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Our Friend Lost a Friend Yesterday May 11, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in News.

And wrote a very sweet remembrance of him.


I’m so sorry PJ. 


1. sandy burger - May 11, 2008

I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like you have a lot of nice memories, PJM.

2. lauraw - May 11, 2008

If anybody could read that without tears streaming down your face, you’re pretty tough.

3. Michael - May 11, 2008

I’m not that tough.

Even white hot crimefighting thugs have their emotional moments, OK? So give me a break.

4. daveintexas - May 11, 2008

I ain’t that tough either.

5. Michael - May 11, 2008

For Pete’s sake, I’m not saying I cried! I just didn’t read the whole thing.

6. daveintexas - May 11, 2008

Well I did. Goddam. The first pic of them together in their little baby things, friends for their entire lives. Broke my heart.

7. Cathy - May 11, 2008

Thanks for this heads-up, Dave.

You are sweet to us wimmins.

I don’t think I would have heard about it otherwise.

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