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They Cheat, I Cheat June 30, 2008

Posted by Pupster in Crime, Food, History, Personal Experiences, Philosophy, Women Ranting.

Chunky like a big fat monkey

Test your American Candy Bar IQ.

I got 16 out of 20, but I cheated and took it twice. It’s a multiple choice quiz, and their correct answer to the above picture is “Chunky”, which is misleading. It is obviously not just a Chunky, but a Chunky with peanuts and raisins.

You’re welcome.

Hat tip: Big Dog at RWS


1. BrewFan - June 30, 2008

13/20. I can’t believe I missed the KitKat. It’s my favorite. Let’s be honest; they’re all my favorites 🙂

2. doubleplusundead - June 30, 2008

14/20, and I wouldn’t have needed your mulligan. BTW, all you IBer’s be sure to drop by conservative grapevine, I’m a guest contributor there this week.

3. Pupster - June 30, 2008

Maybe it’s just a regional thing, but I remember Chunky as just a cube of solid chocolate. Never seen a peanut raisin Chunky.

4. doubleplusundead - June 30, 2008

Did I kill another damn thread here?

5. doubleplusundead - June 30, 2008

Heh, maybe not…uh, I dunno, maybe, in Pennsylvania Chunky bars are chocolate w/raisins and nuts, like the pic.

6. Pupster - June 30, 2008

Did you get “Charleston Chew” right DPUD? I always picked those because they were the biggest. Didn’t taste so good, but there was a lot of it.

7. Sobek - June 30, 2008

16/20, and if there’s a difference between a Skor and a Heath, I’ve never been able to find it, so that was pretty lame.

8. doubleplusundead - June 30, 2008

Yeah, got Charleston Chew, I actually tried my first Charleston Chew recently…not that impressive.

9. eddiebear - June 30, 2008

My favoritest indulgence not involving heavy drinking comes from a DQ Blizzard with Heath Bars.

I list few things in life better than getting laid, but since I am married, I can actually get a Blizzard any time, while the other event occurs a little more frequently than a fair election in Zimbabwe.

10. Michael - June 30, 2008

BTW, all you IBer’s be sure to drop by conservative grapevine


If you are intending to pimp a blog here, at least do it right. Give us a frickin’ link. Sheesh. If you need advice on blog-pimping, send an email to Retired Geezer. He’s an expert.

11. Michael - June 30, 2008

7 out of 20. I eat jelly beans.

12. doubleplusundead - June 30, 2008

Alright, alright, conservativegrapevine.com would be the link. Believe me, I’m plenty good at shamelessly pimping sites.

13. skinbad - July 1, 2008

Does anyone remember the ROCKY ROAD candybar in the red wrapper? There was also a green wrapper kind but I don’t remember what was different about it.


Do you really need anything besides SNICKERS? Maybe a Kit Kat once in a while.

14. xbradtc - July 1, 2008

++UD is very good. He pimped my site, and I got mad traffic. I, on the other hand, am a buffon.

I got mentioned by name at instapundit. No, not blog, name. Damn. So close, and yet so far!

15. geoff - July 1, 2008

Do you really need anything besides SNICKERS? Maybe a Kit Kat once in a while.

Has dietary science really slid this far? As well-established by thorough research in my undergraduate years, you need a salt (Fritos), a sweet (Snickers, which I believe man can live off alone), a minty refresher (Starlight Mints, Altoids, or the like), and a cold (Oreo Blizzard, duh).

My wife wishes I was kidding.

16. Dave in Texas - July 1, 2008


17. cathy - July 1, 2008


Some candy bars in that collection were new to me. I gots cornfuzed.

Payday has always been my favorite. Happy to ID the diff between Skor and Heath… like them bigtime too. Sobek, I think the Skor is a bit thinner.

Mounds and Almond Joy were no brainers. So was Charleston Chew. I missed ButterFinger! The cut into the candy bar was much too smooth to be reality. They must have used a hot serrated knife or saw to not get the jagged crystal edges in the honey-peanut butter center… their center looked chewy. I like ButterFingers, and methinks they cheated.

Michael’s favorite is Snickers too, Skinny and Geoff.
The “perfect food,” huh?…

18. cathy - July 1, 2008

Second try 17/20…
Third try 20/20…
9:30 a.m…me ready for candy now!

And Brew, there was something wrong with their KitKat…
Not enough wafer cookie layers near the top of that thing.
Would have missed it, but your comment helped set me up for it.

19. kevlarchick - July 1, 2008

Not even taking that test. I won’t do well and will be hot for chocolate for the rest of the day. My mouth is already watering..

20. cathy - July 1, 2008

Pupser has me thinking about the Chunky.

Remember raisins in chocolate, but didn’t recall peanuts (circa 1955).

21. lauraw - July 1, 2008

The Chunky bar always has peanuts and raisins in it around here.

22. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2008

If you need advice on blog-pimping, send an email to Retired Geezer

Note to self: Make an actual Post on my moronblog so I can pimp it.

23. Dave in Texas - July 1, 2008

That’s what I remember too… I remember as a kid getting one, biting into it, and saying “hey! theres raisins in this stupid thing. they tricked me”!

24. Dave in Texas - July 1, 2008
25. harrison - July 1, 2008

26. cranky - July 1, 2008

Under .500. I’ve always liked Kit Kat and got that one, and the Chunky (raisins and peanuts in it growing up in PA), not too good on the other stuff. Now I like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Snickers and Mars Bars were good too as was Nestle Crunch. Bunch of those candy bars I don’t recognize.

This is the kind of test that makes me feel really old. Thanks for that Pupster.

27. PattyAnn - July 1, 2008

We were so poor we couldn’t afford raisins and peanuts in Chunkys in Ohio.

28. Mr Minority - July 1, 2008


And I admit that I guessed at a few and got lucky. But then again I am a Candy Expert and full time chocoholic.

29. Mr Minority - July 1, 2008

We were so poor we couldn’t afford raisins and peanuts in Chunkys in Ohio.

We were so poor we ate rabbit turds and imagined they were raisins….you don’t want to know what we ate to replace peanuts.

30. eddiebear - July 1, 2008


31. Pupster - July 1, 2008

Just one aspect of the service we offer, Cranky.

Did I tell you I got my hair colored and permed to look just like Shepard Smith’s ?

The chicks really dig me now.

32. skinbad - July 1, 2008

Shep has a nice voice. I sometimes wish it wasn’t connected to his brain.

33. Pupster - July 1, 2008


10 seconds of Internets research has convinced me that Chunky always had peanuts and raisins, I’m a moron, and I’ve never eaten a Chunky candy bar in my life.


34. harrison - July 1, 2008

Dude, maybe those weren’t candy bars…

35. BrewFan - July 1, 2008

Dude, maybe those weren’t candy bars…

kinda like the scene in Caddyshack when the Baby Ruth gets dropped in the pool except this time it ain’t a Baby Ruth? Is that what you mean?

36. cathy - July 1, 2008

Chunky’s raisins and nuts don’t overwhelm the experience, so that the taste mostly chocolate. I like that.

Pupster – I noticed from what I read that the nuts used in the first Chunky were not peanuts, but Brazil nuts and cashews.

*wondering when they switched*

37. harrison - July 1, 2008

Brewfan, see # 25 ^.

38. Muslihoon - July 1, 2008

Brazil nuts

Isn’t Her Ladyship deathly allergic to Brazil nuts?

I don’t think I’ve had half of these things.

39. BrewFan - July 1, 2008

Haha! I love that movie.

It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!

40. Mr Minority - July 1, 2008

Brazil nuts

“Brazil nuts, I just love Brazil nuts! What do you call them?”

“We’re in Brazil. We just call them nuts”

41. pajama momma - July 2, 2008

18/20. Now you know why I’m a chunky monkey.

I messed up on the Take 5 and one bar looked like a butterfinger, but was not.

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