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Ohio Township Turns Down Federal Money May 17, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

A protest, one might suppose, against the stifling regulations and paperwork that usually accompany funding from Washington.

One would be wrong. These Ohioans just didn’t need the money to deal with something as trifling as a snowstorm.

CLEVELAND – The federal government isn’t used to being snubbed when it offers to help local governments. When it offered Chardon Township in Ohio $10,000 in disaster aid for a snowstorm in March, the locals said no thanks.

Township Trustee Chuck Strazinsky told The Plain Dealer for a story published Friday that it was a typical snowstorm unworthy of federal aid. He says the money should be reserved for true emergencies.

Ohio township to feds: We don’t want your money

I remember that storm. It was the most snow that I’ve seen since we moved here. Personally, I’d have taken that $10,000 to keep my driveway clear, but nobody offered me anything. Oh well, Mrs. Michael enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.


1. Barb the Evil Genius - May 17, 2008

It probably was just a normal storm for Chardon – they get the most snow of just about anybody here on the north coast. When we on the far west side get two inches they’re more likely to get a foot and a half. Good for them for not sucking at the government teat.

2. MCPO Airdale - May 17, 2008

I used to be embarrassed watching Missus Master Chief shovel the snow. Then we moved into a condo where snow removal is part of the deal. . . she still does the shoveling before they show up.

3. Michael - May 17, 2008


I salute you, sir, for suppressing your male instincts and allowing Missus Master Chief her moment of glory. Next time, drink a beer while you peer through a window and watch her out there busting her ass in the freezing cold. Then venture outdoors briefly to point out some ice patches she failed to scrape clean.

It’s fun!

4. Sobek - May 17, 2008

In Arabic newspapers, they have to transliterate English names (obviously). For the president, they use the letters bab-waw-shiin, which basically means it’s pronounced “boosh.” For some reason that totally cracks me up.

5. kishnevi - May 17, 2008

MCPO–if the condo people at your place are like the condo people at my place, then the snow would be there until the spring melts. The condo people would arrive in July, and cuss at the people who hassled them so much over a job that didn’t need doing.

Fortunately, I live in Florida, so my condo people don’t need to do snow removal. OTOH, hurricane season starts two weeks from tomorrow.

6. Lipstick - May 17, 2008

I salute you, sir, for suppressing your male instincts and allowing Missus Master Chief her moment of glory.

From the guy who lets his wife shovel the driveway and sand and varnish the garage doors.

Mom always told me, “Don’t start doing the outside work, it’s a dangerous precedent. Learn from my mistake.”

7. daveintexas - May 18, 2008

wtf is a snow shovel?

8. Retired Geezer - May 18, 2008

It’s like the thing in the Ice Machine… only bigger.

9. MCPO Airdale - May 18, 2008

DIT – It’s what *you* use to remove hail from the driveway.

10. lauraw - May 18, 2008

It’s that thing you throw at the plow the third time it puts a wall of hard packed ice down at the end of your driveway.

11. daveintexas - May 18, 2008

I have no idea what you people are talking about. This is some kinda shovel, for, snow?


12. Vmaximus - May 18, 2008

I lived in New Hampshire for a year, by the end of the “season” the banks from the snow plows were 30′ high. One time I was going up the hill, when I see a car pinballing from bank to bank down the hill at me. I didn’t know what to do, till I saw a driveway that was open and paid them a visit. I am all for staying away from snow

13. kishnevi - May 18, 2008

Dave thinks he has it good. But actually he has the worst of both worlds in the winter. It gets cold in Texas, just not cold enough in Texas. So he gets to freeze but doesn’t get to build any snowmen.

We in Florida, of course, think it’s deathly cold if the temperature falls under 60 at night.

14. lauraw - May 18, 2008

Autumn in New England is just about as beautiful as I can stand. A walk in crisp airy woods, looking up at a bright blue sky through wild patches of fluorescent orange and red and yellow leaves.

Too bad it’s so short, and followed by a hard winter.

On the upside; no giant flying cockroaches, few snakes, and no lizards of any kind.

15. Mint - May 19, 2008

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16. Retired Geezer - May 19, 2008

Why the heck would anybody think that is spam?

17. lauraw - May 19, 2008


That’s what I was gonna name my blog!

Oh well, there’s always about-gutters-and-windows.com

18. Mrs. Peel - May 19, 2008

lauraw, if you don’t have snakes and lizards, then what eats all the bugs? Snakes and lizards are teh awesome!

…could do with fewer cottonmouths, though…

The boy and I went for a walk in the park yesterday. The sun was out, the skies were clear, and it was WARM! I even sweated a little bit. I was very happy, and all my muscles relaxed for once. I spend most of my time hunched up shivering with jackets or blankets draped over me, so it’s great to step outside into sunlight and warmth and finally relax. And best of all is the end of the day, when I get into my toasty car and settle back against the seat. ahhhhh

19. daveintexas - May 19, 2008

Central Texas winters are pretty mild even by Florida stds. 50s 60s, the occasional cold blast but it rarely lasts a day or two. No. Big. Deal.

I have trouble with teh humiditay in Florida… and by trouble I mean I sweat like a hungover Russian in a sauna. That and the doggone wildfires (which I hope are nowhere near you kishnevi). Pretty sure I read Florida gets more lightning strikes from t-storms than any other state in the union, which is a bummer for wildfires.

20. lauraw - May 19, 2008

Birds eat the bugs here, mostly. Bats too, frogs, etc.

And there aren’t so many bugs, and they are smaller. Unlike the football-sized, lamp-toppling insects you guys have, that can only be mastered by large reptiles.

As far as poisonous snakes, we get mainly Copperheads here, but you pretty much have to whale on them with a golf club to get them mad enough to strike you. Shy and retiring, as poisonous snakes go.

There are a couple small rocky enclaves full of Rattlesnakes in central CT. Fortunately, the Glastonbury Town Council passed a resolution that bars Rattlers from using public facilities without a permit. And snakes fuckin’ HATE paperwork, and how are they going to get to Town Hall to get the permit, if it’s illegal to even go there in the first place? Sneaky, eh?

This is how Connecticutians deal with riffraff and Rattlesnakes.

You have to love Connecticut sometimes.

21. The Rattlesnakes - May 19, 2008


22. geoff - May 19, 2008

SoCal was teh awesome – perfect weather all year, no humidity, not very many bugs.

But then it went to hell…

23. kishnevi - May 19, 2008

Dave. we deal with humidity the smart way. Stay inside and turn up the a/c. Heck with global warming, we just aim for a little local cooling.

I’m in what’s called the smoke plume of the big fire in the Everglades the news outlets are featuring today. No smoke or haze in our little neck of the swamp, but you can smell it as soon as you step outside the house. We just have to wait for the wind to turn from southwest to something either northerly or easterly–which may not happen soon. There’s not enough chance of rain this week to do much good. But that will change. Hurricane season starts in two weeks.

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