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“Oh, The Good Old Hockey Game, Is The Best Game You Can Name” October 25, 2008

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I went to a St. Louis Blues Hockey Game tonight. Usually, I am not a fan of hockey, but my friend had an extra ticket, and suggested I attend, and not just because the fights seem to be sponsored by beer companies.

No, this game was awesome because somebody special was set to appear and drop the first puck.

Closer, you ask? Well, maybe this might help:

That’s right. It’s Sarah Palin and some of her family.

And here is a shot from one of the luxury boxes directly across from where I sat (she’s in white):

Bummer is, my wife gave our old camera to her sister today, replaced it with a new and improved one, and told me about all of this five minutes before my friend showed up to drive me to the game.

As for Palin, I had the camera on “video/audio record mode” to capture the reaction. Holy shit! The first few seconds had boos, but a thunderous round of cheers broke out for her. Unfortunately, the “Memory Full”display came up and dropped the video. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! The wife only put in the factory issue memory card, not the other one she bought but forgot to install. But, I recovered to get a few shots of the Palin Crew.

I know the photos aren’t that good, but the seats were higher up than expected, and I am getting used to a new camera. But I was incredibly and pleasantly amazed at the warm reception she received, given the thuggish nature of most Blues fans in this town.

Meanwhile, back to “Old Time Hockey”.


1. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Those are GREAT pictures of sarah!

Man Nothing like seeing the tiny black blurr, spending time at a hockey game with her two other little blurrs, in something that might be white.


Maybe you and Mrs. Peel can work together creating maps, or bad math diagrams, or something.

2. kevlarchick - October 25, 2008

Nice. I think she rocks.

3. Dave in Texas - October 25, 2008

you betcha

4. eddiebear - October 25, 2008

It wasn’t as though I was allowed up close and personal access.

5. lauraw - October 25, 2008
6. Pupster - October 25, 2008

Apparently Sarahcuda is not a fan of the blues.



7. xbradtc - October 25, 2008

Pup, the goalie had nice things to say about her later…

8. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

and willow got an ASS on her!

9. eddiebear - October 25, 2008

Pups: I didn’t know at the time why the Blues switched goalies. The replacement guy, Ben Bishop, is from St. Louis and attended Chaminade College Prep. That school is another Catholic All Boys school, and, unlike where I attended, full of buggery and the like.

10. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

I was always kinda confused as to why “Sheister” and “bugger” was okay on broadcast TV, why is Sheister okay, but not asshole? why is Bugger okay, but not ass fucker?

11. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Hanson Brothers Rule!?

12. Pupster - October 25, 2008


Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, there was hella buggery going on at your school, but everyone else just wasn’t that into you?

13. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008


14. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Nobody cared about eddies situation.

15. Pupster - October 25, 2008

Pinto? Your crazy, right?

If you were going to fake a politically motivated assault and mutilation, wouldn’t you carve an “O” in your face instead of a “B”?

I couldn’t think of who else to ask.

16. Pupster - October 25, 2008


17. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Thanks pupster, and good question.

I probably would have stabbed myself, artistic flourishes are for fake hollywood psycho’s, not honest to goodness lunatics. I would have probably stabbed myself in the gut, pissed and shat myself, then crawled to a local bar.

I would have made sure I was wearing a racist t-shirt (McCain Palin) making sure that my blood was smeared on it, and then passed out in front of the bouncer.

then when I came too, I would explain that some puerto rican guy stabbed me, started a drum circle, while his girlfriend braided his hair.

18. eddiebear - October 25, 2008

Pups: I went to an all boys school. I am glad no buggery involved me.

Sometimes, it’s good to be fat and ugly.

19. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

HAH! Cracked me up then, cracks me up now.

20. eddiebear - October 25, 2008

I think I should have implied these Hansen Brothers

21. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

I know eddie, I just wanted to go that way.

“They Brought Their FUCKING TOYS!”

“Just foiling the fists coach!”

22. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Slapshot is one of my brothers favorite movies, which makes him calling me gay kinda off limits, cuz I love the Idolmaker.

23. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

sorry, I meant,

which makes me getting angry at him for calling me gay off limits.

24. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Then again, he’s a big fan of Shrek, and Again I fall short, cuz I know every word to every song in Aladin.

25. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

I just can’t spell them.

26. eddiebear - October 25, 2008

Greatest movie evah

27. Wickedpinto - October 25, 2008

Slapshot? or Idolmaker?

28. eddiebear - October 26, 2008


29. Wickedpinto - October 26, 2008

Admit it, you meant Idolmaker, and you didn’t really mean Idolmaker, you meant Cabaret.

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