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Cool Facts about Sarah Palin August 31, 2008

Posted by Retired Geezer in News.

Seems like amazing facts like these should be acknowledged.

I’ll start:

When Sarah Barracuda plays Basketball with Obama, Reverend Wright cries.

OK, I know it’s lame, that’s just to inspire you morons.

Well, that and to keep our streak alive.

Thanks Musli for the link to the *real* Sarah Palin Facts site.


1. Wickedpinto - August 31, 2008

Confederate Yankee had a couple, and then he found the website that had more of them, but I like this one from Yankee.

“Unlike Dick Cheney, who shoots small birds with a 28-gauge shotgun, Sarah Palin hunts moose. When she shoots a lawyer, they’ll stay down.”

2. Lipstick - August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin kills grizzly bears by wrapping her thighs around their necks and strangling them.

3. Wickedpinto - August 31, 2008

I’ll be in my bunk.

4. Pupster - August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin on the ticket makes Pupster get yard signs and bumper stickers with McCain’s name on them too, unless I get some laminated paper.

-photo courtesy S. Weasel

5. Pupster - August 31, 2008

I just ate the first Manwich sammich I’ve had in about 30 years.

Damn that was good. Think I’ll have nother.

6. mesablue - August 31, 2008

Stop typing with your mouth full.

7. Dave in Texas - August 31, 2008

I’ve never grilled a moose but I am willing to learn.

8. Muslihoon - August 31, 2008

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin will send Biden a pre-debate cheat sheet. The sheet will have tips on defending against Kung Fu Death Grip.


9. Muslihoon - August 31, 2008

Little known fact: Sarah Palin would have just had an Eagle drop the Ring into Mount Doom.

Teeheehee. How geeky.

10. Muslihoon - August 31, 2008

This explains things: Little Known Fact: Iran’s nuclear program is a response to Sarah Palin.

Check them all out:

11. Barry in CO - August 31, 2008

Here’s an actual fact about Sarah Palin: her parents are professional trappers. They helped trap and kill vermin at the WTC site after September 11.


12. Muslihoon - August 31, 2008

They helped trap and kill vermin at the WTC site after September 11.

They’re part of the counter-terrorism crew?

13. Russ from Winterset - September 1, 2008

I hope the Republican Party is flying Mrs. Palin’s folks to Minneapolis/St.Paul as we speak. They’ve got a WICKED vermin problem there this week.

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