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High Powered Firearms + Fools=Yikes! September 5, 2008

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ducks, Entertainment, Family, Heroes, Humor, Law, Literature, Man Laws, Science, Sex, Sports, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Websites.

I know I am an enthusiastic noob when it comes to The Way Of The Gun, but I have to wonder what in the hell was going through the minds of these people that convinced them to take a spin with these big boomers.

First up is something called the T Rex Rifle. I have never heard of this thing, and judging by the video, this bastard must be used to take out battleships.

Next, about 500 safety violations, as a visibly intoxicated redneck without eye/ear protection decides to fire a .50 cal pistol, using my deceased zombie grandfather as support:

And, finally, some big fat slob decides he wants to try a .60 cal pistol. Honestly, I had never heard of a .60 cal pistol before seeing this video, but I wonder if that sort of thing should be left to Robocop, Chuck Norris, or the USS Reagan.


1. doubleplusundead - September 6, 2008

D’oh! Ate my comment.

2. eddiebear - September 6, 2008

Try again. I can’t find it in the spam bucket.

3. doubleplusundead - September 6, 2008

Eh, I just linked the wiki on the T-Rex ammo. It’s a .577, and is basically a gigantic hunting cartridge meant for African game. Doesn’t seem to really have much use beyond bragging rights from what I read, the recoil makes it tougher for follow up shots if needed…of course, it’s wiki, so whatever.

4. Dave in Texas - September 6, 2008

Totally pointless weapon. If it knocks grown men over (some of these guys actually do look like they know what they’re doing), it’s for shit.

5. Russ from Winterset - September 6, 2008

I don’t know, Dave. It might be useful if you’re hunting Cape Buffalo who are wearing kevlar vests.

6. Sobek - September 6, 2008

Cape Buffalo make vests out of KevlarChick? THOSE BASTARDS!!!

7. Dave in Texas - September 6, 2008


8. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

It’s a penis thing, maybe thats why so many of the men are wearing arab garb.

those mooslims have serious dick issues, maybe they need a parafin treetment.

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