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Happy National Ammo Day! November 19, 2008

Posted by Michael in Man Laws, News.

Time to stock up, before Obama’s National Healing Ammo Tax is enacted.


Over 50 million law-abiding, gun owning households committed NO crime today… but collectively, we stop 2.5 million crimes per year… 6,849 a day!

Fact: Every day, 550 rapes, 1,100 murders, and 5,200 other violent crimes are prevented just by showing a gun. In less than 0.9% of the time is the gun ever actually fired.

Keep up the good work and keep your ammo supply stocked!

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1. eddiebear - November 19, 2008

I plan on celecbrating at lunch

2. Sobek - November 19, 2008

Crap. No one could have told me this before I recycled my glass bottles?

3. Cathy - November 19, 2008

I’ll head to Wal-Mart hoping they restocked Blazer Brass (or Fiocchi) 45 auto 230 grain FMJ.

4. composmentis - November 19, 2008

I bought a box of .357 ammo last week. $27+ at Wally*World. I couldn’t believe how expensive it’s gotten. How in hell are we supposed to practice when it costs so much?

5. lauraw - November 19, 2008

That’s the long term plan, I think.

6. Muslihoon - November 19, 2008

Someone told me: the best way to implement gun control was not through outlawing guns but by mandating the price on bullets. If one bullet costs $1,000, then gun use will drop dramatically, for sure, if that’s the intended goal.

7. Cathy - November 19, 2008

Bought Blazer Brass at Wal-Mart. They still had some available.

Went to Dick’s. They are out of what I wanted. Young sales guy said that 9mm rounds were gone, gone, gone the day after the election. He also said that some of the weapons they sell, they can’t keep in stock. He can’t believe what is going on.

8. eddiebear - November 19, 2008


the store by my office has stopped taking orders fro most rifles and magazine fed pistols until they find out what is legal. And the prices for revolvers and shotguns are up nearly 20% just this month, while all the .22s are still there at their old prices.

But I did get a good deal on a previously fired 38 special 4″ barrel S&W. I have yet to fire it, but ammo was still plentiful for that, my .22, and my M-N.

9. Russ from Winterset - November 19, 2008

Eddie, you’ll love your .38 special. They’re no-frills plain jane lunchbucket guns, but the one thing that S&W does better than everyone else is set their trigger pull well. Especially on older guns, made back before the plague of lawyers descended on our fair land. Their drawback? Only 6 shots before you’ve got to reload. Their strength? Damn near impossible for one to jam, and they usually shoot more accurately than their operator is able to. Plus, .38 special ammo is still reasonably priced, especially if you stock up on lead roundnose slugs. I’ve got a bunch of them downstairs in the rumpus room (ammo, not the guns), but I bought them back when ammo was cheap so I think I only paid $7 or $8 for each box of 50.

10. Russ from Winterset - November 19, 2008

My box of .32 Short Colt ammo came in the mail today. Only $29 for a box of 50 (including shipping), and they fit into the cylinder without too much wobbling or pounding them into place. Just as soon as I can McGyver up a remote firing device, I’ll take the Mystery Gun out to see if it can handle the pressure.

11. daveintexas - November 19, 2008

invest in a couple o speed loaders.

compo, you can’t practice with .38s in your .357? I don’t have a .357. but I thought they were interchangeable on prac rounds.

12. nicedeb - November 19, 2008

Ammo Day? I thought it was World Toilet Day. The Hostages have been celebrating all day.

13. eddiebear - November 19, 2008

What was the kicker was that when I bought my .38, I was actually there to buy ammo and look for cleaning stuff. But the price was right, and I knew that it wouldn’t be around much longer. Damn! It just sounds sweet!

14. Michael - November 19, 2008

just as soon as I can McGyver up a remote firing device . . .

I’m pretty sure some string and a C-clamp is all that McGyver would need. This is a moron-level problem.

15. Michael - November 19, 2008

Cathy bought more ammo today. I think we now have more firepower than the defenders of the Alamo.

16. Dave in Texas - November 19, 2008

I called my pals at Webers and they set aside a case of .45 Fiocchi for me.


And a case of 7.62×39 mm for the commie rifle.

I’m gonna be out a few bucks on NAD.

17. Anonymous - April 18, 2012

ihr seid alle krank!

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