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Sobek demurely dropped this in the comments October 23, 2008

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Politics.

He’s doing God’s work, though I guess not the Messiah’s. Maybe at some point Dave will decide to get out of the hot tub to pee (this time) and check in. Then he could cross-pollinate at Ace’s.


1. wickedpinto - October 23, 2008

Had to toss in the nun outfit.

2. wickedpinto - October 24, 2008

Something I saw at FR.

and his grandmother still lives in a mud-walled house in Kenya.

Is his OTHER grandmother still alive? If so, does that lend credence to the Frank Davis is his real dad thing, considering that Obama said his Typical White person, Racist, is the only one left?

I don’t like conspiracies, I think they are a long way across a small circle, but Obama has issues with his birth certificate that he wants to hide, otherwise an original would have been released, seeing as how natural birth is a constitutional requirement.

3. Cathy - October 24, 2008

Hey Pinto. Wanna scary movie Obama-style?

NiceDeb has a new post up that links to a timeline of Obama’s life in detail, including things that can be substantiated and some that are interesting hearsay. It’s long and very detailed,but worth a look-see. I’d do a linky, but I’m very tired. Sorry.

I think Obama’s issues with the birth certificate are only the tip of the iceberg. This guy should not be POTUS.

4. wickedpinto - October 24, 2008

saw it Tachyon. Like I said, wherever.

This might not be a game breaker, Ed, Allah, and Ace, like to use, but just cuz it’s not a game breaker doesn’t mean it’s not news! NEWS! INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING, is realizing that a lot of small things all come together to make a big story.

It’s like sex, only the opposite.

Good sex isn’t a big cock, or a tight twat, it’s the kiss, the breath on the ear as bodys come into contact, it’s the fingers touching everything from the tips of your toes, to the top of your head, and finaly, they all combine to create an explosive experience.

It’s not just contact, it’s words, simple and small, “nice” “ooh” and “Aha” (thats the one guys like to say, cuz it’s the one women don’t like to)

It’s also environment, It’s like everything Obama doesn’t understand about foreign policy.

I guess Obama has a huge cock, confusing his borderline retarded wife about sensuality, as he confused too much of this nation with his retarded lies.

I’m a John lovitz lover,
I think that obama is an Anthony Edwards character from “High School USA.”


Thats a segue’!

5. wickedpinto - October 24, 2008

Yes I did that on purpose, because I have spent about the last month hitting on Michaels wife.

BTW Cathy?

Whats your situation?

6. Dave in Texas - October 24, 2008

heh heh… linked the post at AoS headlines.

hard hitting.


7. Cathy - October 24, 2008

*tingles at the back of my neck*

Thanks Dave.

Thanks WickedPinto.

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