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I Got Yer Counter-Culture Right Heah! June 27, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Economics, Travel.

Bwah Ha!

Your right to swing your freak flag ends where someone else’s exposed yoni begins.



1. eddiebear - June 27, 2008

So this guy was a “performance artist”? And why couldn’t he have the decency to wear a shirt when booked?

2. Muslihoon - June 27, 2008

Something interesting about the cathedral Mr. Shirtless Burny Man tried to burn down:

The cathedral community is known for its open-mindedness, and is willing to accept teachings from religions besides Christianity.

He’s a freak, nonetheless. Who’d want to burn down an Episcopal church?

3. lauraw - June 28, 2008
4. skinbad - June 28, 2008

^Underwear purchases in the small Iowa town soared.

5. xbradtc - June 28, 2008

Just had email correspondence with an attendee at the event.
The theme at that year’s Burning Man was “Green Man”, so it was pretty controversial that they rebuilt him, and burned him again. The hippies only had so many carbon credits, you know.

6. mesablue - June 28, 2008

Heh, hippie brain freeze.

7. civ4freak - June 28, 2008

Way to mugshot, flashin the teeth and all.

8. eddiebear - June 28, 2008

Today I took my car to a service station to get an oil change. The guy at the counter told me it would be at least an hour.

So, I walked around the neighborhood a bit, and went into a local deli hat serves some awesome hoagies. They also have a shirt for sale that is Teh Awesumeness!1!!!1 On the back is written, “There are 22 reasons not to be a vegetarian”, and on the front is a picture of a cow with outlines of the 22 cuts of beef possible from a cow.

And yes, I bought it.

9. skinbad - June 29, 2008

Does it include tongue? ‘Cause I’d knock it down to 21 if that’s the case.

10. Muslihoon - June 29, 2008

Add brain, and it’s up to 22 again.

11. Sean M. - June 29, 2008

Best. Booking. Photo. Evah!

12. eddiebear - June 29, 2008

Brain is referenced. In STL, brain sandwiches are very popular.

13. zombieharrison - June 29, 2008


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