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Teenage Texan Saves Horses, Shames Barack August 29, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

The Bureau of Land Management has a problem.  Herds of wild horses and burros can damage the environment from over-grazing, and need to be thinned.  So they capture some, and try to get people to adopt them, in order to avoid culling the herds.

Sarah, age 14, is one person who is up to the challenge.

LEWISVILLE – Petra, on first sight, was a decided mismatch for your average horse-crazed teenage girl.

The tough little mustang was dirty, angry, homesick and slightly prone to bite. The owner of the stable where she was taken to board was dubious.

“He said, ‘She stays in the stall. She’s going to hurt someone,’ ” said Petra’s new owner, Sarah Buchanan. “She looked really wild.”

But Sarah, at 14, is far past the dreamy “my little pony” stage of adolescent horse crushes. She had already adopted, tamed and trained two other wild mustangs, and was certain she could do the same with Petra.

Three months later, the sturdy little yearling mare follows Sarah with a doglike devotion, politely nuzzles visitors, patiently allows inspection of each hoof.

Sarah says:  “I can’t imagine my life without horses.”

Tonight, Barack Obama said:  “America, we are a better country than this.”

No, Barack, America is a better country than you.  You and Michelle will never understand its greatness, having been indoctrinated by Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the culture of victimhood.

The greatness of America is simple people with a passion.  Like Sarah.

Denton County teen has a talent for taming wild mustangs | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Breaking News for Dallas-Fort Worth | Dallas Morning News


1. eddiebear - August 29, 2008

One of the saddest things I have heard in a while was when one of my office secretaries complained her and her husband made too much money for their children to qualify for free breakfast and lunch at one of the local Public School Districts. So, I asked her how much the “unsubsidized” breakfast and lunch cost.

I asked, because my daughter’s preschool is $2.50 for lunch and $.10 per thing of milk, expecting to hear the same. And I feed her breakfast each morning, since my wife has to get to work before I wake up.

She said it was $.40 a meal, with milk, juice, or water included. Obviously, a bunch of that meal is still subsidized. But she almost quit her job to stay below the “free lunch” threshold.

I asked if I would pay the $.80/day, would she stay on, and she said yes.

This is why I am kinda down right now. Not for the $.80 a day. But that so many people are like this.

2. eddiebear - August 29, 2008

I meant $.80./day per child. Damn.

And yet my best friend’s dad came from Germany as a child after WWII with $5 to his name, worked his ass off, and was able to put his three sons through Biz School at SLU and Wash U, and his sons are all raging successes today.

3. xbradtc - August 29, 2008

Will you buy me lunch at 6.47 per day?

4. Wickedpinto - August 29, 2008

Random thing, I mentioned how I thought Jason Castro, actually performed Hallelujah better than buckley, even though I know he removed verses.

I only JUST realized tat the verses removed, were those that mentioned faith.

How could jason do with all 5, rather than just two? I have to think on that, I still think that the little nice boy guthrie could outdoe buckley if he’s allowed to do all 5, but he’s not.

5. PattyAnn - August 29, 2008

WP, Jason Castro has recorded a full version of “Hallelujah” for a Mexican film “Tierra de Tigres.”
When the film’s released I’m sure you’ll be hearing the long version being played.

6. BrewFan - August 29, 2008

The greatness of America is simple people with a passion. Like Petra.

I don’t think Petra is a people.

BTW, it is a well known fact that if you don’t like Obama YOU MUST BE A RACIST!

7. Pupster - August 29, 2008

The greatness of America is simple ponies with a passion, and free access to used furniture.

8. Steve - August 29, 2008

Great article, Michael.

9. Cathy - August 29, 2008

Lewisville is just up the road a piece. I’m so glad to be back in Texas and proud to be part of this community. Thanks Michael for getting me back to Texas AND for this great article.

Hey Mr. Grammar Policeman Brew (@ #6)… Maybe Michael meant for the passion to be Petra, since the people is Sarah.

*live with him (Michael, not Petra or Sarah) and want to be supportive*

10. kevlarchick - August 29, 2008

Poor little pony.

11. Lipstick - August 29, 2008

Cathy, I hear that Michael is going to remind you about your gratitude to be back in Texas. . .out by the pool.


12. Dave in Texas - August 29, 2008

“slightly prone to bite”

Damn, it only takes one. Got bit right on the tit by one of those stupid bastard horses once.

And it never called me back either.

13. Cathy - August 29, 2008

Spent a lot of time around horses as a teenager in Missouri.
Been bit, kicked, thrown, stepped on and rammed into things.
Still have a spot in my heart for them.

And in Raytown Missouri, our school mascot was the Mustangs.

14. Barb the Evil Genius - August 29, 2008

Um, I think Sarah is the girl and Petra is the horse. But we still live in a great country. And I can’t let my horse-crazy daughter read this.

15. BrewFan - August 29, 2008

*live with him…

And for this you should get a medal 🙂

16. Michael - August 29, 2008

I think Sarah is the girl and Petra is the horse.

Dang! I fixed it.

17. Lipstick - August 30, 2008

No, Barack, America is a better country than you.

Exactly! So true.

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