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Punny Business August 31, 2008

Posted by Pupster in Ducks, Philosophy, Websites.

I heard a radio commercial for a new acid reflux medicine, and it got me to thinking about who in the hell comes up with product names, and how much are they getting paid? There has got to be some marketing firm in Manhattan, laughing their acifphex-s off all the way to the bank.

While looking around for more bad brand names, I came across this article at Bspcn.com: The 50 Best Pun Stores. Some are pretty clever, some not so much.  If nothing else, it will keep The Hostages in blog header pictures for a few days.

Weekend at Pintos

Weekend at Pintos

The 50 Best Pun Stores


1. BrewFan - September 1, 2008

Excellent! I love puns.

2. Pupster - September 1, 2008

Some of the comments on that article are pretty good too…

“There is (was?) a Chinese-Tex-Mex fusion place in San Antonio call Wok-a-Molé.”

3. cranky - September 1, 2008
4. skinbad - September 1, 2008

When I was a kid, the Dick Tracy comic had a character who was one of Dick’s former officer pals. He retired and started a lawn care business:

“Lawn Order” I thought that was pretty clever.

5. mesablue - September 1, 2008

Thanx pups, but in the constantly demanding search for new header photos, I’ve already pillaged that site.

There are a few new ones, though.

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