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For Sobek and Muslihoon August 26, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Science.

Does this help? This is a much better deal.


Sudan Hijacking August 26, 2008

Posted by Sobek in News.

Someone hijacked a Sudanese plane en route from Nyala (in Darfur) to Khartoum.  Not a lot of details yet, but the hijacker was armed with a knife, and the plane has landed in south-eastern Libya.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a quote from Michael Moore about the 9/11 hijackers:

“If the passengers had included black men, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody. . . . “

Better yet, for $21,540, I’ll just give you the damn thing August 26, 2008

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This local truck ad is so dumb it makes my teeth hurt. It’s offensive to my high standards of stupidity.

You try to raise them right August 25, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Music, Personal Experiences.

but some of them will take up the banjo anyway.

I saw these guys last night. The local church invited them to come and talk to the yutes. I took oldest daughter and Mrs. Skinny. They needed to do more playing and less talking, but I enjoyed the music.


John Lee Hooker Birthday Celebration! August 25, 2008

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ducks, History, Music, Personal Experiences.

By now, you can probably surmise that my musical tastes are all over the map (except country and rap. I hate all but 1.5% of each). Anyway, one of my fondest memories of undergrad was playing Hearts or Spades at a friend’s place, booze and cigars flowing freely, and John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, or Robert Johnson playing in the background.

Anyway, JLH’s birthday came upon us yesterday, and I forgot about it while I was posting soft core pr0n a techno video I liked.

Anyway, here is one of my favorites:

Oh, and the humidity is so bad right now, when my daughter asked me to take her to the Missouri Botanical Gardens yesterday to play in the new Children’s Area, I ducked into the Climatron to escape the heat index.

Techno Music+Wimmins+Safety Glasses=A Clean Prostate August 24, 2008

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[Note from Site Administration — NSFW]


In Texas, Houses Come With People August 24, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

In our case, that’s mostly Paul. He looks about 60; a grey-haired hippie with a beard that goes to his belly. Sort of a ZZ Top look. Paul has a heart of gold, and knows everything about this house, having worked on all the renovations done by the prior owners. Paul said directly: “I come with the house.” But you have to understand — work gets done on Paul Time.

Paul went through a bad patch a few of years ago. His wife of 30 years died of kidney failure, and he says he did not leave his house for six months afterwards. Cathy thinks that working on our house probably helped pull him out of the depression. Paul was here today fixing stuff, including a dishwasher leak that was caused by a mouse eating through a hose to get water. Paul was disgusted by the fact that a good dishwasher got installed with really cheap plastic hoses. This was not a huge problem, really, because the kitchen floor is slate and was not damaged. Plus, there is a second dishwasher. The kitchen in this place is over the top. There is a built-in coffee machine.

The Pool Guy is Josh. I met him yesterday. He was friendly and helpful, explaining the system to me. I’m used to mechanical timers and valves you can turn. This pool is controlled by a computer and electronic valves. There is a wireless base station, which tells you stuff like the date and time, chemical condition of the pool, air and water temperature, and so forth. It is intimidating to me. You have to push a button to make the lions on the side of the pool puke water.

The HVAC guy is Gilbert, an alarmingly good-looking Hispanic guy that Cathy seemed to like a lot. He knows all about our five A/C units (including the little unit in the wine room, where we stuffed in our beer fridge). We had to call him today, because the house was hot. Paul gave us his number. He promptly showed up and fixed the problem for $60. Not a bad deal.

Paul’s son is fixing a break in our sprinkler system. I’m supposed to meet him tomorrow. It’s an old PVC system that had two 90° angles too close together, given the relatively high water pressure we have.

Paul is also a source of information. He told us we have a new neighbor, who just bought a house across the street and three doors up. Cathy actually looked at that house and liked it, but it was disqualified because it has an artificial stucco exterior, which means our relo service won’t accept it into the program if we move again. They have had too many problems with artificial stucco.

Anyway, according to Paul, the neighborhood news is that the house got bought by Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. According to Paul, his girlfriend is Jessica Simpson.

Maybe I will start taking Casey on walks.

UPDATE: I just took this picture of my new neighbor while I was walking Casey. My new neighbor is obviously trying to fit into the Texas lifestyle:

Bucket List Movie Review August 23, 2008

Posted by Retired Geezer in Man Laws, Movies.

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are at the top of their game.

I didn’t think I was going to like it but I was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. Geezer watched it twice, back to back.

It had a pretty good soundtrack including Say by John Mayer and my favorite ZZ Top song, Tush.

Warning: Apparently the songs in the movie are not on the official Soundtrack CD. What’s up with that?

JDRF fundraiser request August 22, 2008

Posted by wintersetruss in Heroes, Personal Experiences.

  My ol’ blogging buddy, Kathy the Cakeeater, is requesting donations to her nephew James’ entry in the Omaha-area JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  I linked it over at “the mothership”, and someone in the comments mentioned that JDRF is a big lobbying force for embryonic stem cells.  I can see where this could be a problem for some of you, but I look at it as an organization that does good work overall BUT one that has a blind spot in one particular moral category. 

  If you’re so inclined, follow the link to their team site and give a donation.  Over at Ace’s, I suggested referencing Paul Anka and his “integrity kick” in the comment you can leave with your donation, just to try to freak them out as to why all the Paul Anka fans are lining up to give them money.

  If you have moral qualms about donating to an organization that might possibly use a portion of the money for lobbying, then that’s cool with me.  Please consider contributing the same amount of money to a Christian Relief organization instead, and accept my thanks no matter what you decide to do.

Thursday Night Dance Party, “Chicks Who Rock” Edition. August 21, 2008

Posted by wintersetruss in Music.

  I’ll go with what I know.  Eighties rock with a smattering of blues mixed in to liven it up.


First out of the gate:  Johnette Napolitano and Concrete Blonde.

  They also did a great version of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” on the Sountrack for “Pump Up the Volume”, but I’ve got a rule about mixing Christian Slater movies & music posts.  It’s out there.  Look it up and you won’t be disappointed.


Citius, Altius, Fortius, Hirsutius August 21, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Entertainment, Sports.

This guy is a Utard. I remember him coming to our high school for an assembly. He killed.



“Daddy, You May Go Now. I’m OK. I’m A Big Girl Now.” August 20, 2008

Posted by Edward von Bear in Personal Experiences.


Today was the first day of preschool for my daughter. Yes, I know that at the age of three, preschool is pretty much a glorified, semi-organized play time away from parents. But my wife and I wanted to get our daughter comfortable in a school setting for when the real thing starts when she turns five.

As luck would have it, we were able to find a school that had preschool fairly close to our house. So, we registered our daughter, bought the uniforms, and hoped everything would go well. When she turns five, we will start her at the Kindergarten at our parish school, but until then, this will work.

The title of my post is the admonishment my daughter gave me when I went into the classroom to meet the teacher. And to think, just three years ago, she barely lived through birth, and I could fit her on my lap with room to spare.

Man, how time flies. And I hate to admit it, but today was a tough day for me, realizing how much she has grown in so short of a span.