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And I Thought The Republicans Were The Boring Cheapskates August 29, 2008

Posted by Edward von Bear in Economics, Entertainment, Food, Humor, Movies, Politics.

Well, it seems that the only hope, change, and arousal flowing through Denver this past week was at the Obama speech. It turns out the strip clubs, one venue that would attract politicians and their hangers on, didn’t do as well as expected.

Michelle Horning, a dancer at La Boheme, said business is slower this week than normal because there is a big lull in customers in the evenings during the political speeches.

She said last week was good when politicians’ advance teams were in town ahead of the convention.

I bet. But how will the strippers recoup their losses?

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association show hits the Colorado Convention Center starting Wednesday.

“If the DNC is a bust, then the CEDIA will pick us up,” Horning said.

Business at another club, the Diamond Cabaret, has remained steady, employees said, despite several road closures due to protests that shut off the club’s valet parking.

Horning said exotic dancers from across the country, expecting large crowds because of the Democratic National Convention, contacted La Boheme in the past several weeks hoping to dance this week. Management turned them down, however, opting to let the club’s more tenured dancers take the stage.

Dancers and servers at the club are still hoping visiting Democrats will drop some cash at La Boheme, though.

Further proof that Democrats are good at spending other peoples’ money and not their own.


1. composmentis - August 29, 2008

Dude, the Dems all shot their wads jerking off to Obama’s nonsense. There was nothing left to get them up for strippers.

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