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Business Attire August 28, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Crime, Ducks, Gardening, News, Science, Sex, Technology, Travel.

Kevlarchick occasionally refers to me as a “suit”.  Which I am.  As is Michael and a couple of you other lugs too, but when she calls me a “suit” she’s complimenting me, and when she calls you a “suit” she really means “asshole”.

I’m pretty sure that’s what she means.

Anyway, it’s Thursday afternoon and I feel like shit and I can’t sleep so I decided to post about one of my occasional forms of business wear, a dress shirt with French cuffs.  I like them cause you get to style a little with your cufflinks.  Normally the tie is the only thing in your “flashy” arsenal, so a little bling is fun, and it intimidates the hell out of the rest of the staff.

Here’s some of my favs:

The pair on the left is just a little color, and the ones on the right have that nautical theme goin.

A little blue stone called Lapis Lazurilai-somethin, and my personal favs on the right, a Mercury head dime.  Needs some polishing up I think.


I really dig these.  They look like shriveled testicles or the planet Earth.  See Baja, there on the right?

Here’s the finished package.


Now you know my middle initial, which for some reason isn’t in the middle, but that’s not important right now.


1. Muslihoon - August 28, 2008

I love the compass cuff links and the lapiz lazuli ones. Awesome.

I like cufflink shirts too. Don’t get many chances to wear them; and my cufflinks tend to be on the simple side.

When I become Grand Overlord of this company, and have minions to boss around, I’ma gonna splurge on French cuff shirts and cufflinks!

Are the nautical themed ones from Nautica? Do you have a preferred cufflink company?

2. eddiebear - August 28, 2008

I have a Union Jack cufflink set given to me by a friend, a pure silver with my initials, a USA Flag pair, and one of a monkey drinking liquor.

3. eddiebear - August 28, 2008

And I love French Cuff shirts.
But, I am glad that at my company, I only wear a suit when the lawyers show up.

4. Lipstick - August 28, 2008

Love French cuffs and the links.

And blast you for knocking off my post from the top of the page. Oh well, I had a good 30 SECONDS there!

I refreshed and actually yelled DAVID!!!

5. Muslihoon - August 28, 2008

You know you’re in trouble when someone yells one’s actual name rather than nickname.

Learned that from Mom.

I actually love wearing suits. I don’t at my current job because that would not only be overdressing, but would be outdressing my bosses, which would not be nice.

6. xbradtc - August 28, 2008

I’ve always enjoyed wearing suits to work. And a couple of years ago, I purged almost all my barrel cuffs and went to french cuffs. I inherited quite a few cuff-links from my father, including some nice monogrammed ones. We share the same initials, so I’ve got that going for me.

7. daveintexas - August 28, 2008

I changed it. Yours was way more interesting Lipstick.

Muslihoon, most of them came from Land’s End, oddly enough. I think I saw the compass ones in a catalog on a flight and ordered them.

8. eddiebear - August 28, 2008

The only people who call me by my birth naem are the police, telemarketers, and my mother.

My wife can tell when a HS or College friend calls, since they call me “Eddie”.

9. Lipstick - August 28, 2008

Oh Dave, now I feel like a diva.

And I am not, dammit, and where the hell are my color-sorted M&Ms?

10. eddiebear - August 28, 2008


11. Pupster - August 28, 2008

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, Mr. inTexas.

Stoaty has some photoshops that might cheer you up.

12. Lipstick - August 28, 2008

Send all the brown ones to Eddie. I like color.

And thanks Dave. See, now you’re back to “Dave”.

13. kevlarchick - August 28, 2008

Nice cufflinks. Very classy. SUIT.

14. Cathy - August 28, 2008

Business attire?

How ’bout business time?

15. See-Dubya - August 28, 2008

Those should be called “Freedom Cuffs”.

16. Mr Minority - August 28, 2008

The only time I wear a suit for work is when I have to got to Hearings. and for them, there is no way they are going to get my nice fwench cuffed shirts, just regular dress shirts for them!

I have a nice pair of gold and onyx cuff links, but my favorite are the pair my father gave me: 1 is the front end of a ’52 Ford and the other the back end of the Ford.

17. Lipstick - August 28, 2008

You home sick Dave? What’s up?

18. TattooedIntellectual - August 28, 2008

Hah, my suit consists of trail pants and a t-shirt, plus a huge ass carabiner of keys/compass and sometimes water bottle holder. Much better than business casual.

19. Pupster - August 28, 2008

*taps finger on chin*

You are a locksmith for Yellowstone Park with poor directional skills?

20. Dave in Texas - August 28, 2008

I gots me a summer cold. And as a man, I know whining accelerates the healing process.

21. Michael - August 28, 2008

French cuffs?!?!?! With gaudy links?!?!?!?!?

Am I the only one noticing that Dave is gay?

22. Lipstick - August 28, 2008

Well, Michael, it’s not so much the cuffs or the links, but the monogram is suspiciously fruity.

23. Michael - August 28, 2008

True dat. Monograms are so poofterish I will turn them down when they are offered as a free addition.

24. eddiebear - August 29, 2008

But do you have personalized stationery?

My wife keeps hounding me to get us some, instead of using the free paper I get from hotels when I travel.

25. Wickedpinto - August 29, 2008

I have a SHITLOAD of cufflinks!

They are called “buttons.”

Eat your heart out dave 🙂

Actually the one with the lapis, looks like one of the naval medals I’ve seen, don’t know which one.

26. Retired Geezer - August 29, 2008

The only time I wear a suit for work is when I have to go to Hearings.

That’s when the bailiff looks at MrM and says, “Will the Defendant please rise.”

27. Cathy - August 29, 2008

Sorry you’re feeling crappy Dave. Poor baby.

28. composmentis - August 29, 2008

Am I the only one noticing that Dave is gay?

No. The moment I saw “French” I thought “fag.” But Dave’s seemingly a really nice guy for a butt-pirate.

29. Dave in Texas - August 30, 2008

You laugh cm, but look who’s got all the wimmins takin care of him now.


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