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Citizen Soldiers September 13, 2008

Posted by Michael in Heroes, Music, Politics.

The story line is a NASCAR race driver (played by Dale Earnhardt Jr.) who gets called up to National Guard service.    It looks pretty much like a normal Kid Rock music video, until you get to the end and discover it’s a National Guard recruiting video.

Liberals will certainly sneer at the fact that the Guard is cynically targeting those rednecks who somehow are too stupid to understand that the Democrats represent their real interests.  These bubbas bitterly cling to guns and religion, and fail to realize that their deployment in Iraq was undertaken on behalf of Big Oil and and Halliburton.  NASCAR hicks are, in their view, natural born cannon fodder for the Guard.

Never mind.  It’s nice to see an unabashed display of patriotism like this.  Well, more than nice.  It’s moving; it reminds us of the critical role played by the Guard in recent years, and the enormous burdens that have been shouldered by our citizen soldiers and their families.  We owe them all an enduring debt of gratitude for their valor in defense of our freedom.  God bless them.

And, by the way, God bless Kid Rock.

Thanks to Retired Geezer for this tip.

A cool thing about this video is the part where the citizen soldier takes off his sunglasses to kick the ball back to the boy.  That’s pretty authentic.  I read, somewhere, that our troops are actually trained to take off their shades and make eye contact, so that we Americans appear less menacing and more human.


1. Wickedpinto - September 13, 2008

How this guy, who in every interview I’ve ever seen makes him look like a normal guy, and a class A American ever managed to marry the stupid pair of breasts and lips that supposedly has a head, rather than just giving it, is beyond me.

2. GrumpyUnk - September 13, 2008

That’s an ass kick video. WP, I could see how a guy could get temporary stupidity like that. Not like it’s the first time a guy woke up in Vegas and said “WTF, We did WHAT last night?”

3. Ann - September 13, 2008

You talking about Jr? when did he get married? That doesn’t even look like him in that video.. ya sure?

……back to lurking..again.

4. GrumpyUnk - September 13, 2008

OT but awesome. Valentino Rossi grabbed the pole position today for tomorrows Inaugeral Indianapolis Moto GP race. Serious ass kick riding today.

5. Michael - September 13, 2008

You talking about Jr? when did he get married? That doesn’t even look like him in that video.. ya sure?

Yes, I’m sure that’s him. According to his official website, he is still single.

6. Jeff C. - September 13, 2008

Probably old news to most but Three Doors Down did a pretty decent recruiting video for the Guard earlier in the year.

Nice to see that all aren’t taken in by the Hollywood culture.

7. Ann - September 13, 2008

Well, Michael, I’ll take your word for it, cuz yous the boss here. 🙂 ……but his looks have sure changed then. Whatever the case, it ‘s a cool video. Thanks for posting it.

8. GrumpyUnk - September 13, 2008

I think WP was talking about Kid Rock and that big titted, Pamela Anderson, not Jr.

9. Ann - September 13, 2008

Oh……thanks Mr. Unk. BTW – the video at the website “about the video” is almost as good as the other one.

10. Wickedpinto - September 13, 2008

One of the girls I used to bang, said, (I’m not saying she did, but she said, and this was more than 10 years ago, when they barely existed, and I didn’t know who they were) she used to bange one of the bandmembers of 3DD.

11. A Bouts - September 13, 2008

Jr. is not honoring the Guard rather he is sponsored by the Guard. They pay Jr. to decorate his car with their colors.

12. Michael - September 13, 2008

but his looks have sure changed then.

Maybe they are using DE Jr. for the driving footage, and an actor for the Iraq scenes.

A Bouts is right — it’s a car sponsored by the Guard.

13. composmentis - September 13, 2008

Kid Rock is one of my favorites. I like the way he parties, his politics, and his attitude.

Apparently, his ex was talking trash about him so he wrote her a song, letting her know he’d moved with someone else. The chorus: She’s half your age and twice as hot.

14. Ann - September 13, 2008

While it’s true that his car is sponsored by the Guard, I have no doubt that Earnhardt supports the guard. He was truly enthused to be a part of their program. Apparently, they are just as enthused about having JR on board:

“We’ve gotten enormous feedback from the fans,” Hicks said. “A lot come through and thank us for our service and supporting Dale Earnhardt Jr. It’s just been fantastic.”

National Guard Bureau NASCAR Program Manager Sgt. 1st Class Shawn Stone said the interactive exhibit titled the “Dale Jr. Thank a Hero Tour” is a perfect fit at events like the Coke Zero 400.

“We called it the ‘Thank a Hero Tour’ because NASCAR is grassroots America, and just like the National Guard it is in local hometowns and communities,” he said. “When you come out here and people start shaking your hand and saying ‘Thank you’ when you are in uniform, there is nothing more powerful than that. The best way to recruit someone into the National Guard is take someone who is already in, and have (that Soldier) tell their story.”

Stone said that the exposure of the National Guard at similar events has improved dramatically since the service signed on to sponsor Earnhardt late last year, and that has reflected in recruiting numbers – already doubling the number of recruits referred from NASCAR events last year.”

A friend emailed me to say that it’s two soldiers from the Carolina guards in that video.

15. marsha - September 13, 2008

Nice to know who they are– it is a powerful video. And they look take charge tough. Yeah –you go guys.

16. Barry in CO - September 13, 2008

Outstanding vid. Of course, the ‘other side’ sees something like this and wonders what planet it came from.

17. nicedeb - September 13, 2008

I don’t follow celebrity gossip news so I had to look up whether Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are still married, and according to Wikipedia, they’re not:

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson resumed their on-again, off-again relationship, culminating in a surprise wedding in July 2006 after it was reported Anderson was pregnant. They divorced five months later after Anderson lied that she had a miscarriage.

What a skank.

18. Sobek - September 14, 2008

I don’t care much for his music, and it frankly astounds me that I agree with at least some of his politics. Good for him, though. It’s tough to be openly pro-America in the entertainment biz.

19. Warrior « Balance Sheet - September 14, 2008

[…] Michael at Innocent Bystanders had this and was headlined at […]

20. Judi - September 14, 2008

My daughter is in the Guard and my hubby was very excited Dale Jr started driving the NG car. I think this video is great. Favorite line… If you aren’t going to fight, get out of my way.

You can see from the youtube comments already the critizisms posted. Soldiers get those all the time. Every time my daughter is out and about in uniform, there’s a least one jerk that approaches her to say “I support the troops, but don’t support the war.” If they left it at the OK.

BUT, then they continue on for several minutes of bashing the administration and the military. Then go on and on about how they feel sorry for her, that obviously she must have just needed to pay for college and she was brainwashed into joining.

21. lucidlunatic - September 14, 2008

So that makes both Kid Rock and 3 Doors Down who have done a ‘Citizen Soldier’ song for the National Guard. I like the 3 Doors Down one better, but they’re one of my favorite bands, so that’s no fault of Kid Rock’s. Now I wonder why the Guard has decided to do this, and whether it’s worked as a recruiting tactic so far.

22. jimerica - September 16, 2008

such bull. kid rock trades on his fame gets a heck and teens die in war. it is a disgrace.

23. eddiebear - September 16, 2008

^well, at least he isn’t calling terrorists “freedom fighters”.

24. Wickedpinto - September 17, 2008

Kinda odd that the Marines, the branch with the shortest life expectancy in war (since WWII where the army aircorps was whiped out like crazy) had a 33% surplus in recruitment, and the army traded even, ONLY because they had to tell recruits that they couldn’t all be in the infantry.

Strange that when America is at war, many Americans believe that war to be righteous and idealistic young men and women race to MEPS so that they can serve the American Ideal.

A lot of parents can learn a lot from their kids, both before those kids enlist, and after they come back, but everyone knows, “Parents just don’t understand.”

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