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Welcome To The Party, Pal July 30, 2008

Posted by wintersetruss in Humor, Personal Experiences.

  I see that one of my real world buddies has discovered the IB-iverse.  Commenter extraordinaire “Jay in Ames” left a blurb on my last post, and I just wanted to say “Come on in, take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable and get me a new beer while you’re up”. 

  Jay is the man who singlehandedly convinced my father that my whole college career was one long drunken haze. 

  In the fall of ’95, ISU had a running back named Troy Davis who was tearing up the turf.  In his two years as a starter, he managed to rack up back to back 2,000 yard seasons (which has NEVER been done before in D1 football, or since…but did he win the freakin’ Heisman?  Nooooooooooo.), and he was the main reason to watch ISU football for the 95 and 96 seasons.  A family friend was working as a sales rep for a industrial machinery company at the time, and he gave my father and I two tickets five rows up from the bench smack dab on the 50 yard line for the ISU game against Kansas State.  This game was played in early November, and as frequently happens in Iowa, the weather was abysmal that week.  Temps were below 20 degrees, and the wind was pushing 20 to 30 mph all day.  By the second half, I’d bet that the stadium held about 300 or so people hanging on to watch the buttkicking that ISU got that day. 

  After the game, we met up with two of my old roommates at a Campustown bar for pizza & beer.  Welch Avenue Station is a great bar to sit down & watch a game, and Pizza Pit, the restaurant located upstairs from the bar, brings the pies right down to your table.  We were all sitting at a big table up by the window out onto Welch Avenue, when the bartender came over to get our orders.  He went around the table getting everyone’s drinks, and when he got to me at last, he said “OK, Russ.  What can I get you.”  My dad shot me a look that said “You graduated four years ago, and the bartenders STILL know you by your first name?”  Ames is a town of about 50,000 people when the students are in town, so I couldn’t play it off like I could have if I’d gone to some small-town college.  I was sort of freaked out at first, but then I figured out what happened.  Two of my old buddies from the dorms had worked at Welch Avenue Station during school, and I had been introduced to Jay at some off campus party sometime during college.  At least that’s what I figure.  The late 80’s and early 90’s are somewhat hazy to me still. 

  Fast forward to about 2000 or 2001, and I’m a regular commenter on a sports talk radio station message board in Des Moines.  We schedule a “get together” at an Iowa Cubs AAA baseball game, and a bunch of us reprobates from the internet meet (without firearms, Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat, or geniune Iowa beef, so it really wasn’t much of an internet get-together).  What do you know, but one of them JUST HAPPENED TO BE JAY FROM AMES!  Weird. 

  Oh yeah, and my dad finally met Jay at one of our tailgates a few years ago.  I reminded him of the original incident, and we got a big laugh out of it. 

  Anyway, he’ll be a valuable addition to our little corner of the internet.  I can’t vouch for his shooting ability, but I can reassure you that he always filled the pitchers of Bass Ale right up to the very, very top.  That makes him a stand-up guy in my book.


1. eddiebear - July 30, 2008

welcome, Jay!

2. BrewFan - July 30, 2008

Hi Jay, any friend of Russ’ is a friend of ours. Any chance you’re a Packer fan?

3. eddiebear - July 30, 2008


4. Mr Minority - July 30, 2008

Honest question: what Pro NFL Team would an Iowan root for?

5. eddiebear - July 30, 2008

It’s kinda like baseball: some Iowans are Cubs fans, some are Cardinals fans. I bet the split is between the Bears, Packers, Chiefs, or Vikings.

6. Jay in Ames - July 30, 2008

Chiefs, but it looks like another dry year. Favre would be just the ticket, although I don’t think he could buy enough health insurance to compensate for the Chef’s OLine.

Good to see more than a few Cardinal fans here, though. Nice site, and I love the comments. It sure is easy to lose a few work hours a week here.

7. Jay in Ames - July 30, 2008

“I bet the split is between the Bears, Packers, Chiefs, or Vikings.”

Mostly Bears and Vikings, but there are a lot Packer fans, too. Chiefs bring up the rear. Last few years it seemed like there were more Patriots fans around here than Chief fans. Herm Edwards as your coach will do that to a fan base.

8. eddiebear - July 30, 2008


I’m watching the return of the Carpenter tonight for the Cards. They are treating his return as if he were Lazarus returning from the dead.

9. geoff - July 30, 2008

mmmm. Bass Ale.

10. Jay in Ames - July 30, 2008

Oh, and the story, all true. Russ did meet me at an afterhours, and that’s what stuck with me. After all, I got to party with Silent Bob that night!

11. eddiebear - July 30, 2008

Bass + Guinness = Black and Tan Awesomeness!

12. Jay in Ames - July 30, 2008


Yeah, the coverage is a wee bit over the top, isn’t it? Good to see the big guy back, though. He’s the jersey I keep asking for for Christmas, but just can’t quite get.

13. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2008

^ Quit asking Russ for the jersey. He’s got another mouth to feed.

Well, maybe now that he’s a highly paid sports blogger you might get your wish.

14. Michael - July 30, 2008

After the game, we met up with two of my old roommates at a Campustown bar for pizza & beer.

At least this story did not involve a Khafka-esque encounter, and I am grateful for that.

15. TXMarko - July 30, 2008

Bass Ale?

Wow! That’s Terrific Bass!

some day I got to learn how to embed….

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