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A Moment For The History Books September 28, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.

Our friend Barry in CO has discovered that Obama is not only a political sensation, but a biological miracle.

Barry also offers some desperately needed perspective on the financial crisis.  He points out, correctly, that none of this is so important if you have access to the Sarah Palin swimsuit video from the 1984 Miss Alaska competition.

Here’s my advice to the IB guys.  After you watch that Sarah Palin video about sixteen times, and you’re tired, watch it one more time just to admore Sarah’s footwork.  She has practiced the elegant beauty pageant turn until she has it down cold.  I think this sort of dedication to a task is more important that foreign policy expertise.

I’m not kidding.  In my head, that sort of dedication to a goal is comparable to what it takes, at a young age, to be an Eagle Boy Scout.  Palin was accustomed to cutthroat competition at a very young age, and she has played hardball as a politician ever since.  I personally don’t give a rat’s ass that she is not steeped in the lore of foreign policy experts. You can buy that advice anywhere.  What matters is the underlying character.


1. Pupster - September 28, 2008

Barack has two daddies? I’m not sure, but there is a good chance that first link is racist or something.

The first time I watched the Sarahcuda swimsuit video, I thought the announcer said ‘Sarah Palin’, which of course would be incorrect for a ‘Miss’ Alaska pageant. I was about to call shenanigans, but the second go round I heard ‘Sarah Heath’.


2. BrewFan - September 28, 2008


3. Pupster - September 28, 2008

Update – Heath/Palin Pagent Photos Released – Big Hair, Bunks Hardest Hit

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