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Nude Maid Cleans Up May 28, 2008

Posted by Michael in Crime, Ducks, News.

I suppose you already know this, but in case you don’t, women are better workers when they are nekkid.

TAMPA – A nude maid is accused of really cleaning up at a Florida man’s home. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said a 50-year-old man hired the maid from the Internet on Friday to clean his Tampa home.

Authorities said the woman arrived at the home in a one-piece, light colored dress. She took off the dress and cleaned the house for $100-per-hour.

For $100 per hour, she must have been scrubbing those floors until you could eat off them.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Debbie Carter said the man told deputies he left the maid alone in the bedroom to clean.

One wonders about this detail. In what rooms did he not leave the nude maid alone?

When the man’s wife came home from vacation, she discovered $40,000 in jewelry missing from their bedroom.

Police are investigating.

Oh hell yeah. I’ll bet they are investigating. I want to be the undercover cop who hires her next.

Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if she showed up in more modest attire (NSFW below the break):

Domestic Help Ready to Vacuum


1. kishnevi - May 28, 2008

That’s pretty worksafe where I work.

2. Michael - May 28, 2008

Any positions open where you work?

3. Lipstick - May 28, 2008

That is going to be one pissed off wife.

4. Retired Geezer - May 28, 2008

Reminds me of this old IB post.

Now that Cathy has a Kimber, she will appreciate the moves.


5. Michael - May 28, 2008

Geezer, I think Cathy missed that post.

And I was fine with that!

6. kevlarchick - May 28, 2008

Bet she knows how to polish the brass.

7. Enas Yorl - May 28, 2008

Hmm. If she was nakid then where did she hide the jewelry?

OH. :-O

She has other talents as well.

8. daveintexas - May 28, 2008

you people mock me.

yes you do.

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