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26 Long, Long Years September 28, 2008

Posted by BrewFan in Humor, News, Personal Experiences.
Milwaukee's Best

Milwaukees Best

You may have gotten the impression over the years that I might be a Brewers Fan. You would be correct. The last time my beloved Brewers were in the playoffs was in 1982. I was a newlywed with a lovely wife who had a bun in the oven. In the weirdness that often characterizes the space-time continuum 1982 seems like just yesterday and ages ago.

I’m not sure we’ll get any further but for the next couple of weeks I get to enjoy baseball in October.

Go Brewers!


1. Pupster - September 28, 2008

*High-fives Brew*

Now change your pants and have some cake.

2. BrewFan - September 28, 2008

hahaha! I updated the post!

3. Pupster - September 28, 2008

Not a dry pair of chinos in the state.

4. BrewFan - September 28, 2008

It was all very exciting. Our game ended before the Mets-Marlins. They put that game on the scoreboard and the only ones who left the stadium were the Cubs fans. When the Mets lost Miller Park erupted and the party began! I wish I could have been there but I was dancing in my living room!

5. harrison - September 28, 2008

Go Nats.

6. Michael - September 28, 2008

I wish I could have been there but I was dancing in my living room!

Thank God there were no witnesses to Brewfan’s dancing.

7. eddiebear - September 28, 2008

Well played. Well played.

8. MCPO Airdale - September 28, 2008

Brew – Congratulations. GO PHILLIES!!!

9. The Comish (sic) - September 28, 2008

This video is dedicated to the Washington Redskins and their jerk-faced fans.

10. lauraw - September 28, 2008
11. rudytbone - September 28, 2008

Congrats Brew, but we’ll be pulling out the whooping stick just the same.

Go Phils!!

12. eddiebear - September 29, 2008

Which manager will be the first to get the axe today?

13. Pupster - September 29, 2008

Uhm…Joe Torre?

14. BrewFan - September 29, 2008

Scott Linehan? Oh, you meant baseball. Anyway firing your head coach after 4 games is as crazy as firing your manager with 12 games left in the season!

15. mesablue - October 1, 2008


16. BrewFan - October 1, 2008

3 unearned runs. Yikes.

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