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I’ve Got Clout! June 29, 2008

Posted by Michael in Websites.

You betcha I do, and my clout has global reach.

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my commenting career when I finally snagged an Instalanche. But now I have arrived at a new summit. Thanks to this post, Innocent Bystanders is the NUMBER ONE TRAFFIC REFERRER to another site — one specializing in modern Australian pottery.

Unfortunately, the blog owner (Judith) is a serious student of modern Australian pottery, and she does not sound thrilled that morons like us are a significant part of her traffic.

This blog has a statistics page that tells me something about its users. The number one referrer is still You can find anything on the Intertubes ( but the figures do show that a very select audience is finding things of interest here and staying to explore links to other pages.

More on sources « Australian Pottery

OK, I concede that the mouth-breathers here are not the “select audience” she was hoping for. Nevertheless, I encourage you all to visit Australian Pottery, say hi to Judith, browse around and enjoy the exceptional pottery that she features, and maintain IB’s status as the NUMBER ONE TRAFFIC REFERRER in the world of modern Australian pottery.

The site really is worth a visit. You will be surprised by the cool stuff that potters are doing in the land down under.


1. Iraqi River Shark - June 29, 2008

Congratulations Michael. I’ve always known you had a global reach. You’ve certainly done wonders for my Internet footprint.

2. Amsterdam Hookers Union # 101 - June 29, 2008

Here-here! Huzzah for Michael!

3. Fat Naked Woman With Greased Thighs - June 29, 2008

Could you scratch my back?

4. The blind walrus with hair growing on his flippers - June 29, 2008

Oh great. Yeah, you’re giving me a whole load of traffic, but what good is it, now that I’m dead?

5. Jessica Alba - June 29, 2008

Giada is a tomato eating skank.

6. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

So I saw this comment in the “intertubes” thread.
9. Wickedpinto – September 30, 2007

I totaly thought you googled, something more important, like retarded guys in NW Indiana.

In a very ironic nod to self-reference, that’s the number one hit for “retarded guys in NW Indiana”.

Pinto posts, and therefore he is….

7. cranky - June 29, 2008

I’m sorry know that I did not take the opportunity to buy something on one of my trips there.

Michael, you’ll soon be globally reaching an English grammar blog — and they’ll slap your hand away.

Jessica, you have no class at all insulting an elegant lady such as Giada. Call me.

8. Michael - June 29, 2008

I was in Australia 4 or 5 times on business, never on vacation, but I spent a lot of time there, mostly in Melbourne. I helped to negotiate the deal that formed the company that currently delivers Yellow Pages books to Australians. Melbourne is a great city; very pretty with the Yarra River running through it. It has fantastic dining, and I saw a world-class production of The Phantom.

While this negotiation was going on, I took advantage of opportunities to visit Sydney (I stayed at Bondi Beach), Tasmania, Fern Gully, the wine country west of Melbourne, and driving around Port Phillip Bay. I never got to the touristy beach areas on the north coast, with the Great Barrier Reef. Oh well.

9. Vmaximus - June 29, 2008

Fishing the great barrier reef is at the top of my to do list. I am planning a trip this winter. If I make it that far I want to see Perth, I have no idea why, but it sounds cool.

10. Michael - June 29, 2008

Pinto posts, and therefore he is….

Dude, you are wasting a Descartes joke on this crowd. You should post that intellectual shit somewhere else.

11. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

It was just a little surprising to see so few hits. I LIVED in NW Indiana. The place is lousy with retards. I mean, c’mon, Pinto passed the ASVAB, I couldn’t get the valedictorian of Mann HS to pass.

12. Michael - June 29, 2008

I LIVED in NW Indiana.

So did I. But I lived in Porter County, a little east towards the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which is where all the white flight from Lake County went.

WickedPinto grew up in Lake County, and lives there today, adjacent to Chicago, and it’s largely a slum. Lake County would be a tough place for anyone to grow up, especially a white guy. I give WickedPinto a lot of credit for being a semi-normal person with a decent heart, because his life started off rough.

WickedPinto has been a guest in my home, and he is welcome back any time;

13. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

I hope I didn’t give the impression that I was down on WP. I’m not. I’ve enjoyed his musings from the first time I saw them.

I’m very familiar with Lake County, having been a resident there for 8 years. For four of those years, I recruited for the Army, in Gary, EC, Hammond, Lake Station, Griffith, Highland, Munster, BlackOak, Merrillville, Schererville and one or two other cities. It’s a dump. I hated the place, but there were some great folks.

14. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

Let me clarify: If I offended you or WP, I was wrong and I apologize.

15. Michael - June 29, 2008

An interisting thing about Australia is that there is no indigenous cuisine (other than the ubiquitous local BBQ), All the restaurants are ethnic. In Melbourne, you can find great Italian, French, Indian, and Thai restaurants.

What you can’t find is a “normal” food restaurant, like a TGI Friday’s, that just serves basic stuff. Australia does not have that. All the restaurants are ethnic.

I was actually stuck in Australia on Thanksgiving Day. I think I have mentioned this previously on this site. We could not find a turkey dinner in the entire city of Melbourne. So, we ended up having a really good Chinese meal, but that was not good enough to compensate for the fact that I was away from my children on Thanksgiving Day.

16. sandy burger - June 29, 2008

away from my children on Thanksgivinjg Day

Thanksgivinjg is such a special holiday, isn’t it?

17. eddiebear - June 29, 2008

I visited the Indiana Dunes last year with my family. I was amazed of the fact that in Michigan City, IN, most of the beachfront property that was up for sale had two callback numbers, one with the 219 area code, and one that was either 773 or 630.

And my wife wanted to visit the outlet malls in Mich City. I swear, almost all of the plates were Illinois ones.

Brad, you referenced the ASVAB. Were you a recruiter?

18. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

Eddie, indeed I was. I recruited right there in Gary. I tried to get the Michigan City office, but unless I was willing to give up the my infantry MOS, they wouldn’t let me have it.

19. eddiebear - June 29, 2008

^ I assume, then, that you kept the Infantry MOS.

I forget. Is a recruiter tour 2 years?

20. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

Eddie, normally 3 years, I kept the MOS, but extended a year there for a total of 4 then left the Army to go to work downtown.

21. Michael - June 29, 2008

I recruited right there in Gary

Jeebers, — Gary. I’ve been there. It is a hellhole.

That’s like working in a war zone. Did they give you a flak jacket?

22. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

It was a bit of a shock, seeing how I was raised in a very bucolic environment. When I moved there, it was the murder capital of the US. They were loosing a young black male a day. It was horrific.
When I would sit with a prospect and his mother (funny, no dads there), Mom would always say she didn’t want to see her baby killed in a war. I had a hard time convincing them that the Army was the safest place for the young man. But it was.
No flak jacket. Had guns pulled on me a few times, but mostly in a fairly friendly manner. Just flashing enough to show me they weren’t interested.
One guy in our office knocked on a door. The guy inside saw a uniform and thought he was a cop. Blasted through the door with a .12 gauge.

23. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

“loosing”= “losing”

24. See-Dubya - June 29, 2008

Didn’t everybody take the ASVAB in high school? Everybody in my high school did.

I had to go out of state to take the SAT.

25. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

S-D, it varies from school to school. I had some schools that wouldn’t even let me administer it.

26. Mrs. Peel - June 30, 2008

Didn’t everybody take the ASVAB in high school?

I don’t even know what that is. But I did take three SAT IIs and 15-20 AP and IB exams. Which made no difference whatsoever, because almost none of the 45 hours thus earned applied to my degree.

27. cathy - June 30, 2008

Michael is going to be sorry that he started this.

28. cathy - June 30, 2008

Pippin Drysdale is nice stuff! .

Great colors and textures.

29. xbradtc - June 30, 2008
30. BrewFan - June 30, 2008

Michael is going to be sorry that he started this.


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