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Are You the Working Man? December 26, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks, Economics, Entertainment, Man Laws, Science, Sex.

I was today, but just for a little while.


Pretty cool stuff, when a bass dork doubles a lead line with the, uh, lead guy.




1. kevlarchick - December 26, 2008

I did a little work today. Tore up some wet carpet from a nice leak in our basement. That at least qualifies me to hear a song worthy of a screaming orgasm. YESSSSS…..

2. Dave in Texas - December 26, 2008

Well then, on behalf of me and nobody else, allow me to say, you are very welcome ma’am.

3. Michael - December 26, 2008

Oh c’mon. That guy was just standing around thumping random notes, like bass players always do. Nobody hears the pitch if they’re loud enough and make the floor shake.

4. lauraw - December 26, 2008

Ladies, have you ever noticed how attractive Dave is when Michael is whining about something?

It’s like, I hear Michael go ‘waa waa waaaaa,’ and I look over at Dave, and he’s just fifteen shades of insanely cuddly-smoopy.

I’m just sayin’.

5. Michael - December 26, 2008

I look over at Dave, and he’s just fifteen shades of insanely cuddly-smoopy

Laura, you are soooo harsh, and cruel.

I love that about you.

6. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

I just don’t think guitars are sexy at all.

7. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

Never got what the big deal was. Sorry.

8. Michael - December 26, 2008

*Michael tosses his old guitar into the trash, never to play “Blowin’ In the Wind” or “If I Had a Hammer” again*

Lipstick, I totally agree with you.

9. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

Excellent. The less crappy folk music out there, the better.

10. Dave in Texas - December 26, 2008

see why I hate those fuckin drummers?

11. doc - December 27, 2008

What on earth was in the IB eggnog these wimmins been drinkin? NTTAWWT.

12. lauraw - December 27, 2008
13. Vmaximus - December 27, 2008

I always liked Rush, I am always impressed with how good they sound for a 3 man band. I always get bored after 2 – 4 songs.

14. lauraw - December 27, 2008
15. lauraw - December 27, 2008
16. Wickedpino - December 27, 2008

some drummers are just beyond compare.

17. lauraw - December 27, 2008
18. Dave in Texas - December 27, 2008

#15 – remember the Far Side’s “The Ever Popular Donner-Party Snowglobe”?

Man. That dude was funny. Twisted, but funnay.

Probably a bass player.

19. Mrs. Peel - December 27, 2008

I don’t get the big deal about guitars either.

I also don’t get the big deal about GPS. I’ve been around GPS all my life, and it stopped being cool about 15-20 years ago. Also, a real man doesn’t need a computer to navigate for him. That is such a turnoff – almost as bad as not being able to parallel park or execute a three-point turn.

20. lauraw - December 27, 2008

Well, but it’s nice when you drive for a living and you go long distances.

Kind of hard to keep all the up-to-date maps you’ll ever need right at hand.

21. Dave in Texas - December 27, 2008

What about the washer and dryer stage props?

22. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

I don’t get the big deal about guitars either.

6 strings 4 fingers, MAYBE! (in the case of a G) a thumb, five more fingers, all acting independently.

Playing a SONG, is a talent, playing guitar well, is an art form that must be developed early on.

Bass players, like dave, compensate for that lack of fundamental talent/skill by being knowledgeable and using what they have, but someone like Eddie, or steve, that’s a rarety, those are technicians, bass players tend to be scientists.

23. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

Also, a real man doesn’t need a computer to navigate for him. That is such a turnoff – almost as bad a

I am so gonna lick my eybrows in a minute.

24. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

REAL men, gage the angle of the sun in comparison to the celestial north pole and can navagate around the world, just to find a woman as AWESOME as you.

25. BrewFan - December 27, 2008

Mrs. Peel, as a young woman you are excused for missing the appeal of GPS to men. What is the appeal you ask? The appeal for men is NEVER having to ask for directions again*.

*We never really would ask before but now we stay lost a lot less longer then we did before.

26. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

and a hot wispy chick voice tells us those directions.

27. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

I think that we get lost more often with GPS.

“wicked? You should turn left now?”
“since you asked so nicely”

28. Pupster - December 27, 2008

GPS is like a web browser for your car.

Why do you hate the internet Mrs. Peel?

29. Mrs. Peel - December 27, 2008

When I go someplace new, I spend a few minutes looking at a map and noting the major highways. And then I don’t need a computer to tell me how to get around. I use memory, sense of direction, and common sense.

Part of the reason GPS units bother me is that they’re an example of how we’ve become overly reliant on technology. Take calculators. Have you ever watched a kid try to simplify the square root of 52? You should be able to immediately get 2sqrt(13) simply by looking at it. But instead, the kid hunches over the calculator, dividing randomly until he gets an answer.

And don’t even get me started on how they’re factoring now. In fact, don’t get me started on kids today and math class at all. It’s obscene what they’re being taught, or not taught as the case may be. Do you know vectors aren’t being covered until Cal 3 now? Vectors are an Algebra 1 topic, and a very important topic that shouldn’t be left all the way until Cal 3. Especially for engineers. The earlier you understand the power of vectors, matrices, and complex numbers, the better an engineer you will be.

30. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

So peel?

I know I meantioned it, but I’m just . . . well you, know uhhh wondering. . . .
Just a question, nothing real, HEHE like it’s real, I was just curious, you know like uhh.. . .well.

Whats your situation?

31. Pupster - December 27, 2008

If I were in a new town, I might know that 10 goes side to side, 45 goes up and down, and 610 goes round and round, but if I wanted breakfast, I could enter ‘bagel’ or ‘doughnut’ or ‘bakery’ into my GPS and get a variety of options all listed by distance, with directions right to the door.

I’ve found new routes, restaurants I liked, and businesses I didn’t know existed by searching on my GPS.

And math is hard.

32. BrewFan - December 27, 2008

What Pupster said. The GPS isn’t just about maps. Its like a yellow pages directory that tells you how to get there. Mine also has Blue Tooth that connects to my cell so I can dial/talk hands free while I’m driving. Mine also gives me traffic alerts and is aware of road closures/construction and will calculate a detour, which in unfamiliar territory is invaluable. Get one, Mrs. Peel, you’ll love it.

BTW, I have not once in my life had to calculate a square root. Just sayin’…

33. Michael - December 27, 2008

And then I don’t need a computer to tell me how to get around. I use memory, sense of direction, and common sense.

Me, Pupster and Brewfan are gonna knock you down and steal your lunch money.

34. Dave in Texas - December 27, 2008
35. BrewFan - December 27, 2008

BrewFan, you dumbass, you need to derive the square root when you want to figure out the standard deviation!*

*I beat you to the punch, Peely 🙂

36. Michael - December 27, 2008


The standard deviation of true north from magnetic north in Michigan is about three times the width of your thumb, held at arms-length (about 7°W declination), unless you have a fat thumb or short arms.

You don’t need no fancy math to figure this out.

37. Michael - December 27, 2008

I don’t know what the rule is in Texas. I use a GPS system here.

I had to drive my car around in circles in a parking lot to get it adjusted for Texas magnetic north.

38. kevlarchick - December 27, 2008

Playing a guitar well is at least as complicated as calculating a square root and much much hotter.

39. Michael - December 27, 2008

I’ve lived in Dallas since July, and I still use the GPS system to get to work. There’s no way I could find my company’s parking garage unless the Bitch-In-The-Dashboard was telling me what to do.

40. Michael - December 27, 2008

I’m proud to say that I do not need the Bitch-In-The-Dashboard to buy cigarettes, a car wash, bourbon, or Thai food.

41. vmaximus - December 27, 2008

My greatest navigation feat was when I moved from Tampa to North Jersey. I knew I was supposed to go to Elizabeth NJ. I packed everything I owned in my 82 dodge challenger drove for 18 hours (no maps) Found Elizabeth, found downtown Elizabeth. Made a call and asked where I should be.
I was on the correct street 2 blocks away.
I use a GPS on the boat. Over the horizon, the water all looks the same.
GPS is great for finding the spot you lost the big one last week.

42. Michael - December 27, 2008

We have a new dog.

Mostly because Cathy has been reading and watching on TV that Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer stuff and she wanted to try it on a new dog. I’m supposed to be the Alpha Male Pack Leader.

Good times.

43. Mrs. Peel - December 27, 2008

I just don’t like newfangled stuff. Like cell phones. I just want a fucking phone. I don’t want a calendar and email and a camera. If I wanted that, I could get it. All I want is the ability to make and receive phone calls, and voice mail. But apparently, that’s too little to ask.

And I was talking about simplifying square roots, not computing them. Best I can do for computing a square root is tell you what it’s between. (e.g., sqrt(52) is greater than but pretty close to 7.) And of course that isn’t something you do in ordinary circumstances. My point is that it’s a simple task that requires very basic mathematical knowledge, but because of the way math is taught these days, kids are not able to do it. Even with a calculator, they can’t do it right.

It’s kind of interesting to watch how kids try to solve math problems – they don’t even know how best to employ the calculator. I tutored one kid who insisted on doing the computations every single step. I tried to explain about round-off error and show him that he needed to wait until he had the final expression before he did any computations, but he just couldn’t get it. Same thing with matrices. In circuit analysis, you frequently end up with systems of like 7 equations in 7 variables, and kids will insist on using substitution instead of just putting the coefficients in a couple matrices and popping out the answer in seconds. That’s because they don’t understand matrices AND they don’t understand how to use a calculator. It’s a crutch for them, not a tool.

I guess that’s really the turn-off with GPS – when a guy uses it as a crutch and not as a tool. I can see how it’s a useful tool in many situations, though it’s still not my thing; but I often see it being used as a crutch instead.

Anyway, I just got back from my cousin’s graduation party. She has some unique friends. One of them had a lovely outfit displaying a tattoo located directly between her breasts. That had to be an awkward session at the tattoo parlor…

44. Dave in Texas - December 27, 2008

>> Playing a guitar well is at least as complicated as calculating a square root and much much hotter.

Yeah, I tried that square root thing to impress the chicks. Zero. So a week later I’m at Heart of Texas music, telling my story to Dennis the drummer, and he’s just shaking his head in disbelief, and I said “fuck this shit, gimme that P-Bass”.

So, you know, that didn’t work on the girls either, but I felt way better about myself.

45. skinbad - December 27, 2008

Bad, Long Sentence Alert!

When you drive a possibly inebriated friend home from a Super Bowl party in his Jeep using his GPS and you are so hopelessly turned around because you’re in one of those godforsaken states that have no mountains that give you your bearings and you drive for half an hour and all of a sudden there you are turning into his driveway it’s not really a crutch or a tool, it’s just freaking awesome.

46. vmaximus - December 27, 2008

I never wanted a camera in a phone either. However as a photography fan I realize that this is the future of photography for the masses. I drag my DSLR with me most places, but there are times when I do not have my camera with me. I do have my phone.

Now I must admit that I use outlook for everything, and once I found that I can sync my phone to outlook, I never forget anything that I put into outlook.
I am 10x more efficient because of that.

47. Mrs. Peel - December 27, 2008

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.

48. Lipstick - December 27, 2008

You have a new dog Michael and Cathy??!

49. Michael - December 27, 2008

Look, everybody, let Mrs. Peel be herself.

She is young. She does not like truly entertaining Renaissance Faires. She does not like GPS systems. She can not figure out how to sell a Jeep Cherokee. She quotes sappy poems.

Give her time.

50. Michael - December 27, 2008

You have a new dog Michael and Cathy??!

Yeah, there is a new crimefighter in the house.

I’ll post a pic sometime. Right now, we’re watching Iron Man.

51. vmaximus - December 27, 2008

What kind of dog Michael?
I have a Golden Retriever, and Black Lab.
My Golden has been sick for 2 days. It is sad, he stands with his head in the corner!

52. Muslihoon - December 27, 2008

GPS systems? Did Sobek tell y’all about our GPS adventure?

So, the day Sobek comes to, um, a city somewhere in the US close to where I live, that very day I get a GPS system. Why? Because I am so bad at directions.

Tangent: When I’m driving and someone says to me, “Turn towards the lake,” I want to quip with, “What do I look like? a bird? that I can detect bodies of water without seeing them?”

I am so bad, it’s not even funny. So, I bought a GPS to remedy this situation and so that Sobek doesn’t have to be driven around for an hour just to find a restaurant.

So I pick Sobek up and we start driving. It takes us about half an hour to get to the restaurant which is probably a few blocks away. I end up on the highway three times. We drive through backstreets, alleys, parking lots. And the entire time my GPS system is going, “E’aded al-hesaab” (Arabic for “Recalculating”). Evidently, I find out later on, the GPS isn’t very good when driving in the city. By the time it tells me to turn, it’s too late.

To be fair, though, unless Sobek were navigating, without a GPS system it would have taken me about an hour or hour and a half to get there.

I felt soooooooooooo bad. I thought Sobek was going to hate me with a passion for being so incompetent. But Sobek is awesome.

53. Muslihoon - December 27, 2008

A doggy?! Protocol demands pictures forthwith.

54. Michael - December 27, 2008

But Sobek is awesome.

Yeah, Musli, I know Sobek, Sobek is awesome. So is Mrs. Sobek.

I will never say that again. That will just die on this thread.

55. Retired Geezer - December 27, 2008

Right now, we’re watching Iron Man.

We liked it. Robert Downey Jr. jumped up a lot in my personal rating system.

56. Cathy - December 27, 2008

Peaches-the-Crimefighter is part Jack Russell Terrier and part Beagle, we think. Michael’s gonna get pics up… soon.

Iron Man was aweome. You’re right, Geezer, Robert Downey Jr. really showed some stuff.

57. Cathy - December 27, 2008

Peaches-the-Crimefighter is part Jack Russell Terrier and part Beagle, we think. Michael’s gonna get pics up… soon.

Iron Man was aweome. You’re right, Geezer, Robert Downey Jr. really showed some stuff.

58. harrison - December 27, 2008

There areTWO Cathy’s?

59. Retired Geezer - December 28, 2008

FWIW, we’re back home from Reno. We had a great time with Flyin’ Brian and his wife. Everybody spent Hours on the Wii Fit.

Driving home in the snow and ice was tense. Mrs. Geezer wanted to drive so I very carefully drove off the road onto the (non-existent shoulder) and got stuck in the ditch. The snow disguised the fact that the shoulder was actually a steep bank.
Even the 4wheel drive couldn’t budge me. Fortunately 3 cars stopped to help me. They were 3 Mexican families traveling together, not too much English between them but they pulled me out with no problem.

Me: ?Tu tengo la riata.
Them: Si.
After the rescue:
Me: Vaya con Dios.

60. Michael - December 28, 2008

There are TWO Cathy’s?

No, just one retarded double-poster.

61. Michael - December 28, 2008


It is pretty cool when you get rescued by people you can’t even talk to. It sorta revives you faith in the human species. This happened to Cathy and me in the middle of a jungle in Malaysia, when some guys in a truck stopped and helped fix the failed brakes on our car.

These were Muslim guys, and I’ll never forget their charity.

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