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The 82nd Airborne Division December 26, 2008

Posted by Michael in News.


It’s a Merry Christmas.

I’m about to burn meat with fire, because it’s in the seventies here in Dallas.

I’m owing my good time to jumpers.   People like the men and women who have served in the 82nd Airborne, a truly unique unit in our military, who are the first to stand in harm’s way.

After the Vietnam War, the 101st was converted to an air assault division, moving mostly by helicopter (some units do retain airborne capability), leaving the 82nd as America’s sole airborne division. Since then it has served as the nation’s quick reaction force, able to put a brigade in the air in less than 18 hours, ready to jump anywhere in the world.

You can learn more about them here:  Airborne all the way! « Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid

God bless them, every one.


1. Cathy - December 26, 2008

Got a mess of respect for the boots on the ground mentality of Army.

Got Army friends and some are even Airborne chaplains — as I say — double crazy.

God bless them. I’m not worthy to hang their straps.

2. kevlarchick - December 26, 2008

Amen sista. My brother in law is a Ranger and not to be messed with, even after all these years. He’s got that wierd piercing gleam in his eye whenever I talk to him; he’s looking at me but thinking of warrior things.

3. xbradtc - December 26, 2008

The 82nd Division was originally formed in WWI as one of the 100 odd draftee divisions organized for the Western Front.

After the war, it was inactivated. In WWII, it was reactivated again as a draftee division, with Omar Bradley as the division commander. He did such a good job organizing the division in its early days, his methods were copied across the Army. Bradley was soon transferred out to straighten out a National Guard division (28th ID, Penn. Ar. Nat. Guard) and soon after the 82nd was chosen to be the first of the Airborne Divisions.
It made its combat debut in Sicily. It was a disaster. The first night, only a third of the division was dropped, but it was scattered all across the island, with few if any drops actually on the planned landing zones. The next night, the Navy thought the incoming transports were Luftwaffe bombers and shot down dozens of transports. Again, the troops that made it to the coast were scattered hither and yon.
The troopers fought well, with individuals taking initiative and doing whatever damage they could. They caused great confusion among the Italian and German defenders.
At Anzio, the division jumped onto the beaches behind friendly lines to reinforce the troops already landed. The division fought very well, again, largely because of the quality of the individual troops.
Of course, the division’s most famous fight was the drop for D-Day in France, immortalized in the movie, “The Longest Day.” Other major fights for the division in WWII included Operation Market-Garden, where the division, with the 101st and the British 1st Airborne attempted to seize a bridge over the Rhine. Following the failure of Market Garden, the division fought for over a month in Holland. Almost immediately after being relieved in Holland, they were put into the line during the Battle of the Bulge.
The Airborne had advantages that a regular division didn’t. They only took volunteers, each volunteer had to have a score on the Army General Classification Test that was far and above the minimum score the rest of the Army required. This made them unpopular with a lot of generals, who thought that the troops who were privates in the Airborne would have been better utilized as Sergeants or Lieutenants in the regular units.

4. Michael - December 26, 2008

Jeebers, Brad. You said you had more info about the 82nd, and I appreciated that. I was all ready to throw you some more traffic.

Heck, those jumpers are real warriors, not some dipshit track crew. You could have just put #3 on your own site with a snazzy pic (like I found) and pimped it in the comments here.

You need to attend a few courses at the Retired Geezer School of Blog-Pimping.

5. xbradtc - December 26, 2008

If I was really into blog-pimping, I wouldn’t have you on my blogroll. It loses the respectable clicks…

6. Michael - December 26, 2008

Thanks, Brad, for the tutorial about the 82nd. It really moved me.

It is hard for most of us to understand the unbelievable heroics that have kept us free.

Stuff like the 82nd Airborne. Or track commanders who just did their job.

And Boy Scout Marching Bands.

7. BrewFan - December 26, 2008

I was a chairborne ranger.

8. xbradtc - December 26, 2008

Nah, Brewfan was a rumpranger.

9. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

Mr. L says he flew a desk in the Chair Force.

10. Michael - December 26, 2008

Mr. L says he flew a desk in the Chair Force.

OK, wait a minute.

This guy is threatening to kick my ass?


I am a seasoned veteran of a Boy Scout Marching Band. I played clarinet!!!

Bring it on Mr. L, you punk-ass bitch.

11. Michael - December 26, 2008

You can have the Persimmon Room to recuperate.


12. eddiebear - December 26, 2008

I’m too tired and beat from a day-long bout with a nasty intestinal bug to write a full piece of crap post about this, but this Christmas was excellent. Got to see my brother for the first time since he came back. He’s looking good, though 50 lbs lighter. He also was beaming about the Ruger SP Something or other snub nose 357 he bought.

My dad absolutely loved the autographed Stan Musial photo all of us youngins bought for him. He even cleared off a bunch of space on his wall to put it in a place of honor. My daughter loved all of the toys and clothes she received. And my wife earned her black belt in shopping with the quantity of stuff she bought this year. I think she has single handedly kept this country from falling into the souplines of the 1930s with her purchases.

Anyway, merry Christmas all! I need to get some rest, recovery, and rehydration.

13. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

Heh Michael. I think I’ll be on a couch because Mr L can’t come to the IBMMP.

Does Casey snore? Cause I do.

14. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

But it’s in a cute way, or so I’m assured.


15. Lipstick - December 26, 2008

That’s probably not entirely accurate.

16. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

This made them unpopular with a lot of generals, who thought that the troops who were privates in the Airborne would have been better utilized as Sergeants or Lieutenants in the regular units.

instant grants was one of the things that started to meet the beginning of the end in WWII, and finalized in Korea. day one NCO’s was a bullshit practice, and has been since remedied. There were some tough spots where actives had higher priority in the earlier parts of vietnam, over draftee’s, but now in the all volunteer force, no matter your incoming qualities you have to stand on your own, and that has been a good thing.

17. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

Geezer? I’ve been hunting down for more than a year, as I think you know, the contact info for aubrey/star the hero of boise’s contact info. . . .think you are close enough to dig some of that up and send her or her familie’s contact info to me at me dot G or yahoo?

18. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

she is supposed to have passed by now, but I have a new years resolution post I want to dedicate to her.

19. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

I am gonna make an AMA post about her, to show how trite our new year resolutions are, and I’ve been harrassing Adam West about his brief interaction with her was.

20. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008


You OWE Aubrey/STAR, the hero of boise, a debt of gratitude!!!

“. She rescued Boise citizens from a smoke-filled building and exonerated a family of ferrets framed for weaseling the star from the museum; she ordered police to release them after a morning of hard interrogation. ”

Adam West has responded to one of my e-mails before I hope he responds to this one.

21. Wickedpinto - December 27, 2008

As far as casey goes, she’s a lap dog, she sleeps with or near her alpha’s.

But when the alpha’s are awake? casey is a bossey little bitch. Which is ADORABlE!!!

Though that might have been a side affect of casey competing with bandit.

It was SO cute watching casey chase bandit when casey didn’t like it. Cuz bandit was almost twice casey’s weight, but bandit knew who was in charge.

22. Julia - December 27, 2008

We are establishing new ===Guinness World Record=== Be a PART OF IT here: http://record-guinness.blogspot.com

23. Cathy - December 27, 2008

…but bandit knew who was in charge.

Bandit was just bein’ a smart male!

24. Wickedpino - December 27, 2008

This guy barely weighs enough to be a decent meal for moses from winterset, but I would have passed out by minute 2.

25. Wickedpino - December 27, 2008

Casey’s bandits Tachyon!

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