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Good Question April 30, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

Asked by Geoff:

If it took Barack Obama over 20 years to finally realize that Reverend Wright was espousing black liberation theology on a regular basis, how exactly is he planning on managing the country?

Which makes one wonder.

His sluggish comprehension would certainly explain his naive plan to sit down and talk with Iran. Perhaps it’ll only take him a couple of terms to realize that Iran is devoted to becoming a major regional power, and to promoting anti-American theocracies throughout the Middle East.

Judgment (Updated)


1. sandy burger - May 1, 2008

This thread deserves a pity comment, too.

Barack Obama did, of course, know all along what Wright’s views are. He just didn’t care.

It’s not clear to me whether or not he agrees with Wright’s views, but I suspect that he does not agree with most of them.

But, it’s like Jimmy Carter with Hamas; I’m sure Carter doesn’t agree with Islamic extremism per se, he just doesn’t seem to mind it much. He just shrugs it off, which is very morally troublesome.

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