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Honestly, Who Hasn’t Enjoyed A Champagne Soaked Romp With A Bunch Of Other Guys In Their Underwear? June 30, 2008

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Well, the Euro 2008 “Football” tournament is over, and Spain defeated Germany in a high scoring 1-0 match. Honestly, I could care less about who won the tournament, given that: a) It was soccer, and b) It was soccer.

But, I have to give the Spanish “football” team major props for celebrating in a way that would put any American sports team to shame. And instead of going the lowbrow route like American teams and downing cans of Bud Light or Miller Lite, these fellas soaked their nearly naked bodies with champagne and only champagne.


Well, now I know why my wife suddenly had an interest in Spanish “football”.

They Cheat, I Cheat June 30, 2008

Posted by Pupster in Crime, Food, History, Personal Experiences, Philosophy, Women Ranting.
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Chunky like a big fat monkey

Test your American Candy Bar IQ.

I got 16 out of 20, but I cheated and took it twice. It’s a multiple choice quiz, and their correct answer to the above picture is “Chunky”, which is misleading. It is obviously not just a Chunky, but a Chunky with peanuts and raisins.

You’re welcome.

Hat tip: Big Dog at RWS

More Power. Ooh. Ooh. June 29, 2008

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This weekend I aquired a new PC.

Intel Core2 Quad Processor (2.40Ghz); 4GB RAM;NVidia GeForce 8500 GT Graphics Card;675GB HDD;Windows Vista 64bit Home Premium Edition

It has a built-in tv tuner and comes with Window Media Center and a remote control! I have it hooked up to the cable and it is a full blown DVR. I bought a 22″ flat panel monitor and have connected my ‘old’ 19″ flat panel also so my extended desktop is 41″ wide. I can compute and watch TV at the same time.

Mrs. BrewFan is concerned I may never come out of my man cave again. Well, maybe concerned isn’t the right word but you know what I mean.

I’ve Got Clout! June 29, 2008

Posted by Michael in Websites.
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You betcha I do, and my clout has global reach.

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my commenting career when I finally snagged an Instalanche. But now I have arrived at a new summit. Thanks to this post, Innocent Bystanders is the NUMBER ONE TRAFFIC REFERRER to another site — one specializing in modern Australian pottery.

Unfortunately, the blog owner (Judith) is a serious student of modern Australian pottery, and she does not sound thrilled that morons like us are a significant part of her traffic.

This blog has a statistics page that tells me something about its users. The number one referrer is still You can find anything on the Intertubes ( but the figures do show that a very select audience is finding things of interest here and staying to explore links to other pages.

More on sources « Australian Pottery

OK, I concede that the mouth-breathers here are not the “select audience” she was hoping for. Nevertheless, I encourage you all to visit Australian Pottery, say hi to Judith, browse around and enjoy the exceptional pottery that she features, and maintain IB’s status as the NUMBER ONE TRAFFIC REFERRER in the world of modern Australian pottery.

The site really is worth a visit. You will be surprised by the cool stuff that potters are doing in the land down under.

Labraony / Shetrador June 29, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Science.
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Too small to treat your sofa like the dirty, over-stuffed layabout she is. Might have to watch out for your deck chairs, though. Or your leg.


Movie Review: WALL-E *3.5 Paws Up* June 28, 2008

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I saw previews for WALL-E last fall, and while I immediately thought that it looked great, and I like everything Pixar has thrown up on the screen so far, I also surmised there was going to be a ‘corporations are evil, humans are the problem, save the planet by recycling before it’s too late’ indoctrinating message to warp the kiddies minds.

Strike one.

The across-the-board tongue-bathing by the critics was another huge red flag for me, they love love LOVE the over-arching save the fragile earth narrative; it must be very effective at re-enforcing their slanted world view.

Strike two.

The Saturday morning weather forecasts all called for rain, heavy at times with possible world-ending thunderstorms and definite yard-work canceling downpours.

*Bonk* take your base family to a movie.

In standard Pixar fashion, there is a short feature before the main attraction. The short Presto is about a self-absorbed magician and his rascally rabbit. It is excellent; a homage to Chuck Jones and his Looney Toons heydays.  Almost worth the price of admission all by itself.

The feature starts with WALL-E on a desolate, trash-covered and abandoned Earth. The back-story is immediately explained by motion-activated, solar-powered billboards: Every store, bank, and industry is owned by Wall-Mart Buy-N-Large, which is somehow also in control of all branches of government and all services. (*grinds teeth*) The Earth has become too polluted with empty packaging from rampant consumerism, so Buy-N-Large builds interstellar cruise vessels to whisk all the humans into space to relax in comfort, while WALL-E and his companion robots take care of tidying up the planet.

At this point I had to stifle the nagging, logical part of my brain, which was trying to interfere with my movie watching enjoyment. “Let me get this straight…we solved all space transportation issues but we can’t figure out garbage disposal?”  I distracted the logic circuits by asking them to calculate the cost of gas, tickets, and snack-bar per family member, then I shorted them out with huge gulps of an ice cold large Diet Pepsi. “Shaddup brain, I’ll read a book later.”

WALL-E looks and sounds like R2-D2 and ET’s love child (the same voice actor portrays all three). He is just a hard-working, blue collar trash compacting machine, who has survived for 700 years through ingenuity and hard work as the last of his kind still functioning.

His job is to take the massive mountains of refuse and compact them in his belly into small cubes, which he then stacks neatly in artfully designed sculptures which imitate the unoccupied high rises of the empty city. WALL-E collects interesting bits of trash as trophies, and scavenges spare parts off his long since broken down peers which are laying about.

WALL-E has only his sidekick, a pet cockroach,  and is longing for some more stimulating companionship. He finally gets his wish when a space ship lands and releases a search droid in WALL-E’s area of operation. WALL-E falls hopelessly in love and begins a fumbling, bumbling courtship with the droid, whose default programming is ‘shoot first and analyze the debris later’.

The CG animation is very good, and provides enough stimulus to keep the kids entertained and engaged through some of the slower parts. There are a lot of pratfalls and physical type humor, which even the littlest movie goers will ‘get’.  The movie picks up the pace in the last half, when the search droid (EVE) gets recalled to the mother ship and WALL-E hitches a ride.



I Got Yer Counter-Culture Right Heah! June 27, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Economics, Travel.
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Bwah Ha!

Your right to swing your freak flag ends where someone else’s exposed yoni begins.


Heller June 27, 2008

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How cool would it be to have a last name that is synonymous with gun rights? I imagine Dick Heller, the police officer who successfully challenged the nation’s most restrictive handgun ban, can pretty much drink for free at any NRA meeting he attends for the rest of his life.

I’ve seen scattered comments on the Heller decision here and there, but I want to do more of a summary of what happened and what it means, in layman’s terms.


When The Masturbating Walrus Dies, What Else Is There To See? June 26, 2008

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[UPDATE! I provided the proper link. Sorry about that.]
Ayveq the Walrus was a popular attraction at the Coney Island Aquarium. I guess people flocked to see him clap his hands and beg for fish.

Well, maybe not.It appears he was popular for another reason.

Though well-liked long before he discovered the habit that would make him a star, Ayveq’s frequent public self-gratification made him the Coney Island institution’s singular attraction.

Ahh…I see. Well, how did Ayveq die?

“On Saturday night, he was perfect — no problems at all,” said Dohlin, “but the next morning, we could see that he was not right.”

Within one week, he was dead, most likely of a “massive” bacterial infection, Dohlin said.

“We tried everything, but it progressed so rapidly,” he said.

Truly sad. We should all light a candle for poor Ayveq.

Well, I guess there is nothing else now to see on Coney Island in the summer time.

Except for Joey Chestnut eating hotdogs.

He Caught Him Once June 26, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks, Music, Science.
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didn’t work out so good…


Cowboy Latin June 25, 2008

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Woodrow Call: For all you know it invites people to rob us.

Gus McCrae: Well the first man comes along that can read Latin is welcome to rob us, far as I’m concerned. I’d like a chance t’ shoot at a educated man once in my life.

A few days ago, I met a very nice lady who teaches Latin . I asked her if she had seen the movie Lonesome Dove, because I’ve always wondered what the Latin phrase “Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit” on the Hat Creek Cattle Company sign meant. Sadly, she had never seen the movie, and I could not remember all the words off the top of my head.

A few seconds of intensive Internets research later, I came across an on-line exhibit of archived production items from the movie, which is maintained by Texas State University. They have the sign itself, and translate thusly:

The Latin phrase that appears on the Hat Creek Cattle Company sign in “Lonesome Dove” is a garbled corruption, and there’s no direct translation. It derives from the scholia to Juvenal 2.81 which cites the proverb “uva uvam videndo varia fit” This means something like “a grape changes color [i.e., ripens] when it sees [another] grape”

A few more mouse clickys lead me to Clint from Cowboyology, who further explains:

The old proverb, which is used in Lonesome Dove, is more or less equivalent to our “one bad apple spoils the bunch.”

I guess I was expecting something a little more insightful.

Cool Under Pressure June 24, 2008

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This spelling bee contestant knows how to stay calm and not crack up too much.