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Moses The Bull wishes you all a “Happy Halloween”. October 30, 2008

Posted by wintersetruss in Heroes.

Picture taken in the middle of September, just in case the costume didn’t fit by this week – which it darn near doesn’t.


  A good friend of mine works at the liquor store down the street from our office.  I took him over to see her wearing his costume this afternoon, so now he’ll be able to say that his first foray into trick or treating was a trip to Rodgers’ Spirits & More.


1. Dave in Texas - October 30, 2008

awwwww. what a cute kid.

I want to hold him and talk like a moron to him while he smiles.

Until he barfs. Then I want Russ to have him.

2. skinbad - October 30, 2008

I like the fist. Power to the Weeble!
A fine looking young man.

3. skinbad - October 30, 2008

Iowa humor theme:

4. kevlarchick - October 30, 2008

Precious! Looks like his mama. But his daddy’s cute too.

5. Sobek - October 30, 2008

I hope you taught him to say “thank you” after getting one of those tiny, travel-size bottles of Smirnoff.

6. Lipstick - October 30, 2008

What a darling little spotty cow!

*Making googlie booglie noises*

7. Lipstick - October 30, 2008

Moses is lifting that hand up to part the Red Sea.

8. Cathy - October 30, 2008

Ah likes the smirky-smile.

You parents are in for it!

So cute! What a doll!

9. BrewFan - October 30, 2008

That one will have to be shown at his graduation ceremony. Everybody will go Awwwww!

10. Lipstick - October 30, 2008

I just noticed the little bull whip!

11. Russ from Winterset - October 30, 2008

That’s his tail, LS.

12. Mrs Peel - October 30, 2008

*icy black heart thaws, just a tiny bit*

13. Michael - October 30, 2008

Moses is lifting that hand up to part the Red Sea.

Well, yeah, but he’s trying to find his pecker with the other one.

14. Lipstick - October 30, 2008

The word “pecker” just cracks me up.

I grew up with a kid nicknamed “Pecker Joe”. His father gave him that name, not sure why.

15. Michael - October 30, 2008

I guess Woody Woodpecker must have kept you in stitches.

16. lauraw - October 30, 2008

I want to go ‘nom nom nom’ on his little feet until he throws up, then hand him to Dave.

17. Dave in Texas - October 30, 2008

oh hell no

18. Russ from Winterset - October 30, 2008

laura, going “nom nom nom” on his ear makes him GLAR big time. Same with making fart noises on his jawbone or on his neck.

19. doc - October 30, 2008

Holy crap, what a cute kid. Good job by you and the missus.

20. MCPO Airdale - October 30, 2008

HAHAHAHA! You people are damned-near funny!

21. lauraw - October 30, 2008

What’s the problem? Not enough ribald humor in the cute baby thread for you, MCPO?

22. eddiebear - October 30, 2008

Just as long as he understands the virtues of a dry martini, the lad will be fine.

23. PattyAnn - October 30, 2008

What a cutie!

24. Mrs. Peel - October 30, 2008

Every time I refresh the home page, my cold, black heart melts just a little bit more. He’s adorable.

25. mesablue - October 30, 2008

Wow, cute.

Next year he’ll almost be old enough to learn the facts of life — where bacon comes from.

26. wiserbud - October 30, 2008

Awesomely cute, Russ.

Be sure to keep in in the box so the meat stays tender.

Mmmmmm, veeeeeeal…….

27. Mare - October 30, 2008

Who the hell is that incredibly sweet but wise looking baby?

28. Mare - October 30, 2008

Russ, I don’t know how old you are, but I am old, and my “children” are 19 and 16. Please enjoy and savor this time in your life with every fiber of your being (no, I cannot overstate that.)

And I want to kiss her cheeks!

p.s. mmm…..bacon.

29. Pupster - October 31, 2008


30. Pupster - October 31, 2008

That kid’s a heart-breaker. Give him a Reese’s Cup from Uncle Pupster. You might want to run it through the blender first.

31. Cathy - October 31, 2008

Mare — Baby is Moses. A boy.

Russ and Janis were pregnant when they came to our IBSBP party last year so many of us got an early introduction to Moses while he was still a bun in the oven.

Michael and I have two kids too, ages 25 and 23, so we also know where you’re coming from about enjoying and savoring time with your kids. Son-Michael is in Boston. Daughter-Michael is in Boulder. We feel blessed to see them once or twice a year.

Mare — so happy you have joined us IB morons. Hope you keep coming back for more.

32. Cathy - October 31, 2008

IBSBP = Innocent Bystanders Super Bowl Pary

33. Lipstick - October 31, 2008

I was just reading something about Al Franken’s run for senate.

Every time I think about Franken running for senate, it reminds me of the end of Animal House: “Senator Blutarski”

34. Mare - October 31, 2008

I stand corrected, although the kid is awesome cute no matter what sex.

Look at this sentence structure. It kind of confused me.

“I took him over to see her wearing this costume.”

35. skinbad - October 31, 2008

Mare, look at this sentence structure:

“A good friend of mine works at the liquor store down the street from our office.”

When lucid, Russ is very articulate. He’s fairly clean as well.

36. Cathy - October 31, 2008

I see your point Mare. No problem.

I’m a late-bloomer in the IB bouquet. So much I don’t know. I ask Dave In Texas what the eff is going on all the time.

Dave’s so sweet. He answers all my questions. His hands are soft too.

37. xbradtc - October 31, 2008

How interesting. The IB’ers are usually full of bull, but here we have a bull full of a (junior) IB’er.

38. Mare - October 31, 2008

I almost dry heaved just now pulling the slimy innards out of a pumpkin.

I do like roasted pumpkin seeds so I go through the gross out.

39. Cathy - October 31, 2008

Hey Mare. Did you make any phone calls for McCain and Palin yet?

I thought I read that you were considering it. I made a bunch this morning. Some folks were not home so I left messages. Some, very few, were polite, but a bunch were downright rude. I feel for them. Supposedly they are getting bombarded with calls in Pennsylvania.

40. Mare - October 31, 2008

Considering it?? I’ve been doing it all along via emails. I live in Hawaii which, as you know, is where Obama is from and is a solid democratic machine state. Calling here, I determined, is a significant waste of time because of our small % of undecided.

I also put my money where my mouth is. Although my initial investment in Fred and Mitt did not work out well. I get piles of mail asking for donations to Republicans.

I don’t give to the RNC because I think they are crap. I have and will, however given to individual campaigns. And right now the senate races in many states are just as important as the presidential race. If we lose the presidential race we need enough true conservatives to filibuster.

41. Cathy - October 31, 2008

Thanks for your efforts.

I gave to Fred, but like you I had little desire for the RNC.

42. Russ from Winterset - October 31, 2008

I sent another picture of Big Mo in his bacon onesie to Rosetta. I think he’ll put it up “over there” tomorrow.

43. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2008

I don’t see how that little ninja can be as ugly as you russ.

Though he does seem scrappy, what with him smiling while reaching back to punch the photographer.

Shot get a special set of brass knuckles made for hime.

44. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2008

No really, that is a divine little creature.

I ALWAYS SAY it, even though people think I’m christopher hitchens in my atheism, which I most definately am not.

Seeing a happy child? If ANYWHERE, you can find the face of god outside of the universe (see some of AJ Strata’s religious based posts) It’s in the smiling face of a child.

I still don’t believe, but, maybe one day I can.

A GREAT! little bull (don’t eat him) you have.

45. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2008

Okay, I actually should have told this joke first, but I actually like russ, even if I do call him ugly, only cuz. . . well, . . . he is.

The joke I was gonna make is.

“Mmmmmm Veal!”

46. Mrs. Peel - October 31, 2008

WP, scroll up to #26.

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