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Labraony / Shetrador June 29, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Science.

Too small to treat your sofa like the dirty, over-stuffed layabout she is. Might have to watch out for your deck chairs, though. Or your leg.



1. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

Cute story, but my question is, what were you googleing to get that video? “Love, dog, pony”
And what else came up on that search?

2. skinbad - June 29, 2008

I was looking for Obama/Hillary love fest info. and a bunch of “dog and pony show” stuff came up.

Is that plausible enough?

3. eddiebear - June 29, 2008

Better than a masturbating walrus, I say.

4. lauraw - June 29, 2008

Oh that’s just adorable.
I just have to think that only a Labrador could work that trick with a prey species. Such wonderful gentle goofs they are.

Gosh I miss our Lab…

5. cathy - June 29, 2008

Sweet aminals! Cute story. Thanks.

6. xbradtc - June 29, 2008

My current favorite bagpipe music.

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