee..

I have never heard this.


2. lauraw - April 29, 2008


3. Laura's Daddy - April 29, 2008


Are you going to start bitching at me again for being strict? Grow up girl. It was for your own good.

4. Laura's Daddy - April 29, 2008

You weren’t the easiest kid, after all. In fact, you were a sneaky little hellion. I probably owe you a few smacks for reasons that I don’t even know about.

5. eddiebear - April 29, 2008


My coworker who grew up in Chicago and was a Sox fan said this thing is legendary up there. And this was before the lights came on, so every game was a day game. And Lee Elia was just expressing the frustration after another loss.

And here are a few others:

6. eddiebear - April 29, 2008

So, 85% of Chicago works now?

7. Cathy - April 29, 2008

The guy in the video in the Chicago T-shirt is Jeff Garlin who plays Larry David’s manager in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Here’s a clip .

NSFW on the same level as vid above.

8. eddiebear - April 29, 2008

Here’s a palette cleanser:

9. BrewFan - April 29, 2008


That video was soooo cold-hearted.

I loved it. The Bartman jersey was fantastic.

Late breaking news! Brewers 10, Cubs 7

10. GrumpyUnk - April 29, 2008

Eddiebear – I grew up in “Da Region” and you’re 100% right about this being legendary. I haven’t heard that in years. They used to play it on the radio and bleep out all the bad stuff. It’s almost funnier that way.

Ah, it brings back the memories of growing up a Cubs fan. Salty tears and suicidal ideation and David Berg Kosher Zion Hot Dogs.

11. eddiebear - April 29, 2008

^oh, and that guy I mentioned, he STILL talks about LaRussa burning up Britt Burns (sp?) in the 1983 ALCS. He also can name the entire rotation from that team (Dotson, Hoyt, Koosman, Burns, and some other guy. I’ll get him going again tomorrow).

But he still retains some Chicago snobbery. He refuses to eat pizza from here. He meets his brother in Peoria about once a month, and grabs about 4 or 5 pies from Lou Malnatti’s (sp?) or Due.

12. eddiebear - April 29, 2008

I might add, that I think STL style pizza sucks donkey balls as well. I actually love Chi. Style as well.

13. mesablue - May 1, 2008

Ha freakin’ ha.

Actually, we love that clip. The Cubs sucked so much back then that we needed the comic relief.

Unk, Kosher Zion’s are served at White Sox games. Vienna Beef dogs are the real deal.

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