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Good Stuff September 6, 2008

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Most of you have surmised that I visited with Michael and Cathy this past week on my way back from work stuff.

Allow me to say this about de Casa Michael.


Allow me to say this about their welcome and hospitality, which I’ve enjoyed now more than one time.


Suffice to say, a good time was had by all.

TOUR GUIDE BATBEAR (which is the cutest darned thing ever, that I am given to understand Geoff’s daughter designed and wanted to send to them.  The little bugger has Joe Boxer shorts, which Michael pointed out to me, I did not look.

So, here it is the good stuff

Crimefighting dog, who Kevlarchick said she shared a bowl of water with.  I’m telling you now, that dog got some serious lovin.

But we loved on Kevlarchick way more.  She was a sweetie punkin.

Casey weathered the transition, and is guarding the perimeter like a motherwoof.

I made that word up, but she needed to sniff me for about an hour before she decided I was OK.

I fooled her!

Michigan fans are watching Miami (Ohio) with clenched testicles.

Those who have em.

The sweetest thing in the whole damned state.  I got a PECAN PIE!

Total awesomeness.  That bastard Michael got the last half.  On the flip side, he cooks a monster steak, totally medrare, and I was the happy recipient thereof.

ALSO.  They have cool rooms to crash in.  I’m the Gold Room man and I’ll arm wrestle anyone for it (except mesa) for the privileges thereof.

I cannot describe the fireplaces, except to say all three of us could not figure out the word “Griffin” which we all f’in knew and we were goobs who tell our children “DON’T TOUCH THAT”.

You better watch your ass… This thing MOVED when I was looking at it.

Mint from a dear friend, that made the journey.




1. geoff - September 6, 2008

My daughter is thrilled to see her oeuvre on the web.

Sounds like a great time, dang it.

2. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008


I don’t think I related this story openly, so mike and cathy could see it, but Me Mesa and pup were around the bar during the IBSBP, and Pup said to Mesa and I, “Not a BAD place to have a get together, I guess it’s okay.” Then Pup does the crack dealer rubberneck and mouths without making a sound “OH MY GOD!”

I thought that was flogging hilarious, can’t wait to see pup’s face at this place.

As for batmanbear being designed by mikes daughter. THATS AWESOME!!

My aunt had a friend who made “timeout dolls.” They are little dolls that you set against the wall, and it looks like they are little children in “timeout.”

Auntie had two timeout dolls made based on pictures of my brother and his wife, EFFING ADORABLE!

Can’t remember if they were a wedding gift, or an engagement gift.

3. Michael - September 6, 2008


It was Geoff’s daughter who made the bear, WP. They sent me a care package while I was in San Antonio, which also included Marie Sharps Hot Sauce and home made brownies.

4. daveintexas - September 6, 2008

A good time was had by all. And that doggone bear was the bestest. Geoff, your daughter is an artist!

5. Michael - September 6, 2008

I took care of those pictures you *forgot* to center, Dave.

You’re welcome.

6. Cathy - September 6, 2008

Hey Pinto. Open invitation, Love.

I’m in Boulder right now visiting Daughter Michael. (Wave Geoff!)

Lookin’ forward to everyone coming to our home for a visit. Got to pick a date, i guess.

7. kevlarchick - September 6, 2008

Are those countertops made of…..granite?

8. daveintexas - September 6, 2008


9. geoff - September 6, 2008

I’m in Boulder right now visiting Daughter Michael. (Wave Geoff!)

…but I’m in CA right now, working that engineering gig. I go back to CO every couple of weeks – next weekend I’ll be there.

10. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008



11. daveintexas - September 6, 2008

Geoff, your little girl is a bear arteest. So nicely done.

heh. I said little, like an old dad would. Bet she ain’t so little anymore.

12. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

Here’s how you can tell if they are still “little” dave.

If you can look in their mouth and tell if they are tired, then they are little, if they don’t let you do that anymore, they are grown.

13. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

BTW, my favorite quote from Dave.

“how the fuck do you remember that shit!!!”

14. daveintexas - September 6, 2008

how the fuck do YOU remember that shit?

Last time I pulled that on youngest she was 5. Now she’s a college freshman.

15. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

you told the story about 2 years ago.

Me remember much.

16. daveintexas - September 6, 2008


it was only 17 years old then

17. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

You also told the story about how That girl, who’s now in college called you up, while you were at work, and said she was unhappy, but wouldn’t talk about it, and she called you “Daddy.”

And how you actually pushed to leave early, so you can visit your daughter, who was upset about something you didn’t define (which you shouldn’t, personal stuff is personal stuff) and as soon as you got there, you quoted, though you prolly had a fathers eye on it. “Daddy! I love you!”

Cuz you went out of your way to visit your daughter who was unhappy, and like all daddy’s do (for their daughters) you visited her, and made everything better.

See? This noggin isn’t just deluded, it serves other purposes as well, I’m delving into this “rational” thing.

18. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

All Fathers, for their sons are more like, “really nancy butch up a bit, you wanna become a democrat!?”

But with daughters it’s completely different.

19. daveintexas - September 6, 2008

Yeah. We do that.

20. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

I believe you had a post on that one.

Talking about how men. . .
Whats the term you used?

Basicaly, you said that men are jellyfish when it comes to women, and specificaly daughters.

21. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

Thats why I have no problem calling my imaginary friends, FRIENDS, because I actually remember the shit that you guys toss off, thinking it will just sink into the innertubes.

I don’t know you’all like I do my childhood friends who have innundated me with info that really, I would have rather not recieved, but I was trusted, and I recieved.

I’m sorta a friend by self acclimation.

I’m good at that sorta thing 🙂

22. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

My FAVORITE story, from F2F interaction was Mikes story about his sister, when I was talking about “thats how older siblings are.”

Mikes story is a lot better than mine.


23. Michael - September 6, 2008

I’m sorta a friend by self acclimation.

WP, as a friend, I’m telling you that you meant to say acclamation.

“Acclimation” means that you are getting used to the weather.


I can’t believe that I told you anything about my sister. I don’t remember that, so probably I was drunk. Nobody should know about my sister. Just keep that stuff under your hat. I blame the domination by my older sister for my acquiescing to play the clarinet. It’s complicated. Those childhood scars are deep.

24. Dave in Texas - September 6, 2008

I didn’t even know you had a sister.

You got a woman though, and she’s a sweetie.

25. Michael - September 6, 2008

she’s a sweetie

Yes, she is. She would have to be, in order to put up with me for all these years.

And she was tickled pink by the opportunity to make you a pecan pie. Hope you stop by again when business brings you this way. The Gold Room is yours if you want to stay the night. (I’m relieved that you’re not quite gay enough to request the Persimmon Room.)

26. Michael - September 6, 2008

Seriously, people, I am now living in a 20-year-old house which is structurally sound (pier-and-beam foundation; not the usual Texas slab; good roof), but where the prior owners’ gay decorator was allowed to run amok when they renovated the place. I’m not kidding. Dave will vouch for me on this. In virtually every room, you look at the lighting fixtures, walls, floors, fireplaces, window treatments, and you say to yourself: “What the fuck?!?”

We call this home our Barcelona Gay Whorehouse.

We like it.

27. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

The little tachyon is awesome.

28. Dave in Texas - September 6, 2008

I said “what the fuck”, then I said “don’t change a thing”.

29. Michael - September 6, 2008

Yeah Dave, but you are a paraffin wax kinda guy. I would feel better getting the opinion of WP, or Geoff, or Cranky, or Eddie, or Mesablue, just to feel better about myself.

30. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

Good luck wrestling an opinion out of mesa.

Whereas, I am quite confident that your place is FABULOUS!! SSSSSS!

31. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

From Dave’s picks, the kitchen looks awesome, the colors are a little more extravegant than at the old place, but still reasonable.

Looks like a nice place, pluss you get to joke about lions puking.

32. Michael - September 6, 2008

I would also feel better about myself if Michigan didn’t have to struggle against frickin’ Miami (Ohio) during the second and third quarters in order to win.

Jeebers. What is the world coming to?

Armageddon. That’s what.

33. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

Looks like the Cubs are set for the WS as well Mike.

34. cranky - September 6, 2008

Michael, what makes you think I know anything at all about whore houses?


35. cranky - September 6, 2008

Woof! to Casey the Crimefighter!

36. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

CURSES!! I never greated the crimefighter.

SCOOGY! Scoogy boogey googy! SCOOGY!

37. Michael - September 6, 2008

Michael, what makes you think I know anything at all about whore houses?

Cranky, I figure you’ve been in whore houses on at least three continents, so I value your opinion.

38. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

I agree michael, I mean when he gave me his address it was “In Care of cheap whorehouse.”

So, You moved cranky?

39. Dave in Texas - September 6, 2008

Longhorns at 9:15!

40. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

The main lesson I got from the storry/ies about mikes sister as that she is a firm believer in the “ownership society.”


41. TattooedIntellectual - September 6, 2008

Y’all’re nuts. Or maybe it’s just WP 🙂

I have to ask was that a p-cawn pie or a pee-can pie? There’s a big difference. Mainly only Yankees eat peecan pie, and it’s not the real thing.

42. eddiebear - September 6, 2008

My grandmother from Arkansas still makes Pecan Pie. I love it to this day!

As for my opinions?

Few things in life are better than a dry Martini and a Punch Rothschild cigar.

43. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

HATED HATED HATED pecan pie until I was like 25, and I was forced to eat a piece (not forced) of pecan pie made by one of my friends mothers or aunts or whatever.

It was homade, and completely different from anything I ever had here.

44. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

I think Casey is awesome and adorable, and a hero, but I also have to say this.

Casey picked all the fights with bandit.

45. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2008

I’m just saying.

Maybe Russ doesn’t comment as often as he used to, because Bandit, and Casey have issues they need to work out.

46. Wickedpinto - September 7, 2008

BTW mom thinks batman bear is ADORABLE, and when I told her about the Joe Boxer thing, she laughed out loud.

47. cranky - September 7, 2008

Three countries Michael. Not three continents.

Did I say that out loud?

48. cranky - September 7, 2008

Wicked, 😛

49. Mrs. Peel - September 7, 2008

That bear is adorable. Nice work, geoffspawn.

50. Dave in Texas - September 7, 2008

I felt kinda bad about holding it over the watah.


51. Muslihoon - September 7, 2008

At least you didn’t hold it over the wudder.

Honestly, some Americans have the weirdest pronunciation.

52. Retired Geezer - September 7, 2008

I knew a girl from Pennsylvania… she said “Wurder”.

53. eddiebear - September 7, 2008

Yeah. I deal with a bunch of vendors and truckers in Altoona, and elsewhere in Central PA. They all sound the same with the same accent.

And, yes, I know many STL folks say “farty” (forty), “Lard” (Lord), “farty far” (forty four), “harrible” (horrible), and “-ar” instead of “-or”. I have strained all my life to fight that accent.

54. Retired Geezer - September 7, 2008

I used to say ‘Warshing Machine”.

55. Lipstick - September 7, 2008

I deal with a bunch of vendors and truckers in Altoona

So, Ise gowin dahn da street ta Sheetzez an da ice was slippy an i fell dahn enunder da car…yunz know?

56. Lipstick - September 7, 2008
57. Michael - September 7, 2008

“farty far”

That one gets hard to tolerate because Interstate 44 runs through St. Louis, so you hear it a lot.

58. eddiebear - September 7, 2008

Two vendors are both in Cent PA and named Tony. They do something with the “o” in their names I cannot reproduce in written form.

As for STL and the use of “ar” instead of “or”, I always find it hilarious at Mass when we have to say, “Lord, Hear Our Prayer”, and the collective voice is “Lard, Hear Are Prayer.”

59. Muslihoon - September 7, 2008

Lipstick: that page was hilarious.

“Dr. Peabody’ses Instituteses work is very interesting,” Sharwick said. “But I doubt it has much use for real worldses applicationses.”

(So Gollum was a Pennsylvanian?)

Eddie: That would be hilarious to hear in church.

O Shortening!

60. Muslihoon - September 8, 2008

At least no one here has a Minnesohta accent, ja.

61. eddiebear - September 8, 2008

^or Wisconisn.

And regarding the church thing: yeah, it’s hilarious. When my brother came to town on his leave back in March, he said he felt like an outsider once he heard most of the locals talking.

When my dad talk about getting some “papcarn” at the movies, he about died.

And I sometimes still go to the Tridentine Latin Mass, and when we have to say “Oremus”, it’s the same thing. All I hear is “Are-a-moose”

And some people are starting to overexaggerate the accent to appear more “authentic” STL.

62. Muslihoon - September 8, 2008

And I sometimes still go to the Tridentine Latin Mass, and when we have to say “Oremus”, it’s the same thing. All I hear is “Are-a-moose”


Ever been to St. John Cantius in Chicago? You should be at their Tridentine High Mass if you can. It’s awesome.

I love the St. John Cantius parish church, even better than Opus Dei’s St. Mary of the Angels parish church (even though I’m a Cooperator with Opus Dei). I am very particular about where I go to Mass, if I will go to one.

63. Wickedpinto - September 9, 2008


Opus Dei?

Is Mus an east asian albino?

64. eddiebear - September 9, 2008

I avoid anything with Opus Dei. They creep me out.

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